Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series

Kjaerhus free vst bundle

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series is a collection of free VST audio plugins made by Kjaerhus Audio.

The Audio Classic Serie is a bundle of Kjaerhus 9 Classic Serie mixing and mastering audio plugins. Including the classic auto-filter, chorus, compressor, delay, EQ, flanger, limiter, phaser and reverb. The classic serie goal is to emulate the warm and rich sound of vintage high end analog gear from the 70’s and 80’s eras. Kjaerhus unique “Warmth & Saturation” algorithms will give your sound a sweet and lively analog color. And it’s totally free !


  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Delay
  • EQ
  • Phaser, flanger
  • Reverb
  • Auto-Filter

Komplete Start

Komplete Start Free Production Suite

Komplete Start is the free version of the famous Native Instrument’s production suite Komplete. It includes various high quality virtual instruments, synthesizers and effect plugins.

Komplete free version is a curated selection of hight quality sampled instruments, software synthesizers, effect plugins, utilities, loops and samples for the no brainer price of… nothing at all!

  • Over 2,000 studio-quality sounds
  • 16 pro-grade synths and sampled instruments, effects, loops, and samples

Xhip Effects

Xhip Effects free stereo-imaging by aciddose

Xhip Effects is a free stereo imaging VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by aciddose. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

These effect plugins were originally created for use with Xhip Synthesizer.

Instead of a downloadable manual: detailed documentation is maintained for each effect on the Xhip Effects page.

What are Xhip Effects?

The Xhip Effects bundle are simple, general purpose effects designed to be flexible, easy to use and most importantly fun. They are intended to be used in a more plug-and-play, old school, “analog” or “by ear” way. Each effect includes only the essential parameters in a format expected from a rack-mount or pedal.

Other effect plug-ins have more specialized designs that attempt to do what some might consider “too much”. This can overcomplicate their application as simple effects like a stereo delay.

The Xhip Effects provide every parameter via the plug-in interface for parameter automation and do not include presets, menus or other complicated UI features.

The effects include:

  • Fully resizable and partially skinnable GUIs (by editing configuration file).
  • Reverb – Designed to avoid an ultra-smooth fade-to-noise decay.
  • Compressor – Insert based upon a minimal electronic circuit.
  • Gate – Standard with additional features including side-chain input.
  • Limiter – Counterpart to the compressor for limiting with a simple design.
  • Vocal – A phoneme filter made from formant filters.
  • Follower – The Xhip synthesizer filter controlled by a HAR envelope follower.
  • mDelay – A modulated stereo delay with a feedback filter.
  • Phaser – Standard with a variable number of stages.
  • Tremolo – Standard with the bonus of a continuously variable LFO shape.
  • Clipper – Generic hard clipper with oversampling.
  • Multiplier – Unique type of fold-back distortion.
  • Quantizer – Time (sample and hold) and amplitude (bit reduction) axis quantization.
  • RC Filter – The most basic analog filter configurable as low-pass or high-pass.
  • Rectifier – Simple diode-like effect capable of half or full rectification.
  • Ringmod – Simple with a timbre control.

Xhip has an account at soundcloud with some example audio clips available.




The Xhip account on soundcloud includes demos of the effects as well as the tracks included there use almost exclusively Xhip Effects.




Vibraphonez free rompler by RDGAudio

Vibraphonez is a free rompler VST, VST3, Audio Unit plugin developed by RDGAudio. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.


Vibraphonez is a sample based Instrument. It can load Vibraphonez Factory Expansion.It is velocity sensitive instrument with built in Round Robin Presets. It comes with Win 32-64-bit VST, VST3, AU and Mac VST plugins. Vibraphonez comes with free Player. ADSR, Low Pass and High Pass filters, Reverb, Tuning knobs, Level meters and Preset browser.

Get the Vibraphonez Factory Expansion


  • Vibraphonez is free .
  • Sampled from real Vibraphones.
  • New VST3 formats.
  • Tunning : YES.
  • New Low pass and High pass Filters.
  • New Presets Browser.
  • Round Robin and Velocity sensitive.
  • ADSR with Volume & Pan control.
  • Algorithmic reverb.
  • Level meter.
  • All major DAWs supported.
  • VST3, AU, Win 32-64-bit & Mac VST.

{See video at top of page}


T-RackS CS

T-RackS CS free multi-fx | overdrive | saturation | bit-crusher | crunch | panner | pitch-shifter | phaser | flanger | eq | compressor | limiter | amp-simulator | filter by IK Multimedia

T-RackS CS is a free multi fx and overdrive and saturation and bit crusher and crunch and panner and pitch shifter and phaser and flanger and eq and compressor and limiter and amp simulator and filter VST, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX plugin developed by IK Multimedia. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Close your eyes and picture a store full of cool, powerful processing gear including compressors, limiters, reverbs, de-essers, multiband processors, and a shelf full of vintage, legendary gear emulations. In short, a dream store for recording musicians, engineers and producers.

It is not just a fantasy. This store is real and it’s available to you 24/7. In the T-RackS 5 Custom Shop you can browse a huge collection of IK’s high-quality processing plug-ins for mixing and mastering and purchase only the ones you want, when you want them. And the best part is, you can get started for free.


  • Free version of T-RackS including the Custom Shop, the Classic EQ and basic Metering functionality.
  • Standalone workstation, plugin suite and single plugins for Audio Units, VST2, VST3 and AAX formats.
  • Custom Shop functionality lets you purchase additional modules from inside the program.
  • T-RackS shell allows for chaining of up to 16 processors.
  • Standalone integration with ARC System 2.5 processing.
  • All processors available as individual plug-ins.
  • 64-bit native support.
  • High-fidelity oversampling for high-quality audio processing through the entire signal path.
  • SCC technology coupled with IK’s unique DSM technology provides the most realistic software emulation of vintage gear to date.
  • Extremely easy to use, with style-based presets, full chain visualization, one-click single module or chain bypass, “compare” function and more.

What’s new

  • 4 new processors available for separate purchase: Master Match, Dyna-Mu, ONE, EQual.
  • Resizable*, redesigned interface and plugin GUIs.
  • Expandable broadcast-ready metering suite*.
  • Floating meters option*.
  • Chains of up to 16 processors.
  • Album Assembly section with waveform editing and metadata*.
  • Enhanced audio engine.
  • Up to 192 kHz/32-bit floating point*.
  • 4 dithering algorithms.
  • Equal gain option*.
  • Signature presets from the industry’s top engineers*.

* Features available by upgrading to T-RackS 5, T-RackS 5 Deluxe or T-RackS 5 MAX. T-RackS 5 CS supports projects up to 48kHz and features basic metering functions. Presets require specific modules which might not be part of this version of T-RackS 5. You can however download any processor for free and test them for 14 days before purchase.



SIXPACK free softsynth-preset by rsmus7

SIXPACK is a free software synthesizer preset pack for Synth1 and Elek7Ro and Zebralette and Tyrell, made by rsmus7.

this is a bundle of over 300 presets for 6 superb freeware synthesizer plugins:

  1. Zebralette
  2. Tyrell N6 v2
  3. Synth1
  4. Tal Noisemaker
  5. TAL-Elek7ro
  6. TAL-U-NO-62

All are available for PC and Mac. All presets are categorized and work for any style of music, from ambient to dance and electro and …



Modern Plugins

Modern Plugins free multi-fx | de-esser | expander | compressor | eq | exciter | enhancer | reverb | limiter | amp-simulator by Antress

Modern Plugins is a free multi fx and de esser and expander and compressor and eq and exciter and enhancer and reverb and limiter and amp simulator VST plugin developed by Antress. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The Antress Modern Plugins consists of several free VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

v4.85 includes:

  1. Modern Analoguer.
  2. Modern Amplifier.
  3. Modern BlackDragon.
  4. Modern Compressor.
  5. Modern Deathcore.
  6. Modern DeepPurple.
  7. Modern DeEsser.
  8. Modern Equalizer.
  9. Modern Exciter.
  10. Modern Expander.
  11. Modern FireChainer.
  12. Modern FlashVerb.
  13. Modern Limiter.
  14. Modern LostAngel.
  15. Modern Premier.
  16. Modern SeventhSign.
  17. Modern Spacer.
  18. Modern Splitter.
  19. Modern Vacuumer.
Made with SynthMaker



ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

MFreeFXBundle is a free multi fx and echo and delay and compressor and limiter and reverb and pitch shifter and pitch corrector and filter and chorus and metering and signal monitoring VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by MeldaProduction. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

MFreeFXBundle contains a set of audio effects, which are completely free. Their features are limited, compared to our commercial plugins, but still extraordinary when compared to most plugins on the market. You can extend the free plugins features by purchasing a licence.


The software is totally free of charge, so please download and enjoy! You should consider upgrading to a professional version though. This is what you get:

  • You can change size and style of the plugins.
  • You can access sonogram feature in analyzers and equalizers.
  • You can manipulate your own presets.
  • Most plugins can perform upsampling which minimizes aliasing, therefore it is useful to improve sound quality.
  • The plugins will not contain the nasty big box in the bottom with our clickable logo.
  • You will make us happy and let us develop more free software;-).


KRT free plugin collection

KRT free plugin collection free multi-fx by K Ring Technologies

KRT free plugin collection is a free multi fx VST plugin developed by K Ring Technologies. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

A few free VST effects (and possibly instruments), only time will tell. Some maybe alpha or beta quality, as early feedback is important. Any long term stability in design will be signified by a 64-bit release. Windows is the development platform.

Seven plugins are working and have been tested in ACID Music Studio 10. They are varied in what they do, and they are not “regular” in the sense of obvious studio tools. My favourite is Lootie the wave folder.


Guitar Suite

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Guitar Suite is a free multi fx and distortion and flanger and phaser and chorus and reverb and delay VST plugin developed by SimulAnalog. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

SimulAnalog Guitar suite is a suite of vst plugin with amplifiers and analog processors for guitarists, actually containing the simulation of:

  • Boss DS-1 (Distortion stompbox).
  • Boss SD-1 (Super Overdrive stompbox).
  • Tube Screamer (Overdrive stompbox).
  • Oberheim PS-1 (Phaser stompbox).
  • Univox Univibe (Modulations stompbox).
  • Fender Twin 1969 (Guitar amplifier).
  • Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb (Guitar amplifier).