The Ugly VSTi Interface

The Ugly VSTi Interface free adapter by reFuse Software

The Ugly VSTi Interface is a free adapter and host plugin developed by reFuse Software. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

Ugly VSTi Interface is a simple host application for VSTi plug-ins. It loads one VSTi at a time, and no effects, but it’s intuitive and stable.


  • The Ugly can now be launched by double-clicking a VST file.
  • Now remembers your MIDI input device of choice.
  • Added “hold” button for onscreen keyboard.
  • Now passes aftertouch MIDI data.
  • Added Panic button (kill all hanging MIDI notes).
  • Lots more little improvements.
  • Awesome new ugly colors.


RiffWorks free daw | sequencer by Sonoma Wire Works

RiffWorks is a free DAW developed by Sonoma Wire Works. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

RiffWorks is a “guitar-friendly” application that allows you to record efficiently, stay creative, produce songs, jam online, and podcast your tunes without ever putting down your guitar.

Capture ideas at the moment of inspiration. Set a tempo and start recording by strumming your guitar. Experiment with song structure using a simple Riff-based workflow. Tracks are created automatically as you play. Record multiple takes or layer parts without stopping the creative flow. Add tempo-matched backups with the included InstantDrummer, Rex player, ReWire mixer, and metronome. InstantDrummer provides easy access to full-kit studio drum recordings – No programming necessary. Include up to 7 studio-quality effects per layer including wah, multi-band distortion, modulation, delay, reverb, compression, and British style EQ.


  • Riff-based Workflow: Record a complete song in bite-sized pieces (Riffs). This unique and fun way to record facilitates experimentation with song structure. Each Riff can include different backups, effects, tempos, lengths, and layers.
  • Automatic Track Creation & Loop Recording: A new layer is created each time you start recording as well as each time a Riff loops. Stack layers on top of each other (bass, guitar, vocals) to create a full Riff sound. Use this looping feature to quickly double up your tracks, do multiple takes, etc. Each layer has several controls for mixing and applying effects.
  • Backups: Includes 4 diverse, tempo-synchronized backups to accompany you while you record:
    1. InstantDrummer provides great sounding drum recordings with adjustable intensity, variation and tempo – no need for tedious drum-machine programming. 8 InstantDrummer Sessions are included for free with the purchase of RiffWorks and more are available.
    2. REX Player for playing tempo synchronized loop files (REX and RX2).
    3. ReWire mixer for playing tempo-synchronized loop files with up to four ReWire synth applications like Propellerheads Reason and Ableton Live.
    4. Metronome: Can be used for lead-in, while recording, for a really simple beat, or to add extra flavor in addition to the drummer.
  • Effects: Add RiffWork’s 7 studio-quality effects to Layers, Riffs, InstantDrummer sessions, and to the Input.
  • RiffCaster – a free web broadcasting service for musicians recording with RiffWorks. Broadcast songs instantly with a single button click in RiffWorks. The public can listen to songs posted on the RiffCaster website and podcast for free. Commenting on songs is welcome.
  • RiffLink: Record and collaborate with musicians from all over the world using the RiffLink interface integrated into RiffWorks. Currently in free public beta, then 60 day free trial.
  • Guitar Amp and Effects Plug-in Support – Amp plug-ins such as AmpliTube 2 Live from IK Multimedia (now included with RiffWorks Standard) and GearBox from Line 6, can be activated, heard, and recorded while playing your instrument through RiffWorks.
  • Song Layer – Option for full song-length recording.
  • Junt: Arming the Junt feature allows you to set the tempo and start recording by simply playing your guitar or singing. Junt has a proprietary tempo detection algorithm that allows you to focus on your internal groove.
  • Riff Gain – Master gain control for each riff.
  • Riff Effects – Effects chain on the Riff as a whole in addition to each layer.
  • Backup Effects – Complete effects chain for each backup module including InstantDrummer, ReWire and the REX player.
  • One-shot Record – Alternative to continuous looped recording mode.
  • Fade Automation – Continuous volume control for each layer.
  • Riff Notes – A place to make remarks about recordings.
  • Help Tab – Instant access to documentation without leaving the application.
  • Mono or stereo input.
  • 16-24 bit recording
  • 44.1 sample rate: for simple setup and CD burning.
  • 32 bit floating point internal processing.
  • Up to 24 recorded layers per Riff not including backups like the InstantDrummer.
  • Up to 48 simultaneous recorded layers with SongLayers playing over Riffs
  • Mix Options:
    1. WAV (.wav) files – perfect for burning a CD, or using a third party program like iTunes to convert to mp3.
    2. OggVorbis (.ogg) files – a modern, free replacement for the mp3 format. Most sound player applications either have support built-in or there are plug-ins available.
    3. Mix to Riff – bounce multiple riffs down to one layer in a single riff.
  • Mac OS Core Audio Device Compatibility – RiffWorks Standard supports most Core Audio devices. See Recommended Hardware List.
  • Windows XP ASIO Device Compatibility – RiffWorks Standard supports most ASIO devices. See Recommended Hardware List.