Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series

Kjaerhus free vst bundle

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series is a collection of free VST audio plugins made by Kjaerhus Audio.

The Audio Classic Serie is a bundle of Kjaerhus 9 Classic Serie mixing and mastering audio plugins. Including the classic auto-filter, chorus, compressor, delay, EQ, flanger, limiter, phaser and reverb. The classic serie goal is to emulate the warm and rich sound of vintage high end analog gear from the 70’s and 80’s eras. Kjaerhus unique “Warmth & Saturation” algorithms will give your sound a sweet and lively analog color. And it’s totally free !


  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Delay
  • EQ
  • Phaser, flanger
  • Reverb
  • Auto-Filter


xTrem free tremolo by Music Unfolding

xTrem is a free tremolo Audio Unit plugin developed by Music Unfolding. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

xTrem is a tremolo unit capable of a range of tremolo shapes; it works as a mono or stereo tremolo. In mono mode, the left channel controls are active. The two channels are fully independent except for the tremolo depth setting, this gives it the capability of producing some interesting panning/tremolo combinations.



XPhaser free phaser by WOK

XPhaser is a free phaser VST plugin developed by WOK. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

XPhaser is a dual phaser VST effect plug-in for Windows. Two phasers with a different sound can be routed parallel or serial. Panorama and volume controls for the two phasers and the original signal offer you deep stereo effects or subtle enhancements. Manual sweeping or syncing to host tempo are available as well as different modulation waveforms.

XPhaser is available in two versions: the free LE version is fully functional but does not contain the host sync and manual sweep feature.

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X-Flanger free flanger by JC Productionz

X-Flanger is a free flanger VST plugin developed by JC Productionz. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

X-Flanger is designed to take an ordinary monophonic or stereo audio input and transform it into a wide pseudo stereo field. It also incorporates a 4 pole low pass filter and an LFO.

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WrongMod free ring-modulator by Code Audio

WrongMod is a free ring modulator VST plugin developed by Code Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

WrongMod is an AM and FM modulation plugin for Windows based VST hosts.

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Wobbles free vibrato | tremolo | lfo by Scott Stevenson

Wobbles is a free vibrato and tremolo and lfo VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Scott Stevenson. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

Wobbles is a simple vibrato plug-in featuring adjustable shape, depth and speed. Chorus and phaser type effects can also be achieved by using the dry/wet knob.

Made with SonicBirth



WNM-1fx free vibrato | tremolo | lfo by KlangLabs

WNM-1fx is a free vibrato and tremolo and lfo VST plugin developed by KlangLabs. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

This is a VST/FX based on the same principles as the WNM-1 synth but this time you can modulate anything you feed in.

  • One module of six oscillators, first five are modulators and can be routed to other oscillators.
  • Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, w-noise and p-noise waveforms to choose from.
  • Freq, Pulse Width and Modulation depth for each oscillator.
  • Stereo support.
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waylomodelay88 free multi-fx | chorus | delay | phaser by sean wayland waylo software

waylomodelay88 is a free multi fx and chorus and delay and phaser VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by sean wayland waylo software. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

This is an audio plugin which is works in a fairly similar fashion to recent Japanese made “Ultimate Delay”-STOMP guitar pedal.

There are 8 bands of delay. The delay times can be modulated by a Sine wav. What that means is that time of the delay is slowly changing from say 98 to 102 and back smoothly with a delay time of 100 and a mod depth of 2. Really short delay times with modulation creates a chorus effect. The last 4 delays also have feedback added and the feedback can be adjusted. Once the feedback gets high enough the delay will repeat forever. Lower than that amount the delays slowly die out. I usually use 4 short delays and 4 long ones. The long ones had feedback. In this plugin the delays are just panned left and right alternatively.

The plugin was made with JUCE and MAX7.

It’s a 64-bit plugin and won’t work on an older 32-bit computer.

I have compiled OS X .vst and .component (apple) plugins and a windows .dll.

My friends and I have tested it out with Cubase, Reaper, Logic and Mainstage.

It works with recent windows and OS X operating systems (as of dec 2017).



Here is a demo of it. This is a pedal steel sample from the Yamaha QY70 run through it.






Hopefully the controls are pretty self explanatory. There are sliders for each delay (time, modulation frequency and delay level), one for direct level and one for mod depth. There is also 4 more sliders which control the feedback for the last 4 delays.


My suggestion of how to learn to use it is to start with the first 2 delays and set the times really short and the frequency and amount really short.


The level of the sliders on my plugin don’t really relate exactly to this list but this should give you an idea of how you might want to set it up.




One quirk of the software is that if you load a saved preset button you have to press the yellow ” load current preset ” button on my plugin to get the sliders to move to the preset values.



Have fun with it.


Any questions or install issues please email seanwayland at gmail.




Wahman free wah-wah | filter by NSP

Wahman is a free wah wah and filter VST plugin developed by NSP. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Wahman is a free audio plugin for Microsoft Windows, wah-wah stomp emulation, based on real scheme.

• 64-bit internal processing
• input level adjustment
• stereo processing
• 64/32-bit versions.


Wah-Wah MIDI remote controller

Wah-Wah MIDI remote controller free wah-wah | filter by beat bars

Wah-Wah MIDI remote controller is a free wah wah and filter plugin developed by beat bars. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

Control your MIDI devices using your lips.
Just say “wah wah” and send corresponding MIDI events wirelessly.

Using your camera instead of an expression pedal or MIDI controller knob provides the ability to use any external AudioUnit/VST effects in a whole new way.
Now you can control the VST plug-in settings in real-time without using your hands.

For Guitarists
Why not to change the plug-in parameters in the Amp Simulator while playing using your lips?
Now the wah-wah pedal or any other effect will be within reach of your iPhone.

For Keyboardist
You don’t have an expression pedal slot on your keyboard?
Now you can use the Wah-Wah app to control volume, modulation, pitch or any other parameter hands-free. You get one more place to work with effects.

It is a fascinating step into exploring accessibility in music-making.
You will discover that our face controller may be more intuitive and easier to learn than a foot pedal.


  • MIDI Output Settings
    • MIDI Channel.
    • MIDI Message Type
      • Control Change (CC).
      • Pitch Bend Change.
      • Channel Pressure (After-touch).
    • MIDI Output Range.
    • Reversed Mode.
  • MIDI Input Settings for Start/Stop
    • MIDI Learn.
    • MIDI Channel.
    • Control Change (CC).
  • Lips Movement Range Calibration.
  • MIDI Connections
    • Wi-Fi.
    • Bluetooth.
    • USB.

MIDI Connection Guide (also available from within an app).


  • iPhone 6 or later for best performance.
  • iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and Xr for near zero latency face tracking with the TrueDepth Camera.
  • Mac computer with macOS.
    (for Windows hosts we recommend using a compatible solution: rtpMIDI).