Lurker Chorus

Lurker Chorus free multi-fx | flanger | phaser | chorus | tremolo by Lurker Beats

Lurker Chorus is a free multi fx and flanger and phaser and chorus and tremolo VST3, Audio Unit plugin developed by Lurker Beats. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Lurker Chorus is a 4-voice stereo chorus with automatic tempo-sync and stereo spread. Adjust the Rate, Depth, Feedback and Volume of each chorus, mix it with the Dry Volume, and set the EQ. Color animations to visualize the rate/depth of each chorus sweep. Presets available, and the user can make, save, and load their own presets and banks. Preserves stereo channels. As a note, Chorus B has a longer delay time than Chorus A.

Lurker Beats (formerly SynthIV) will be taking over plugin hosting for the SynthIV/IvySirena/Lurker brand set. This is the first plugin from Lurker/SynthIV/IvySirena to be branded as Lurker Beats (developer).

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