Speculumfree free multi-fx | delay | echo | chorus | flanger | phaser | filter by Decade Bridge

Speculumfree is a free multi fx and delay and echo and chorus and flanger and phaser and filter VST, VST3, Audio Unit plugin developed by Decade Bridge. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Speculumfree is a delay/comb filter effect plugin.

Speculum’s state can be switched between delay and comb filter. The resulting sound is fed through a resonant low pass filter.

The delay rate can be finely adjusted through the divide function. This gives speculum the ability to produce flanging, chorus and phasing effects when automated.



Mukoco free filter by Mutagene

Mukoco is a free filter VST plugin developed by Mutagene. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Mukoco is a comb filter based on the core code from MutantKoto.

The algorithm is an abstraction of a simple plucked string physical model, it is used as an effect on a stereo input stream. The left channel is fed into string polarization A and the right channel is fed into string polarization B. The MutantKoto model acts as an optionally non-linear comb filter on both channels.



CombOver free filter by runagate

CombOver is a free filter VST plugin developed by runagate. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

CombOver is an FSU effect based on Comb Filters. Unlike a normal comb filter effect CombOver is trying too hard to cover up the naked pate of boring audio. Unlike those old FSU fx this one is understandable, programmable and doesn’t explode with feedback. But similarly otherworldly, wet or electric, exploding or glitchy and twitching sounds are possible with CombOver.

CombOver features delay times controlled by pitch detection and harmonic overtone series slider bank modulated by a step sequencer, a vector mixing X/Y pad top select amongst the delay times of four different harmonic-modulated delay times and a harmonic mix control to blend in harmonics with the root pitch-controlled comb filter. There are five comb filters in all.


  • 5 modulated comb filters.
  • Comb filter time modulation provided by input audio pitch detection.
  • 16 graphical sliders to choose 16 harmonic overtones for modulation source.
  • 16-step sequencer to modulate selected harmonic overtone for time modulation.
  • X/Y joystick-controlled vector mixer to blend between 4 harmonically-modulated comb filters.
  • A variety of tempo-synced beat division choices for the sequencer.
  • Stereo peak hold control on the pitch detector to ensure sensible pitch detection from stereo inputs, also acts as modulation smoothing envelope.
  • Pitch detection octave selection control.
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Comb Filter

Comb Filter free filter by Warmonger

Comb Filter is a free filter VST plugin developed by Warmonger. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Small utility – the very simple comb filter with feed-forward topology. Well-defined characteristics and minimal CPU usage.

Use it on percussion to spice up the mix or just as utility effect anywhere in the track.


  • Positive or negative ratio allows to filter out odd or even harmonics, respectively.
  • Precise control.
  • Minimal CPU usage.
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