Synchron Player

Synchron Player free rompler by Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

Synchron Player is a free rompler VST, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL). Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

The Vienna Synchron Player is a dedicated sample player with an audio engine built from the ground up. Combining multiple microphone signals with a wealth of note variations and velocity layers for each articulation may quickly lead to a quite heavy voice count and CPU load. The Vienna Synchron Player comes with the most powerful sample playback engine, featuring unprecedented streaming performance while providing a new level of ease-of-use.

Innovative algorithms result in utmost realism and expressiveness: You may play short notes, long notes with various attacks, legatos, scalable vibrato intensities and note repetitions intuitively just by moving one or two preconfigured controllers, with a minimal need to switch articulations manually. The Vienna Synchron Player also includes a full fledged internal mixer with 5-band EQ, individual delay settings for runtime compensation, algorithmic reverb, phase switching, panorama controls as well as a host of effects such as saturation, delay, compressor, auto gain and many more.

The Vienna Synchron Player is included as free software with all Synchron Series products, the Vienna Smart Orchestra and Vienna Smart Spheres.

8-dimensional Synchron Player
The one and only sample player on the market with eight or even unlimited dimensions. Dimensions allow you to add any freely controllable musical parameter to any Synchron Series preset, resulting in incomparable versatility.

Streaming Performance
The look-up-function is up to 32 times faster than with conventional sample players. This improved look-up function is the backbone of the Synchron Player’s unrivaled multi-microphone performance. All samples are linked to their corresponding microphone positions which improves access-times dramatically and allows for minimal latency. Up to 31 microphone channels (Synchron FX Strings I) provide infinite options to create a unique sound.

Out of the Box
Tailor-made mixer presets – ready to play. Easy access to authentic room impressions of Synchron Stage Vienna – from close to distant microphone positions.

Inspiring Elements
The new Synchron Player offers an intuitive work-flow for epic masterpieces and delicate soundscapes. Simple navigation: Instrument presets with consistent structure throughout all instruments will boost your creativity.



  • Ultimate overview of all available articulations with the Synchron Player Dimension Tree provides unlimited control of all musical parameters of your instruments.
  • Pre-configured instrument presets for intuitive playing in real-time with quick authentic results.
  • A virtually unlimited number of simultaneously controllable dimensions multiplies the concept of the legendary Vienna Instruments’ matrix structure.
  • Design your own preset structure in a heartbeat. Copy and paste slots from existing structures.
  • Categorize articulations in musical “dimensions” to adjust the interface to your personal work-flow.
  • Create unheard-of articulations and soundscapes by stacking and crossfading between instruments and articulations.
  • Intuitive and consistent color-coding makes orientation and navigation a breeze.
  • Layer Articulations for simultaneous or crossfade performances in one preset.
  • Keyboard display offers 128 keys with labelled key switches and additional information.
  • Free-floating Key Info Window showing all assigned ranges and micro-articulations.

Sound & Mixing:

  • A wide array of microphone positions from close microphones to the Decca Tree to multiple spatial outrigger microphones allows for meticulous fine-tuning of your mix.
  • Multiple mixer presets offer a great choice from CPU-friendly layout mixes to highly specialized Surround-to-Stereo downmixes and immersive surround mixes.
  • Highly musical playback engine that provides you with the correct note transitions for each articulation (built-in legato and repetition logic).
  • Each mic channel is equipped with dedicated EQ, Runtime Delay, Reverb Send and PowerPan/Balance controls in the integrated mixer.
  • User-friendly routing options to create busses and stems.

Technical Features Player:

  • Intelligent instrument scripts with Performance Detection:
  • Interval Detection – Provides natural intervals and note transitions for legato playing styles in real-time.
  • Polyphonic legato when playing chords using Legato Patches.
  • Repetition Detection – Lets you play natural repeated notes at any speed.
  • Speed Detection – The tempo of your performance automatically triggers the appropriately articulated samples and switches seamlessly between articulations.
  • A minimal need to switch articulations manually.
  • The established Velocity XFade lets you crossfade between all available velocity layers of each articulation.

Technical Features Mixer:

  • Intuitive routing options with setup templates for Vienna Ensemble (included) and Vienna Ensemble Pro (available separately), with dedicated microphone busses for all instrument sections.
  • Innovative algorithms provide utmost realism and expressiveness.
  • Built-in algorithmic reverb for immediate sweetening effect.
  • Surround capability (5.1 up to immersive surround sound formats).
  • Intuitive Retina-ready scalable GUI with inline documentation.
  • Plug-in (VST, AU, AAX Native) under Windows and OS X.
  • Full 64-bit audio processing.
  • Enabling/Disabling of slots – Load huge presets with hundreds of articulations in no time, and without taxing your RAM. Specific articulations get loaded only when you “enable” their slot with a simple double-click. Disable slots to clear samples from RAM, while keeping all patch settings intact.
  • “Enable on MIDI Activity” feature loads only the articulations you need for your arrangement, on the fly.
  • SSD ready – Load 10 times more samples into your RAM, 10 times faster, by reducing the sample preload buffer size when using Solid State Drives.
  • Real-time CPU-Meter provides instant reliable feedback from your computers processing unit. Warning will pop up if you reach the performance limit.
  • Super-fast loading times, even after cold starting. Load progress bar. You can even play the loaded samples while the rest is still loading.
  • Lossless real-time de-compression for using less RAM and hard disk resources.

Sonatina Orchestra Module

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Sonatina Orchestra Module is a free rompler VST plugin developed by bigcat instruments. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The Sonatina Orchestra Module puts the Orchestral samples by Mattias Westlund into a single VST Module for greater convenience. The whole ‘Rompler’ weighs in at a touch over 1 gig and since each instrument loads separately it should never take over 250 megs of memory (the choir is big). Most instruments use about 50 megs.

There are 20+ instruments including a soloist for every major instrument except the Viola and Double Bass. There are sections for all the important instruments including the Viola and Double Bass. Articulations include Pizzicato for the string sections and Staccato for the strings, brass and flute sections. There is also plenty of percussion along with a piano, harp and choir.

Creative Commons Attribution: Mattias Westlund.

Made with Maize Sampler

One Track Orchestra

One Track Orchestra free software-synthesizer by make some music now!

One Track Orchestra is a free software synthesizer developed by make some music now!. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

This is a simple and free VSTi plugin created to help you sketch/prototype your orchestral arrangements and productions in an easy and fast way.

This instrument puts a complete orchestra on a single track of your DAW (so you don’t need to create additional tracks). You can add strings, brass, woodwinds and even percussion at the same time, using only one MIDI channel.

The sounds of the different instruments are mapped on different sections of the keyboard, and they are velocity dependent. The only controls on the GUI are the reverb and volume faders.

This is a free sketching tool, created for songwriting/demo recording, and oriented towards beginners and songwriters who need a simple and fast tool, so it does not include multiple articulations or round robin samples. It is not supposed to be an alternative to big, professional sampled instruments and libraries.

The instrument is provided as-is, with no warranties. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available. It should work fine on most DAWs. It has beed developed and tested on a Windows 10 PC and it worked fine with Reaper, Tracktion, Studio One, Podium, MuLab and SAVIHost.

This virtual instrument was designed by Luis Valoyes using samples from the VSCO Community Edition. The plugin is powered by Maize Sampler.

Made with Maize Sampler


Inspiration free sequencer by Musical Entropy

Inspiration is a free sequencer stand alone application developed by Musical Entropy. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Inspiration is an application developed to stimulate the creativity of music composers.

Influenced by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, and techniques described in several books about songwriting, Inspiration allows its users to get random, more or less abstract advice that can provide ways to handle the blank page syndrome, new “cooking recipes” to create music in general, ideas to develop or finish your last song, write a lot of music in a short time, take different musical paths…

Considering Inspiration as another software adaptation of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies is wrong:

  • Indeed, those advice items are gathered together like the Oblique Strategies, but also other thematic sets like the Horizontal Strategies from -musicalentropy for example, the Frustrated Songwriter’s Strategies, the Advancing Guitarist strategies, and others.
  • The advice items are classified and can be filtered with numerous tags, allowing the users to target specific needs at specific moments. Some examples of these tags : musical instruments like the guitar, the drums or keyboards, various abstraction levels, themes like motivation, harmony, rehearsals, sampling, the development of existing ideas etc.

Moreover, a special editor is included, allowing users to create their own sets, with an efficient and ergonomic interface. With this functionality, you can :

  • Create your own advice sets, corresponding to your needs, your personality, and the way you work.
  • Share your own advice sets with all the users of Inspiration.
  • Fill a list of composition ideas, new tracks or concepts you would like to work on in the future.
  • Have a work plan for your preferred musical instrument, full of random exercises to do or existing songs to include to your musical repertoire.
  • Optimize your 20-songs game sessions, as described in the book “The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook” by Nicholas Dobson and Karl Coryat.

Anyway, be careful about the various things Inspiration can not do :

  • Write some music for you.
  • Play any musical instrument for you.
  • Take all the credits of the music you have created thanks to its advice.
  • Fill a lack of technical competences and/or a lack of musical knowledge.
  • Replace experimented musician’s advice.
  • Replace experimented musicians.
  • Force you read how to use Inspiration before having any opinion on its concept.
  • Bring the beers for the rehearsals.

Change history

1.1.0 (05-Aug-2014):

  • Added a link to copy and paste the current piece of advice.
  • Added a timer to pick a new piece of advice every N seconds.
  • Added a feature to mark a piece of advice as a favorite, and to access to all the favorite items only.
  • Fixed various bugs.

1.0.4 (16-Jan-2013):

  • The application saves its state when it is closed, and recall it at start-up.
  • Fixed an issue with the justification of labels.
  • The text editors in the editor tab are now multi-line.
  • Fixed various bugs and English translation issues.

1.0.3 (29-Nov-2012):

  • Added new advice sets, included with the application and available on the downloads page.
  • Fixed an issue with the randomness of advice items drawing.
  • Fixed an issue with the tag selector control in the edition tab.
  • Fixed various bugs and English translation issues.

1.0.2 (14-Nov-2012):

  • Added new advice sets, included with the application and available on the downloads page.
  • Fixed an issue with the use of the mouse wheel on any control in the edition tab.
  • Fixed an issue with apostrophes in the edition tab.
  • Fixed an issue with the randomness of advice items drawing.
  • Fixed colour change issues in the main tab.
  • Fixed various bugs and English translation issues.

1.0.1 (09-Nov-2012):

  • Fixed size of the author description font.
  • Fixed various English translation issues.

1.0.0 (05-Nov-2012):

  • Initial release for DC-12.



iChorder free chorder | studio-tool by JoBroMedia

iChorder is a free chorder and studio tools plugin developed by JoBroMedia. Compatible OS(s): Android.

So you spend days upon days in the studio, writing song after song. However the more you write the harder your brain has to bring out new ideas. Make no mistake, this will happen sooner or later. And when that happens, and you’re on a tight deadline, what do you do? Writing music like nothing happens might get the juices flowing a bit more, but what you need is more inspiration. Open your ears and eyes to other genres around the world. Think outside the box for a change.

iChorder is the tool to let you do this. It gives you 5 tools at your disposal to open your minds to new influences:

* Song ideas: This picks genres at random, giving you an idea on your next song, and it lets you search on youtube, soundcloud or google for the different genres so you can hear them out.

* 5th circle: This tool gives you access to an easily overview of the circle of 5ths. It showcases the prime and alternative scale, and also gives you the prime tone, subdominant and dominant for each scale.

* Timeline: This tool helps you create a visual list of your song. What part goes where. Length and other important stuff.

* Rhythms: This tool lets you generate a 4 bar long rhythm. It can be done randomly, and in a set of different complexities from simple to wild, and the rhythm can also be altered should the need ever arise.

iChorder’s task is not to write music for you, that is your own responsibility. This is just a tool to help you out with new ideas and inflictions on music. In short: iChorder is writer’s block’s worst enemy.

Hand Crash

Hand Crash free rompler by Alan ViSTa

Hand Crash is a free rompler VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Alan ViSTa. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Hand Crash is a set of 5 sampled orchestral cymbals.

It contains 10 stereo samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios public domain library:

  • 5 orchestral crash cymbals.
  • Stereo 24-bit samples.
  • Release time for each cymbal.
  • Volume for each cymbal.
  • Amplitude dynamic range control.

Available in:

  • VST 32 and 64-bit for Windows.
  • VST for Mac.
  • Audio Unit for Mac.

{See video at top of page}

Made with Maize Sampler

Chord Cadenza

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Chord Cadenza is a free chorder and sequencer plugin developed by Chord Cadenza. Compatible OS(s): Windows .

Chord Cadenza is a free (open source) app that helps you to play and improvise chords whilst a MIDI file or audio source is being played. It does this by updating a rolling display to map the chord notes to a piano keyboard. It can also dynamically assign notes or chords to keys on a MIDI or PC keyboard.

Synchronisation is achieved automatically from a MIDI file. An audio file (e.g. MP3) can be synchronized and saved using the program. You can also play along to any audio source (e.g. internet stream or other musicians) and synchronise as you go along.

Chords and major/minor keys can be extracted from the MIDI file using a configurable tool that analyzes the MIDI file. Chords, keys, and time signatures can also be created or updated manually – this allows you to play along with an audio source without requiring a MIDI file.

The program contains a sequencer-style display that can be used to control the volume, panning, muting, solo’ing and patching of the tracks of the MIDI file.

Audio can be rendered with the program’s builtin synthesizer (using SoundFonts), or an external synthesizer (using the program’s MIDI output).


  • MIDI Sequencer with track display, mute, solo, patch, vol, pan, etc.
  • Generate keys and chords from MIDI file pitches.
  • Edit keys, chords, and time signatures.
  • Read lyrics from a karaoke MIDI file (.kar), or create and edit lyrics from scratch.
  • Display chords on a vertical piano roll to facilitate playing and improvisation.
  • Display solfa or pitch notation.
  • Output to soundcard (using soundfonts) or to a MIDI synth (hardware or software).
  • ASIO and non-ASIO sound drivers supported.
  • Play with a MIDI keyboard or a PC keyboard.
  • Multiple playmodes to allow for different levels of MIDI keyboard skills.
  • Synchronise and play along with MIDI files (.mid, .kar) or audio files (.mp3).
  • Add new MIDI file tracks from recorded play sessions.
  • Modify chords on-the-fly with the keyboard or mouse.
  • Play along with any audio stream or other musicians.
  • No need to read musical staff notation.
  • Musical keyboard skills not required.

bigcat VSTis

bigcat VSTis free rompler by bigcat instruments

bigcat VSTis is a free rompler VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by bigcat instruments. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Over two dozen free instruments including the entire Sonatina Orchestra available as VSTs. There are also pianos, guitars, bass and drum. More will be added over time.

Made with Maize Sampler

AutoTonic Player

AutoTonic Player free chorder by AutoTonic

AutoTonic Player is a free chorder plugin developed by AutoTonic. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

The ‘Player’ version is based on AutoTonic Modal MIDI Transposer‘s patented modal transposing technology, but limited by a Fixed Preset Bank. This version also uses emojis instead of scale names and has a TicTacToe game built in, which make it even more unique to use. This version is not a demo and will not expire or such…

  • Unlimited playing experience.
  • No time restrictions, authorization-free.
  • Dozens of scale/tonic combinations.

AutoTonic Player Manual: AutoTonic-Player_Manual.pdf

Mac Setup Instructions: AutoTonic-Setup-Mac.pdf

PC Setup Instructions: AutoTonic-Setup-Win.pdf:

  • MIDI I/O must be set up on every launch.
  • No Scale Browser, No Menu functions.
  • No customizations (All Fixed) etc.

Some words by the developer: {See video at top of page}

Find AutoTonic’s fully functional Full Version here: