Vinylusion free software-synthesizer by VTX

Vinylusion is a free software synthesizer developed by VTX. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Vinylusion emulates the natural shape and texture of vinyl records playing on a turntable. The goal is to re-create all those good old record player sounds such as crackles, pops, static and hiss that give a unique warmth and vintage-retro feeling to a track.

Vinylusion has 4 main controllers:

  • MEKANIKX gives you the option to tweak the more mechanical and machine-like background noises of a turntable.
  • T-TABLE A and T-TABLE B are to be used mainly to generate and adjust vinyl crackles and pops.
  • STATIKX is a noise oscillator.
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sg-noisebot free software-synthesizer by Synthgeek

sg-noisebot is a free software synthesizer developed by Synthgeek. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

This is another “noisebox” synth, similar in attitude to the previous SG-APCX (in that it is designed to be used as a sound effect generator more than a standard synth), but based on a completely different method of sound generation.

This synth is based around two sound generators- one that uses a math formula capable of chaotic behavior, and another which is an oscillator-synched noise source. The combination of these two sources produces a wide range of strange sounds, from clicks & beeps to grinding mechanical mayhem. Another interesting feature present in both versions is the “data corruption” effect, which adds another level of chaos to the mix. This is something like a software circuit bend which taps the audio stream at several points along its path, randomly mangles the signals in various ways (which are affected by various combinations of control signals from the synth’s modulators) & mixes the mess back into the output.

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sg-Modutronic Messmaker

sg-Modutronic Messmaker free software-synthesizer by Synthgeek

sg-Modutronic Messmaker is a free software synthesizer developed by Synthgeek. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

This is a simple synthesizer based on a lo-fi hardware synth of the same name which I built (see my blog for more info). It consists of two squarewave oscillators, and uses both frequency and amplitude modulation to create sounds. The first osc is amplitude-modulated by the second, and the AM output is then fed back to modulate the frequency of the first osc.

This software version is different from the original in several ways, the biggest difference being the filter. The rest are down to differences in the implementation of various features/characteristics- in some cases, I did what I could to make it true to the original, in other cases, I left it alone. This means that the software is unable to mimic the sound of the original perfectly, but it can also do things the original can not.

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sg-lunettik pack 1

sg-lunettik pack 1 free software-synthesizer by Synthgeek

sg-lunettik pack 1 is a free software synthesizer developed by Synthgeek. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

This is a series of small noisemaking devices inspired by Lunettas- in a nutshell, Lunettas are simple circuits, often based on CMOS logic chips. To quote mosc from the electro-music forums, “These machines are named after Stanley Lunetta of Sacramento, California… Lunettas are very simple, digital, noisy, quirky, and lots of fun.”

Note that these are not meant as emulations of any specific circuit, they are just inspired by the concept. Like the circuits which inspired them, they don’t necessarily do things “right”, but they generate interesting sounds. If you like noisy, droney, and/or buzzy stuff based on square waves, check ’em out. The first pack includes three simple generators: SR1, OR1, and BC1, which are named after the logic functions used in their design (Shift Register, OR gate, and Binary Counter).

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sg-apcx2 free software-synthesizer by Synthgeek

sg-apcx2 is a free software synthesizer developed by Synthgeek. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

This is an expanded version of the original APC1 synth from synthgeek, including more filter options, distortion, and modulation via 3 LFOs, 4 step sequencers, and the combiner module from the noisebot synths. Think of it as a groovebox for crazy synth fx. It can also be coerced into lo-fi squelchy bassline territory, though due to it’s nature, tuning can be tricky.

This has been rebuilt to include features developed for the noisebot synths. The sound sources here are two Atari Punk Console-style oscillators.

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