Zampler free sampler | sequencer by Plugin Boutique

Zampler is a free sampler and sequencer VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Plugin Boutique. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

A Powerful Sample Workstation for VST & AU – free.

We’ve teamed up with guys at and are happy to present you with Zampler.

Zampler is a free sample workstation that includes a variety of ways to sculpt and manipulate sounds and it includes features you would expect in any current soft-sampler. It also sounds great.

Zampler is cabable of supporting the .sfz format which makes it a perfect fit with the sample libraries from our sister site Loopmasters.

The free installer download comes with 2 free banksa selection of sounds curated from various Loopmasters packs for you to enjoy:

“Dance Production Sounds” – The pack is a total of 332MB and includes 30 Multi Samples, 1 bank file, and 333 Multi Samples.

”MainRoom and EDM DrumKits” – The pack is a total of 111MB and includes 30 patches/kits, 1 bank file, and 457 Multi Samples.

We’ll be offering more packs here at Plugin Boutique in the near future.


  • The plug-in comes in both VST and AU formats. File types supported are REX loop and SFZ.
  • The plugin’s sample oscillators make Zampler a great tone-shaping tool.
  • In the integrated multimode lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters as well as various combinations are available.
  • Three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes and a complex modulation matrix, bring life to the sound.
  • An extensive effects section is available including tube saturation, two equalizers, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb.
  • The clever step sequencer allows for especially complex, full and vibrant sounds – a specialty of Zampler.
  • Uses the valent algorithms of “Dune” inventor Synapse Audio.

More Detail:

  • Samples of any bit-depth (8/16/24/32-bit), mono or stereo are supported.
  • Multipe sample rates supported (eg 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192k, 384k).
  • Up to 128 keyboard splits.
  • Up to 128 velocity splits.

System Requirements

Windows – 32-bit VST
Mac – 32-bit AU.

{See video at top of page}

XO Wave

XO Wave free audio-editor | sequencer | daw by XO Audio

XO Wave is a free audio editor and sequencer and DAW plugin developed by XO Audio. Compatible OS(s): macOS, Linux.

XO Wave is a digital audio workstation designed to meet the needs of audio and video professionals, with a focus on CD Mastering and audio for video related work. It has support for direct recording from any core-audio device, importing and exporting files in a variety of formats (including songs from iTunes playlists), CD Burning, multi-track editing, and QuickTime synchronization and export.

XO Wave Open on Linux is free. XO Wave on Mac OS X comes in two versions: Free and Pro. Pro adds features such as AU support and CD burns.

A comparison of the available versions is available here.


Wejaam free sequencer by WEJAAM

Wejaam is a free sequencer stand alone application developed by WEJAAM. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

Wejaam is a loop-based music sequencer specially designed for playing live, combined with an innovative and powerful randomization tool.

It’s very simple to make a beat, just select from the Djaam library or pick up from the World Jaam community All you have to do to create your own beat is use the hit editor, adding sound, deleting sound, is that easy…

Gives you access to a 5 pads controllers instead of knobs. This way you will simply control various parameters of the sound with your finger on the screen.

Wejaam’s complete mastering system in a single integrated app includes Limiter, Reverb, Delay, Flanger, Equalizer, Chorus, and Distortion. Based on feedback and requests gathered from mastering professionals, Wejaam includes exclusive controls and features.

With this exclusive feature, you can easily have access millions of possibilities. During your live performance, simply tap on the random bar to bring up a new pattern idea.

Share your jam head to head with friends it’s an unforgettable music experience.

Ready to go now? Make your own song within minutes and sound like a pro. Just record your live performance and create the best traxx ever. Then upload the song and share your mix all around the world.


  • Sequencer 6 patterns of 32 notes.
  • 6-channel instrument (synthesizer or sampler).
  • 1 parametric Filter by channel.
  • 2 effect sends per channel (Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Overdrive).
  • 3-band equalizer.
  • Output limiter.
  • Export recordings and programs with iTunes.
  • Bluetooth Synchronization allows you to play with another person and have the same audio output on each device.


Wavosaur free audio-editor by Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a free audio editor plugin developed by Wavosaur. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

Wavosaur is an audio editor application. It supports VST plug-in effects, which can be chained.


  • Basic editing functions (cut, copy, paste, trim/crop, reverse, mute, fade, normalize, etc.).
  • Unlimited effects via the support of VST plugins. Plug-ins can be chained.

Wavosaur is currently in alpha release stage (i.e. pre-release) and made available for free (donations welcome).

WaveEditor for Android Audio Recorder & Editor

WaveEditor for Android Audio Recorder & Editor free audio-editor | audio-recorder by Sound-Base Audio

WaveEditor for Android Audio Recorder & Editor is a free audio editor and audio recorder plugin developed by Sound-Base Audio. Compatible OS(s): Android.

WaveEditor for Android is a professional tool for editing, recording, and mastering audio. WaveEditor also supports a large variety of file types that make it suitable for audio format conversion and media playback.


  • Multi-Track mixing and editing.
  • WAV or MP3 recording formats.
  • Visual tools (FFT, oscilloscope, spectrogram).
  • Supported import formats: 3gp, aac, aif, aifc, aiff, alac, amr, au, caf, flac, htk, iff, m4a, mat4, mat5, mp3, mp4, ogg, paf, pcm, pvf, raw, sd2, sf, snd, svx, voc, w64, WAV, xi.
  • Supported export formats: aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, pcm, wav.
  • Standalone and in-editor audio recorders.
  • USB Microphone support (More info:
  • Built-in file browser for loading and saving files.
  • 32-bit floating point signal processing.
  • Single sample editing.
  • Zooming, panning and selection functions.
  • Macro processes such as fade, reverse, & invert.
  • Amplitude meter.
  • Undo/redo & copy/paste features.
  • Compact view setting for smaller devices.
  • Alternative waveform colors for better stereo visualization.
  • Separate audio format conversion utility.


  • Chorus(Pro).
  • Crusher (Pro).
  • Delay (Pro).
  • Distortion (Pro).
  • Phaser (Pro).
  • Reverb (Pro).
  • Filter.
  • Graphic EQ.
  • Parametric EQ (Pro).
  • Stereo Mixer.
  • Compressor (Pro).
  • Multi-band Compressor (Pro).
  • Gain.
  • Noise Gate.
  • Normalization.
  • Insert Silence.
  • Resample.
  • Granular Stretch.
  • Pitch Correction (Pro).
  • Pitch Shift (Pro).
  • Time Stretch (Pro).

Pro Upgrade
The free version of WaveEditor contains many features and is quite useful. However, if you like this app, buy the upgraded version to fully utilize its potential. This can be done within the app via In App Billing, and ensures future support as well as new features in later releases.

Benefits of upgrading are as follows:

  • All advertisements removed.
  • All effects unlocked.

Permission Details:

  • Read/Write Storage – Used for importing and exporting audio files from storage. Required to use app.
  • Record – Used for recording audio from mic. Optional, but required to use recorder.

License Info
This app uses the following libraries:

The source code for the libraries used in this app can be found here:

Note: Patented formats including amr, 3gpp/3gp, m4a, & aac use system level codecs distributed with your device for audio streaming only. Codecs for these formats are not included in this app.


VSTStuff free audio-recorder | host by BelaDaddy Software

VSTStuff is a free audio recorder and host plugin developed by BelaDaddy Software. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Play and record audio files, load VST effect plugins and connect these to the VSTStuff audio player.

Supported audio file formats: Wave files and OggVorbis audio files.


Open and play audio files.

Load Windows 32-bit, VST 2 and VST 3 audio effect plugins.

Record streamed audio data.

Record vocals using microphone.

Record Wave and OggVorbis audio files.


VstSeq free sequencer by PQN Audio

VstSeq is a free sequencer stand alone application developed by PQN Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

VstSeq is a simple “piano roll” style pattern sequencer VSTi host actually designed to run as a plugin in Tuareg 2 but it also has a stand alone version.


  • Simple piano roll pattern sequencer:
    1 – 8 measures.
    2 – 32 steps per measure.
    30 – 303 BPM.
  • Loads multiple VSTi.
  • Save/Render as WAV.

VST Shell

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

VST Shell is a free host application developed by Wild Front Ear. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

VST Shell allows you to play up to 4 VST instruments through a matrix of up to 4 VST fx, and send the lot to Pro Tools (or whatever) via ReWire. It also has a built in arpeggiator (which can be synced to a ReWire host).

  • Supports note, controller, program change, aftertouch and pitchbend input via the OMS MIDI port of your choice.
  • Arpeggiator and external input.
  • Allows you to use VST instruments in Pro Tools.
  • MultiVST Shell is a four-part multitimbral version, with a number of other improvements, such as assignable MIDI input and audio output and a 4 way matrix of VST plug-ins.

{See video at top of page}

vPlayer 2

vPlayer 2 free host by Digital Brain Instruments

vPlayer 2 is a free host Stand Alone application developed by Digital Brain Instruments. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

vPlayer 2 is a standalone software developed for quick testing new vst/au instruments without the need to use any DAW.

But also for playing a quick loading jam session with your friends using your favourite instruments, playing up to 4 instruments at same time using 1 to 4 different MIDI keyboards.


  • Play up to 4 vst/au instruments
  • Load 1 vst/au effect plugin on each instrument output
  • Load and save plugin presets
  • Master EQ
  • Recording

Free Download. More info at Digital Brain Instruments website.

Made with Max/MSP for Pluggo


Usine free host by Sensomusic

Usine is a free host VST application developed by Sensomusic. Compatible OS(s): Windows.