Midi Song Starters free Edition (MIDI Construction Kit)

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Midi Song Starters free Edition (MIDI Construction Kit) is a free midi tracks plugin developed by Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

***** UPDATED to v1.2. *****.

What’s new?

* 1 more MIDI kit (28 more MIDI files)
* New kit contain more elements inside like rhythmic chords, chord fills
plus there are bonus MIDI files so number of possible combinations is much
higher (you can even make several tracks just from 1 pack). There are also
more variations.

Tempo information is removed from MIDI files which means same pack with 80 BPM
in the name can be used from ambient to DnB tracks and anything in between, it
will always stay same number of bars (project tempo will determine how fast is
played). That makes them widely usable.
You can pretty much ignore BPM info from pack name.
(Note: this applies to most DAWs, for others like MPC software read
documentation for workaround)

Please note that this are bonus kits, they are not included in full pack
Video demo: {See video at top of page}

***********v1.0 Info (most applies to new kits too) ***************************.

How versatile this free pack is you can check in demo track (for free pack) where only 1 construction kit is used for all 3 short compositions (without changing MIDI arrangement-just different instruments and drums). Theme of this pack is emotive and nostalgic compositions.

Contains 1 MIDI Construction Kit to jumpstart production projects. Consists of 6 MIDI files: -Single track MIDIs (8 bars length): bass (2 variations); melody (2 variations) which are actually chord arpeggios (polyphonic); and Main chord Progression.

-multitrack MIDI file, this file contains all other (for compatibility reasons).

Pack is BPM and key-labeled (120 BPM Fm). There is also provided information about chord progression, as kind of help if you want to record additional instruments (in form: I-VI-IV-V-III-VI-II-V for example)

MIDI Song Starters is a very useful tool for any producer who wants to add some emotions to their tracks, can be used for any kind of musical projects: Cinematic, Downtempo, Ambient, Chill Out, Hip Hop, Dubstep, R, Electronica and whatever style you are into.

Note: This pack contains MIDI files only. It is not GM compatible, it is intended for use in Digital Audio Workstations (Ableton, Reaper, FL Studio etc). Audio previews contain other elements such as drums/percussion which are not part of this pack. Also demo is just quick composition without any fx processing (not even eq) or balancing so it will probably sound very raw.

Please check this packs (affordable) bigger brother (with 5 more construction kits in various keys/BPM) @: http://www.boyss-sound-e-scapes.com/midi-song-starters

Audio Previews:

Free Pack (3 variations with same 1 kit):


Full Pack (5 kits): https://SoundCloud.com/boyssound-e-scapes/midi-song-starters-preview