Masters of the third dimension

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Masters of the third dimension is a free multi fx and eq and compressor and filter VST plugin developed by Innovative Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

A comprehensive package for 3-d image enhancement, Inc. multi-band compressors, .transient aware, harmonic enhanced dynamic pitch tracking E.Q.’s, etc as well as several other pitch tracking plugins .The packages comprise of many plugin-ins utilsing state of the art modeling techniques (i.e.random elements to, individual harmonics amplitude, and phase response), with full control of envelopes (pos+neg), etc. enabling.anything from subtle to extreme enhancement, from simple m.b.comp on master track, to complex arrangements involving multiple buses, all your mixes will benefit from added depth and clarity, there are no redundant plugins, each has its own sound and character.The free bundle consists of five depth enhancing processors (comp, m/b comp, eq, filters, and harmonic generator) as well as the free version of the encoder (‘In Code’)and decoder (‘D Brief Free’).


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