RhythmDelayFree free delay by D10Labo

RhythmDelayFree is a free delay VST plugin developed by D10Labo. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

RhythmDelayFree is a subset version of RhythmDelay. this is multi-tap delay, but it is an effector designed to create musical rhythms. Perfect for making minimal music.


  • 8 Multi-Tap Delay.
  • TIME(1ms – 12000ms).
  • Tempo SYNC.
  • FIXED LPF(like analog delay).
  • ON/OFF(Each Tap).


MGF Triple Tap

MGF Triple Tap free delay by MGF Audio

MGF Triple Tap is a free delay VST plugin developed by MGF Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

MGF Audio Triple Tap Delay VST.

Multi-tap delay effect with 3 taps. Each tap has an SVF filter and can be modulated by the two global LFOs with independent amounts. The taps are linked together by the ALG control, which gives an idea of the signal flow. SNAP dictates tempo sync or free time (the TIME knob). The tempo sync is measured in 1/16ths, so 16 = 1 bar. Feedback can be overloaded slightly for effect.

Windows 32-bit VST with a number of presets for you to jump into.

Made with SynthMaker


Bizzare Delay

Bizzare Delay free delay by 1st Creative Labs

Bizzare Delay is a free delay VST plugin developed by 1st Creative Labs. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Two plug-ins in one, the Bizzare Delay VST features a digital stereo delay unit as well as a saturating tape delay. Users have the ability to switch between each unit for each of the possible delay types, including; Ping Pong & Multitap with LP & HP filters, Pan, Wet/Dry & LFOs. The plug-in allows complete fine tuning to get the exact delay desired.

Developed by 1st Creative Labs in collaboration with Bizzare Contact.