Spectral Growl Wavetables for Xfer Serum

Spectral Growl Wavetables for Xfer Serum free soundbank by ARTFX STUDIOS

Spectral Growl Wavetables for Xfer Serum virtual instrument is a free sound bank for Serum, by ARTFX STUDIOS.

Thanks to Steve Duda and Xfer Records for creating this insane new softsynth called ‘Serum’. This pack is just a little gift from me, 15 free and customizable wavetables for this softsynth. The wavetables are aimed at making twisting bass and growl patches, so be careful since things can get quite nasty.

To use these wavetables you need to find your ‘Serum Presets’ folder where all your presets are stored. In this folder find the folder ‘Tables’ and then go to ‘User’, past the .WAV files in that folder and the next time you launch Serum you can select these wavetables in the main oscillators.

Have fun producing. Oh and if you make something with these feel free to send me it, I’m always interested in hearing these end results.


Single Cycle Wave Morpher

Single Cycle Wave Morpher free audio-editor | studio-tool by Ph D(J) Music

Single Cycle Wave Morpher is a free audio editor and studio tools plugin developed by Ph D(J) Music. Compatible OS(s): Windows .

Single Cycle Wave Morpher is a tool to create wavetables for use in VSTi synths that can import wavetables. It has the following features:

  • Ability to load or draw up to three wavetables and individually adjust the amount in the final wavetable.
  • Ability to load up to three wave files and mix amounts in the final wavetable.
  • Can save final wavetable waveform as a graphic file in bmp, png, jpeg, and tiff formats.
Made with SynthMaker


Serum FM Wavetable Studio

Serum FM Wavetable Studio free audio-editor | studio-tool by Glow Shrimp Software

Serum FM Wavetable Studio is a free audio editor and studio tools plugin developed by Glow Shrimp Software. Compatible OS(s): Windows .

This is a utility to generate wave tables for Xfer Records’ SERUM using FM synthesis (or, more properly,”phase modulation” synthesis).


Sektor Wavetable Pack

Sektor Wavetable Pack free soundbank by Sounds 2 Inspire

Sektor Wavetable Pack virtual instrument is a free sound bank for Sektor, by Sounds 2 Inspire.

Sektor Wavetable Pack is a Free wavetable expansion for Sektor Synthesizer, Sektor Wavetable Pack features a small collection of +150 wavetables, basic wavetables, morphing wavetables and LFO Modulation Shapes – use it within your Sektor Synthesizer and expand its possibilities… to endless.




Alchemy WaveGen

Alchemy WaveGen free audio-editor | studio-tool by Hans Bickel

Alchemy WaveGen is a free audio editor and studio tools plugin Alchemy developed by Hans Bickel. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS, Linux.

Alchemy WaveGen creates custom oscillator and LFO waveforms for the Camel Audio Alchemy plug-in.

It is a standalone Java application with a simple monophonic synthesizer built in, so you can hear what you are doing.

Alchemy WaveGen has a plug-in architecture; by now it comes with two plug-ins:

  • FM Generator is a simple FM synth with nine operators you can connect almost freely.
  • Audio File Reader allows users to extract waveforms from AIF or WAV files.

Additionally one can create new waveforms by mixing between 4 waveforms, one can filter waveforms with a highpass- and lowpass filter (or even a comb filter) and manipulate waveforms in some other ways.


105 Wavetables

105 Wavetables free soundbank by Oberheim 8000

105 Wavetables virtual instrument is a free sound bank for Serum and Falcon and Dune, by Oberheim 8000.

105 wavetables for Dune 2, UVI Falcon, Serum, Icarus and all wavetables synths which can load wavetables as wave files.