FREE87 free multi-fx | eq | compressor | limiter by eaReckon

FREE87 is a free multi fx and eq and compressor and limiter VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by eaReckon. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

The FREE87 series features four free VST effect plug-ins:

  • FR-COMP 87 (compressor + integrated 0dB brickwall limiter).
  • FR-GATE 87 (gate).
  • FR-EQUA 87 (1-band parametric equalizer).
  • FR-LIMIT 87 (brickwall limiter).

The FREE87 series is based on the upcoming ANALOG87 series which features a set of 5 high quality analog-style VST effects for Windows. Instead of just providing a limited demo of the ANALOG87 series, eaReckon is offering fully working free plug-ins using the same engine.

All you need to do to get these free plug-ins is to create a free user account at

Free Legacy Bundle

Free Legacy Bundle free multi-fx | panner | vu-meter | modulation | distortion by Sleepy-Time DSP

Free Legacy Bundle is a free multi fx and panner and vu meter and modulation and distortion VST plugin developed by Sleepy-Time DSP. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

This bundle contains all previously released plugins by Sleepy-Time Records. This includes MonoChannel, StereoChannel, Transient, DualPanner, Polarity, and Crosstalk v2.

Dead Duck Free Effects Bundle

Dead Duck Free Effects Bundle free stereo-imaging by Dead Duck Software

Dead Duck Free Effects Bundle is a free stereo imaging VST plugin developed by Dead Duck Software. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The Effects Bundle provides 25 original VST audio effect plugins covering everything from essential mixing tools such as EQ, compression and limiting to creative sound shaping tools such as delays, modulation effects and reverb:

  • AutoFilter.
  • AutoPan.
  • BitCrusher.
  • Channel.
  • Chorus.
  • Compressor.
  • DeEsser.
  • Delay.
  • DJEQ.
  • DualFilter.
  • Equaliser.
  • Expander.
  • Filter.
  • Flanger.
  • Gate.
  • Limiter.
  • MonoDelay.
  • Overdrive.
  • Phaser.
  • Reverb.
  • RingMod.
  • SigGen.
  • TiltEQ.
  • Tremolo.
  • Utility.

Available in VST 2.4 format for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

Bit FX Suite – 11 FX

Bit FX Suite - 11 FX free multi-fx | echo | delay | compressor | limiter | reverb | pitch-shifter | pitch-corrector | filter | chorus by DUBturbo

Bit FX Suite – 11 FX is a free multi fx and echo and delay and compressor and limiter and reverb and pitch shifter and pitch corrector and filter and chorus VST plugin developed by DUBturbo. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

ALL free.

Echo Delay | Compressor/Exp.

32 Band EQ | Pitch Shifter.

60 Band Experimental EQ.

Pitch Drifter/AutoTune.

Chorus Reverb | Filters.

Advanced Reverb & Delay.

**Note: PC – 32x only – free.

Some may be redundant to your existing effects portfolio however everyone will probably find at least a few things they can add with pride to their VST chains/racks in your daily production. LOW CPU hits, tweaked well, some experimental, all easy to use.

Grab ’em! >

Quick walkthrough > {See video at top of page}

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Analog Sound Collection LE

Analog Sound Collection LE free softsynth-preset by Musicrow

Analog Sound Collection LE is a free software synthesizer preset pack for Arp 2600V and Cs 80V and Jupiter 8V and Mini V and Prophet 5, made by Musicrow.

Analog Sound Collection LE, a free ‘slimmed-down’ demo version of the complete ‘Analog Sound Collection’ for Arturia synthesizers.

120 sounds are included (Compared to 1200 sound in the complete ‘Analog Sound Collection’), divided into 6 soundsets for Arturia synths:

  • 20 sounds for Modular V.
  • 20 sounds for Mini V.
  • 20 sounds for Jupiter V.
  • 20 sounds for Prophet V.
  • 20 sounds for Arp 2600 V.
  • 20 sounds for CS80 V.

All sounds were designed to take full advantage of the distinctive characteristics and features of each of these classic synth emulations, creating a diverse and colorful analog sound palette that is suitable for any music genre.

‘Analog Sound Collection LE’ is is available for free on Musicrow’s site.