Groove Pads – Make Beats and Mix Music

Groove Pads - Make Beats and Mix Music free sequencer by FSP Devs

Groove Pads – Make Beats and Mix Music is a free sequencer stand alone application developed by FSP Devs. Compatible OS(s): Android.

Make your own amazing music track. Take advantage of the great library of high quality sounds in different genres of music. Make beats, mix music and use studio quality effects. Record your performance or compose song from scratch.

Key Features:

  • 24 colorful pads.
  • make music by tapping pads.
  • use step sequencer to create unique beats.
  • 16 patterns for each of the pads with 16, 32 or 64 steps length.
  • high quality sound packs.
  • studio quality effects:
    • reverb.
    • flanger.
    • phaser.
    • low pass filter.
    • band pass filter.
    • high pass filter.
    • bitcrusher.
    • and more soon…
  • control effects by touching XY pad.
  • freeze XY parameters by ‘hold’ function.
  • 24 channel mixer: volume, panning, mute and solo for each of the pads.
  • reset mute or solo for all of the channels.
  • record your music track.
  • save and load your work at any time.
  • song mode – create your own unique song by drag and drop patterns.
  • favorite features at your fingertips – press and hold function button to change its mode.
  • high performance audio engine.
  • absolutely free.

Your thoughts, feedback and suggestions help us make our app the best it can be. Write us:
[email protected]


BeatWacker free sequencer by Buzzazi Gamebox

BeatWacker is a free sequencer stand alone application developed by Buzzazi Gamebox. Compatible OS(s): Android.

Analogue style drum machine with 16 synth voices.

Beat Wacker is a simple to use pocket sized beat making application, that has 16 analog-like synthesizers for its sound source. All the parameters of the synth voices are exposed for maximum flexibility and sound exploration. It’s perfect for minimalistic beat and loop production and provides one with tons of fun while creating those sick sounds.
And on top of everything, it can record unlimited High Quality audio.

BeatWacker is a free application.

16 step sequencer
16 separate synth voices
4 patterns per project – up-gradable to 16
Record high quality audio to .wav file
Tempo from 60 to 200 BPM
Select pattern length from 1 to 16 steps
Tempo, swing and length parameters are saved per project
3 analog style waveforms for the main oscillator – Sine, Square and Triangle
Noise generator
Frequency modulation Sine Wave oscillator
Low pass resonant filter.

13 per voice synth parameters:
# Trigger probability
# Volume
# Waveform selector
# Attack Time
# Decay Time
# Sustain Level
# Pitch of the main oscillator
# Envelope to pitch modulation amount
# Noise level – cross-fade with the main oscillator
# Cutoff frequency
# Resonance
# Pitch of the FM oscillator
# FM amount.

All parameters can be typed in
Randomize voice parameters
Copy voice
Copy pattern
Save and Load unlimited number of projects
Shift button for switching between patterns.

More features are coming up.