Ovalizer free software-synthesizer by Elcobit

Ovalizer is a free software synthesizer developed by Elcobit. Available format(s): VST for Windows 64b.

Ovalizer emulates digital glitch sounds known from damaged compact discs by automatically remixing layered micro loops synthesized from a live recorded audio source or by importing a WAV file.

The instrument does not require MIDI events to generate polyphone stereo drones. Adjustable pitch and other controls can be randomized with one button click.

Ovalizer is a reminiscence to the famous glitch sounds made popular by such artists as OVAL or AUTECHRE.



A-Delay free delay by MRA Development

A-Delay is a free delay plugin developed by MRA Development. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

A-Delay is a granular synthesis-based delay processing app, built with processing live audio input in mind – the live input coming into the iPhone or iPad either through the built-in microphone or through an input cable is processed in real-time.


  • Adjustable window size.
  • Pitch shifting.
  • Feedback delay.
  • Delay modulation.
  • Slider automation.