The Orb – Ear Trainer

The Orb - Ear Trainer free education by Purple Magic

The Orb – Ear Trainer is a free education plugin developed by Purple Magic. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

The Orb – Ear Trainer has been designed to streamline cumbersome and cluttered interfaces of existing ear training software to bring forth an app that not only takes the best out of what exists today but goes way beyond. It includes a pioneering interactive voice pitch recognition system that takes ear training process to the next level. The purpose of the app is to remove any distraction and mental effort and concentrate solely on hearing different intervals, and eventually singing them in as well.

On top of that, a multifunctional ear training assistant has been provided to help instantly transcribe your favourite melodies and much more.

Three Game Modes:

Touch Mode:

  • interval test interface where the user taps on the correct answer.
  • ascending, descending, simultaneous, and mixed modes.

Sing Mode:

  • interval test interface where the user Sings the correct answer.
  • ascending, descending ad mixed modes.
  • user friendly pitch detection algorithm.

Link Mode:

  • links Sing Mode and Touch Mode.

wo Ear Training Assistant Modes:

Pitch Recognition Live:

  • feedback of current note/interval on mic input.
  • set key.
  • select between interval and note display.

Customisable Ear Training Treadmill:

  • select intervals you would like to practice.
  • no time constraints.

Other features:

  • HD graphics.
  • particle animations, explosions and more.
  • user friendly level structure to incrementally increase your ability.
  • configurable pitch range settings.
  • two configurable difficulty settings.


SoundGym free education by SoundGym

SoundGym is a free education plugin developed by SoundGym. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

SoundGym is an online audio ear training platform for music producers and sound engineers.

It will train you to detect subtle sound nuances, enhance listening resolution, and help you get better sounding mixes and music productions.

While playing fun sound games, you will enhance crucial listening skills: frequency detection, compression, coloration, gain difference detection, spatial impression and much more.

Each game is focused on improving a specific skill, delivering a comprehensive and effective learning experience with results that you can measure.

SoundGym provides a personalized training experience that fits your current abilities, designed to help you achieve your goals.

Take a daily audio workout, track stats and progress, follow friends, compare scores with others, achieve goals, win awards and get special prizes.

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Mr. Soundman

Mr. Soundman free education by V-Plugs

Mr. Soundman is a free education plugin developed by V-Plugs. Compatible OS(s): Windows .

Mr. Soundman is a challenging free ear training game for music producers and sound engineers. Mr. Soundman is a powerful tool for assessing and improving frequency detection, a critical skill for mixing, recording and producing music. It also enables users to win excellence awards and prizes, and to participate in Mr. Soundman special competitions.

The Game
Mr. Soundman behaves a bit like an arcade game with an intuitive GUI, and rapidly increasing difficulty. The basic concept is simple: Mr. Soundman plays an audio source with a noticeable boost somewhere across the frequency range. The mission is to identify the boosted frequency.

The closer the answer is to the boosted frequency the more points the user gains. As the game progresses the ‘right answer range’ becomes narrower, so users have to provide more precise answers. The game starts with a wide ‘right answer range’ of 3 octaves, but only the best will get to the ¼ octave zone.

Prizes, Awards and Competitions
Depending on their score, users can win three excellence awards: the Bronze Ear, the Silver Ear and the Golden Ear award. Each of these awards grants a special prize. The ambitious user can also participate in Mr. Soundman’s special competitions that will be announced from time to time, and compete with colleagues and friends around the globe.

Mr. Soundman Premium
The premium version of Mr. Soundman gives an advanced ear training solution for those who want to take audio ear training a step forward. It offers more sound sources (and sound categories), focused training sessions, and even a hearing test. It also enable the user to load his own sounds, to build and manage his personal practice folder, and to work on and improve certain aspects of his listening skills.

Made with SynthMaker

Free Audio School

Free Audio School free education by SoundGym

Free Audio School is a free education plugin developed by SoundGym. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

SoundGym ‘Free Audio School‘ presents a technological, personalized and free audio learning environment.

Combining curated learning programs, practical audio ear training, and a supportive community, SoundGym now offers a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to learn music production and improve audio skills.

Free curated learning programs:
SoundGym presents complete programs curated from the best free online audio content. 5 free learning programs were assembled by sound experts and educators: “Recording & Audio Engineering”, “Electronic Music Production”, “Mix & Mastering”, “Synthesis & Sound Design” and “Live Sound”.

Practical audio ear training:
SoundGym accompanies learning with practical audio ear training. Using various audio games, members learn to detect subtle sound nuances, enhance listening resolution, and improve crucial listening skills such as frequency detection and compression.

Meet classmates:
SoundGym introduces an audio social network and a supportive community. Learners can ask for advice and get feedback from classmates, producers, and engineers.


EarMaster free education by EarMaster

EarMaster is a free education plugin developed by EarMaster. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS, iOS.

EarMaster is an app for ear training, sight-singing practice, rhythm training and core music theory on Windows, Mac and iOS. It enables musicians to train their skills in music theory, sight-singing, ear training and rhythm. It offers thousands of exercises for all levels that will train users to sight-read and sight-sing music, recognize intervals, chords, scales and melodies by ear, increase their rhythm and pitch precision, learn to transcribe music by ear, and learn the core concepts of music theory.

Users can sing their answers into the app and get instant feedback on their pitch and rhythm accuracy, tap rhythms live on the screen of their iPad, practice ear training or sight-reading with a MIDI piano or other MIDI instruments, learn to sing with solfege syllables, check their stats to pinpoint areas that demand more training, do interactive dictations with all-time Jazz classics, and more.

EarMaster is for musicians and music students of all skill levels, and is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese (Simplified).