Doffset free dc-offset by Wire Grind

Doffset is a free dc offset VST, VST3 plugin developed by Wire Grind. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

Doffset is a free software plugin effect. It is a lightweight tool that corrects DC offset in a signal.

Audio signals often contain DC offset. DC offset is often not easy to recognize when using an audio editor. Offset correction can reduce the magnitude of a signal while maintaining the loudness. This is a potentially useful trick when mastering a track or when fighting in the loudness wars.

Doffset is specially designed to both minimize any coloration to the signal and at the same time respond quickly to any DC offset present in the signal. It offers three modes of operation, each giving a slightly different trade-off between bass response and zero DC convergence time.

DC Terminator

DC Terminator free dc-offset by Starplugs

DC Terminator is a free dc offset VST plugin developed by Starplugs. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

DC Terminator provides DC/SUBSONIC analysis and elimination in realtime.

DC or subsonic frequencies cause a muddy and distorted bass perception. DC influences the results of dynamics and filters in a negative way and subsonic frequencies make the speaker compatibility of your mix impossible. This plug-in enables you to terminate DC and subsonic frequencies while processing single tracks or mastering your music.


  • DC/SUBSONIC analysis in realtime.
  • DC/SUBSONIC eliminating in realtime.
  • DC- or SUBSONIC- level in percent.
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