Synth1 Free Software Synthesizer VST by Daichi Lab

Synth1 is an extremely popular free software synthesizer modelled after the Clavia Nord Lead 2, developed by Daichi Laboratory. Available in VST and Audio Unit for Windows and macOS

This is the most downloaded softsynth in the world.

  • 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, modulation envelope.
  • 2 LFOs.
  • 4 types of filters, distortion.
  • Arpeggiator
  • Tempo delay, stereo chorus/flanger.
  • Legato mode, portamento.
  • 16 notes polyphony.

128 presets are included.
Optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions, etc.
Find various free presets on

Zombie Killah

Zombie Killah free software-synthesizer by Sonic Entropy

Zombie Killah is a free software synthesizer developed by Sonic Entropy. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Zombie Killah 2 is a lead synth for use in Drum’n’Bass, Breakbeat, Dubstep and Jungle music.

Main Features:

  • 2 detuned oscillators.
  • 1 sub bass oscillator.
  • Easy and quick modulation controls.
  • One-Knob Adjustable Frequency Modulation.
  • One-Knob Adjustable Amplitude Modulation.
  • Double-Knob Adjustable Pulse Width Modulation.
  • Vibrato and Tremolo.
  • 3-way filtering.
  • Host-synced BPM LFO Speeds.
  • All parameters automatable, but an assignable MIDI CC for LFO Speed is available if needed.
  • Chorus effect for stereo widening.
  • 10 Factory Presets to get you started.
  • No distortion, filters, delay or reverb on master output for crystal clear signal.
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YALA free compressor by Analog Obsession

YALA is a free compressor VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Analog Obsession. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Yet Another Limiting Amplifier!

Burn it with YALA! Famous Vari-Mu Limiting Amplifier in your DAW! Add shine to your mixes. Level vocals and basses especially but it’s good for all purposes! Even without compressor use it as line amp or summing amp.

True Component & Circuit Modeling

Re-drawing and designing original circuit carefully and emulated original fingerprint of gear with our technology. Carefully designed transformers and tubes. Fully emulated vari-mu limiting amplifier.

Supported Plug-in Formats

AU – VST2 (Win/OSX).

Supported Operating Systems
Mac OS X 10.7 through 10.14
Windows 7 through 10
Any VST/AU-compatible host running on a supported operating system.

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended).

Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended).

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM.

Xhip Synthesizer

Xhip Synthesizer free software-synthesizer by aciddose

Xhip Synthesizer is a free software synthesizer developed by aciddose. Available format(s): VST, Audio Unit for Windows 64b, macOS.

Xhip Synthesizer allows you to produce high quality dual-oscillator polyphonic synthesizer sounds, similar to classic poly synthesizers of the late 80s. Strings, synth pads, basses, leads, organs, pianos, percussion, bells, vocals, sound effects and more are demonstrated in the factory banks also freely available for download.

Factory banks and a manual can be downloaded separately from the Xhip Synthesizer page. Please read the manual for the current version if you have not yet read it as it contains an important “getting started” chapter and lots of helpful documentation for non-obvious features.


  • Re-sizable GUI.
  • Two oscillators, filters, envelopes and LFOs.
  • Oscillator sync and X-mod (FM).
  • Both oscillator (super-saw) and voice level unison.
  • PCM (samples) as oscillator waveform with looping and anti-aliasing.
  • Ring-mod, audio-rate filter modulation and saturation.
  • Per-voice wave-shaping (distortion).
  • Sample-accurate modulation.
  • Ability to route MIDI inputs to parameters.
  • Embedded effects.
  • Detailed PDF format manual.

Xhip was featured in One-Synth-Challenge #85. OSC-85-Xhip


Xhip has an account at soundcloud with example audio clips available.


X-Tube free overdrive | saturation by Xenium Audio

X-Tube is a free overdrive and saturation VST plugin developed by Xenium Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

X-Tube is a Microsoft Windows VST plugin that simulates tube amplifier saturation effect. VST plugin can be used in Microsoft Windows 32/64-bit (XP SP2 or later, Windows 7) OS with any VST DAW.


  • Type of vacuum tube for simulation – 12AX7.
  • Mono, Stereo, Quadro and 5.1 audio track support.
  • 64-bit floating point processing.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Zero latency processing.
  • Works with any samplerate and blocksize.
  • 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x oversampling mode.
  • IIR-type 3 Band equalizer with ±12dB range.
  • Separate adjustment of drive and bias.


  • 12 Factory presets.
  • 8 User presets.

System requirements:

  • 1.2GHz CPU or higher.
  • 512MB RAM or higher.
  • Platform: Windows [32-bit, 64-bit].

X-Jupitae Wide-Boy

X-Jupitae Wide-Boy free software-synthesizer by CK_Modules

X-Jupitae Wide-Boy is a free software synthesizer developed by CK_Modules. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

X-Jupitae Wide-Boy synthesiser features:

  • 3x Enhanced Dual voice Multi-Mode ‘Flexi’ oscillators with extended harmonics (512).
  • Dual multi-mode filters – Serial or Parallel.
  • 4x Graphic 32 stage envelopes.
  • Ribbon and XY Pad controllers.
  • Very flexible modulation options.
  • 28 note polyphony, Mono mode.
  • Interactive pattern arpeggiator.
  • Full Multi-FX section: Gate, Compressor, 5 Band Eq, Degrader, Distortion, Ensemble, Auto Panner, Stereo Image, 4v Chorus, 5 Tap Delay/Echo, True Stereo Reverb.
  • Large GUI providing quick and easy access to all Synth functions.
  • Activation Keycode can be found on the CK_Modules&VST Forum page.
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X*ONE free software-synthesizer by Alterex

X*ONE is a free software synthesizer developed by Alterex. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

X*ONE is a virtual monophonic synthesizer with one oscillator, one modulator, and one 12dB lowpass filter. Although the design is similar to Alterex’s ViCON the sound of this module is described as “phatter”. This basic unit has some tricks up its sleeve and is one of the core parts of Alterex’s X*PAND VSTi – that will be released next year.


  • Modulator: low frequency oscillator and envelope generator (tempo synced).
  • Oscillator: saw, square waveform and manual pulse width control.
  • Filter: 12 dB lowpass filter with dedicated envelope modulator.
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WTComp free compressor by Plektron

WTComp is a free compressor VST plugin developed by Plektron. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

WTComp is an analogue tube compressor. It distinguishes itself from a common compressor due to its simple use. The only thing you have to do is to set the warm-level (compression) instead of going crazy with dozens of parameters.

WTComp is based on the parallel compression technique that maximize the output signal rather than destroy the sound’s dynamic. The tube simulation makes the sound warm and loads without distortion, processing a “fat” wave without square peaks.

The advanced internal structure includes an intelligent audio-clip system.

It is deal for mastering and use on single tracks.

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Wollo Drone

Wollo Drone free software-synthesizer by Erik Wollo

Wollo Drone is a free software synthesizer developed by Erik Wollo. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Wollo Drone is a virtual analog synthesizer which combines analog style sounds with onboard effect processors.


  • 32 voice polyphony.
  • 2 oscillators in each voice.
  • 5 different oscillator waveforms with pulse-width and sync.
  • 4 different resonant filters.
  • LFOs with 8 different waveforms.
  • Envelopes for Osc1 & Osc2.
  • Portamento.
  • Mono Mode.
  • Flanger with build in moog filter.
  • 2 mono delays.
  • Stereo Reverb.
  • Animated keyboard for easy playing the synth with your mouse.
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WNM-1 free software-synthesizer by KlangLabs

WNM-1 is a free software synthesizer developed by KlangLabs. Available format(s): VST for Windows.


  • Three independent modules.
  • Six oscillators on each module, first five are modulators and can be routed to other oscillators.
  • Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, w-noise and p-noise waveforms to choose from.
  • Freq, Pulse Width and Modulation depth for each oscillator.
  • ADSR envelopes for each module.
  • Multi outs.
  • Patch Bank.
  • MIDI Automation.
  • Oscillators routing.
  • Pitch tracking.
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