Vintager Toy

Vintager Toy free distortion by Solcito Música

Vintager Toy is a free distortion VST plugin developed by Solcito Música. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

As its name suggests, Vintager Toy is a “toy” that modifies the sound to make it old and/or vintage. The processes are trying to recreate the characteristics of the sound that is heard in the sound systems of the past.

It can be used as:

  • an “aging” mastering effect for a mix.
  • a single track effect to give warmth vintage to instrument, drum or voice.


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VASP free rompler by Greynote Music

VASP is a free rompler VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Greynote Music. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

***Now free without social share requirement. Payments are optional***.

VASP is a collection of real vintage analog synth samples wrapped in a straightforward plugin interface. VASP is available for both Mac and PC. Compatible with any software supporting AU and VST formats such as Logic Pro, Fruityloops, Ableton Live, Maschine etc.

VASP was created with the intention to allow anyone to experience the use of real vintage analog synth tones in their modern setup.

VASP does not feature any digital filter or modulation effects. Instead, the samples feature the original real analog filters and chorus effects recorded straight from a vintage analog synthesizer. All samples are originally programmed and recorded by Greynote Music.

In addition, the samples are fully multi-sampled. This means each note has been sampled individually. To achieve even more realism, a round robin playback engine has been added as well.

VASP comes with a gain, attack and release control and poly/mono/legato playback modes.

Free Download (2 packages) :

VASP Mac AU Version:

VASP Win VST 64-bit Version:

Want more sounds? Check out Sound Pack 1:

Sweetcase Electric Piano

Sweetcase Electric Piano free rompler by NoiseAsh

Sweetcase Electric Piano is a free rompler VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by NoiseAsh. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Sweetcase is a virtual instrument plug-in that takes your electric piano parts very easy level and realistic right in your computer, with warm and professional sound quality.

Core Specifications:

  • Warm, shiny realistic and customisable professional vintage electric piano sound with nice special 3D GUI.
  • Like most of NoiseAsh Audio products, this is a Ready to mix instrument. That means your e-piano tracks won’t need to be tweaked hard for modern analog vibe. It can be used in any kind of music that needs piano / electric piano tracks.
  • All samples were recorded, mixed / mastered through classic analog gears such as tape saturator, tube eq and compressors.
  • Many round robins and different velocity layers for realistic sound.
  • Bass Boost, Bell, Modulation (Pan, Tremolo and Pitch), Built in Reverb controls.

{See video at top of page}


FourQ free eq by Calgar C Instruments

FourQ is a free equalizer VST plugin developed by Calgar C Instruments. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

FourQ is a Vintage style 4 band EQ, with a modern look.


  • 4 Band EQ with gain, frequency and Q controls all over.
  • High Pass/Low Pass on the low and high bands.

Cyclone – Vintage Sampler Emulator

Cyclone - Vintage Sampler Emulator free software-synthesizer by Sonic Charge

Cyclone – Vintage Sampler Emulator is a free software synthesizer developed by Sonic Charge. Available format(s): VST, Audio Unit for Windows 64b, macOS.

Cyclone is a clone of a machine that runs Typhoon: a complete TX16W software emulator in VST and Audio Unit formats.

Cyclone is a true low-level hardware emulator. It simulates all the important circuits of the Yamaha TX16W, including the main 68000 CPU, the proprietary Yamaha DSP circuits, the 12-bit sample memory and the 400kHz non-linear DACs. Cyclone not only looks like a real TX16W, it sounds like a real TX16W and it runs the exact same software as a real TX16W.

That last sentence is worth elaborating on. Sonic Charge have not merely created a new virtual instrument with a vintage sound, neither is Cyclone an updated version of Typhoon. Cyclone features a full 68000 emulator that runs the exact same version of Typhoon that was released 14 years ago. This implies that using Cyclone will require a bit more effort than your average modern virtual instrument. But this can also be a very rewarding experience. Regard Cyclone as a time travel portal to an era from the past. The era of the monster dinosaur samplers.

Audio Impurities – Vintage Edition

Audio Impurities - Vintage Edition free distortion by Retro Sampling

Audio Impurities – Vintage Edition is a free distortion VST plugin developed by Retro Sampling. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Audio Impurities – Vintage Edition adds hiss and noise from old vintage studio hardware.

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Audio Impurities

Audio Impurities free vinyl-emulator by Retro Sampling

Audio Impurities is a free vinyl emulator VST plugin developed by Retro Sampling. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Audio Impurities adds real noise-floor and good vinyl hiss.

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