XO Wave

XO Wave free audio-editor | sequencer | daw by XO Audio

XO Wave is a free audio editor and sequencer and DAW plugin developed by XO Audio. Compatible OS(s): macOS, Linux.

XO Wave is a digital audio workstation designed to meet the needs of audio and video professionals, with a focus on CD Mastering and audio for video related work. It has support for direct recording from any core-audio device, importing and exporting files in a variety of formats (including songs from iTunes playlists), CD Burning, multi-track editing, and QuickTime synchronization and export.

XO Wave Open on Linux is free. XO Wave on Mac OS X comes in two versions: Free and Pro. Pro adds features such as AU support and CD burns.

A comparison of the available versions is available here.



X30 free overdrive | saturation by TSE AUDIO

X30 is a free overdrive and saturation VST plugin developed by TSE AUDIO. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

X30 is a High-Gain Guitar Amplifier plug-in based on the Engl 530 preamp. It’s well suited for high gain metal type stuff, but can do a really nice crunch and a cutting dirty clean if you back off the gain. It has really responsive input dynamics and responds nicely to volume and tone knob adjustments on your guitar. It can do more than just metal.


  • 4X (internal) oversampling.
  • Stereo / Dual mode.
  • 2 channels crunch / lead.
  • 4 band EQ / Tonestack.
  • DSP / Programming by onQel :: GUI made by DaWolf.
  • “Standard” + SSE2 versions.



Whamdrive free overdrive | saturation by audiorammer

Whamdrive is a free overdrive and saturation VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by audiorammer. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Whamdrive, the fourth plug-in in AuraPlug’s Freetortion Series, is a VST plug-in to shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal. It allows you to pitch an incoming audio stream in realtime with an external MIDI foot controller or with the GUI controls. Whamdrive features 14 different pitch modes. The effect also includes a distortion unit with cabinet simulation. It has a special equalization method (uses only one knob) which gives you wide, strong, EQ control.


  • Stompbox design.
  • Real-time, low latency processing for live performances.
  • Pitch Shifter unit with 14 different pitch modes.
  • Distortion unit with cabinet simulation.
  • Tone control.
  • All parameters are MIDI controllable.
  • Easy to use.


Wave changer 3

Wave changer 3 free overdrive | saturation by Bojo

Wave changer 3 is a free overdrive and saturation VST plugin developed by Bojo. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Wave changer 3 replaces your sound waves with simple waveforms. It distorts the sound in unusual ways, ranging from weird to horrible.


Wagner Sharp

Wagner Sharp free overdrive | saturation by Nick Crow Lab

Wagner Sharp is a free overdrive and saturation VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Nick Crow Lab. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Nick Crow Lab Wagner Sharp – tube guitar preamp emulation plug-in for Windows (VST 32 and 64-bit) and Mac OS X (VST and AU 32 and 64-bit).

Wagner Sharp features:

  • 64-bit floating point processing.
  • All sample rates support.
  • Two channels (stereo mode to be able to handle double tracks). Each channel is activated when there is a signal at its input, which saves CPU resources.
  • Up to 64x oversampling (depends on the host sample rate).



VSTStuff free audio-recorder | host by BelaDaddy Software

VSTStuff is a free audio recorder and host plugin developed by BelaDaddy Software. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Play and record audio files, load VST effect plugins and connect these to the VSTStuff audio player.

Supported audio file formats: Wave files and OggVorbis audio files.


Open and play audio files.

Load Windows 32-bit, VST 2 and VST 3 audio effect plugins.

Record streamed audio data.

Record vocals using microphone.

Record Wave and OggVorbis audio files.


VST interfaced ASIO-Host

VST interfaced ASIO-Host free routing by Christian Budde

VST interfaced ASIO-Host is a free routing VST plugin developed by Christian Budde. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

VST interfaced ASIO-Host is an ASIO-Host compiled as VST plug-in. It allows you to use an external device via ASIO through the VST plug-in interface.


  • Open source.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Manual included.


VST -> Winamp Bridge

VST -> Winamp Bridge free routing by Smart Electronix

VST -> Winamp Bridge is a free routing VST plugin developed by Smart Electronix. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

by dmi of Smart Electronix.

VST -> Winamp Bridge consists of a pair of plug-ins that allow you to control Winamp’s playback from your VST host. The playback position of your host is sent to Winamp so when you press play in your host, Winamp should start playing. If your transport is at 30 seconds in your host when you press play, then Winamp should start playing at 30 seconds into the current track.

VST -> Winamp Bridge consists of two plug-in:

  1. VWBvst.dll is a VST plugin that goes in your vstplugins folder.
  2. gen_VWB.dll is a Winamp plugin that goes in your Winamp plugins folder.



UniWire free routing by Muse Research

UniWire is a free routing VST, Audio Unit, RTAS, DirectX plugin developed by Muse Research. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS, Linux.

UniWire allows you to connect your Receptor hardware plug-in player directly to your laptop or desktop computer using only a single Ethernet cable, and get complete integration of MIDI, audio, and remote control data to and from the Receptor.



UHG2Amp free amp-simulator by EXE Consulting

UHG2Amp is a free amp simulator VST, VST3 plugin developed by EXE Consulting. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

64-bit ultra-high-gain guitar amp simulator for Windows. Please see YouTube channel for EXE Consulting for introductory video. Please see SoundCloud for EXE Consulting for songs that employ this amp simulator. VST2/VST3 again.

V0030 adds R122 MKII microphone and GuitaRF filter (GRF) plus re-recordings of all cabs (Session 2). V0030 includes fix of James tonestack echo problem.