Zploger for Audio

Zploger for Audio free file-manager by Parking B

Zploger for Audio is a free file manager plugin developed by Parking B. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS, Linux.

Zploger is a software primarily thought as an audio files organizing and archiving software. It comes in two flavours: for audio files and for guitar tabs. The main idea behind the tool is to provide a fast and flexible tag-based search, and to provide a navigate-through-files system.



Zen free file-manager by BigTick

Zen is a free file manager VST plugin developed by BigTick. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Zen is a Universal Presets Manager: It loads in any host as a VST instrument, and acts as a loader for other VSTis. So with Zen, you can search for “Rhodes piano” and get a list of all matching presets – regardless of the final VSTi (Rhino, Zebra, Absynth… whatever). When you select one of the presets in Zen, the corresponding VSTi is automatically loaded to play the requested preset.

Many popular VSTis are supported, and new ones are added daily. Eventually Zen aims to categorize all available presets, for all VSTis.

Zen is online
It constantly synchronizes its own local database of presets with a master online database hosted at www.bigtickaudio.com – users get new presets daily, delivered right into their sequencer, already categorized.

Zen for commercial presets designers
Commercial presets designers can use Zen to send demo versions of their presets to all potential customers. Users can preview the presets in Zen, directly in the context of their track, and buy the presets they like with just one click. Presets can be bought individually, as opposed to purchasing a full bank of presets.



vosyr free file-manager by frederikson labs

vosyr is a free file manager plugin developed by frederikson labs. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

vosyr – the free volca sample manager. Manage, organize and preview samples & sequences and transfer it to the volca sample via its “SYNC-IN” input.


  • Manage 100 samples at a glance.
  • Add WAV and AIFF files.
  • Preview sequences in realtime.
  • Edit part parameters.
  • Create patterns.
  • Create motion data for parameters.
  • View waveform with start and length.
  • Factory reset your volca sample.
  • Transfer samples and sequences.


Universal Patch Finder

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Universal Patch Finder is a free file manager VST plugin developed by Hypercube Softwares. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

This software allow you to index any kind of patch (Kontakt, REX, WAV, AIFF) from your favorite audio libraries.


  • Spectrogram display for REX, WAV and AIFF.
  • Wallpaper editor with 3 layers and shadow masking.
  • 20 tags to organize your libraries.
  • Audio preview of REX, WAV and AIFF.
  • Preview in sync with your VST Host.
  • MIDI Triggering for audio preview.
  • Can run in standalone or VST.
  • Extract Geist patterns from any REX file.
  • Available in 64-bits and 32-bits.
  • Complete tagging system for patches.
  • Popular tag databases import: STEAM, Alchemy, Mediabay, Kontakt.
  • Auto-tagging Plugins in C# scripts, .NET assemblies or native DLL.


Resonic Player

Resonic Player free file-manager by Liqube Audio

Resonic Player is a free file manager plugin developed by Liqube Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows .

Resonic is an ultra-fast audio and music player / directory player / sample browser for the Windows operating system, built around a big waveform view.

Resonic plays sounds, samples, and music files out of your existing folders. It’s built to be fast, reliable, and powerful. It does what it is supposed to do, without the bloat, and with exceptional usability.

Resonic is extremely handy for wading through large numbers of audio files. It can be used and understood by anyone, but it also comes with features appreciated by advanced users, audio professionals, and music producers.

The big waveform seek bar, the clean and clutter-free user interface, and fast file and folder navigation are just some of its essentials. Every important part of the application is optimized for speed and usability.

There are two flavors:

  • Resonic Player is the bread & butter version and might even become your audio player of choice. It is completely free for non-commercial and non-profit use.
  • Resonic Pro is a powerful creativity tool, introducing workflow-improving and unique features for advanced users and audio professionals alike.

Visit the official website for downloads.



Loopcloud free file-manager by Loopmasters

Loopcloud is a free file manager Stand Alone, VST, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by Loopmasters. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Loopcloud is a cloud-connected application for browsing, streaming and importing your samples, loops and sounds effortlessly into your DAW, powered by Loopmasters. Features include the following:

Audition Millions of Sounds

Loopcloud lets you audition the award-winning Loopmasters catalogue in your DAW, in perfect sync with your projects, for free! Now you can preview millions of sounds made by the world’s top artists – whether you own them or not – straight from the cloud. Only pay for what you need when you’re ready to commit and drag directly into your project.

Buy Individual Samples, Selections or Whole Packs

The world of music is changing, and so is Loopmasters. Loopcloud makes it possible to buy just the individual samples you’ve auditioned, as well as full packs or folders of sounds. You can now preview sounds right inside the app – no need to open a browser or download and unzip.

Add Your Own Sounds

Loopcloud supercharges your sample library. Combine the power of Loopcloud’s tagging, previewing, audio warping and DAW integration with your own local sample collection.

Loopcloud will automatically analyze your imported samples and add important tags like Content-Type, Instrument, BPM, and Key. You can customize and add your own tags to personalize Loopcloud to your way of working.

Now any sound you own can be auditioned in time and in key with your project, no matter which DAW you use.

Auto Keymatch and Tagging

With impressive tagging and navigation features, Loopcloud makes it even easier to find the sounds you’re looking for. With the Auto Keymatch function, any sample can be automatically transposed, making it fit your host project whatever its original key.

Easy DAW Integration

Loopcloud connects to your DAW automatically, updates on its own and works fast. Loopcloud is intuitive, inspirational and speeds up your workflow.

Free Sounds for Everyone

Every week, each user gets a healthy dose of track-making material added to their collection, just by launching Loopcloud.

Pricing and Availability

No subscription required – individual sounds, folders, and packs are purchased with credits. All users will be given 500 free credits to get started.

New and existing users can download Loopcloud for free from loopcloud.net.



Loopbazaar free file-manager by Beatcraft

Loopbazaar is a free file manager Stand Alone, VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by Beatcraft. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Loopbazaar is a cloud based “loop browser” plugin that lets you audition and find thousands of royalty free loops and samples from various labels and producers.

You can search for loops/ samples by search term, key, genre, BPM, style etc. The loops can be synced to your DAW tempo and tested before you buy, you can also buy Loop and Sample Packs directly from this plugin, without ever leaving you DAW and workflow.

Some amazing content is already up, we’ve got packs and loops/sounds from Black Octopus, Sampletools, Triad sounds, Diginoize, Elevate Audio, Highlife Samples, and many talented individual producers.

Free Plugin Download: sounds.loopbazaar.com

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JBM Zoundle

JBM Zoundle free file-manager by JoBroMedia

JBM Zoundle is a free file manager Stand Alone, VST plugin developed by JoBroMedia. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Finding samples ain’t easy. This tool makes it a bit easier. Zoundle is a tool that takes the search of samples on freesound.org straight into your DAW.

It lets you search in simple mode, but it also let you go down and deep into the search process and specify things such as:

  • Bit rate.
  • Bit depth.
  • Sample rate.
  • File format.
  • Channels.
  • and more…

It lets you list files regards to:

  • Downloads.
  • Rating.
  • Creation date.
  • and more…

It lets you search in:

  • Username.
  • Filename.
  • Tag.
  • Geotag.
  • Filename.
  • Description.
  • and more…

This plugin comes with 100 different presets covering several search methods.

Once the search parameters has been specified, the plugin launches the search in your Internet browser with your specified parameters.


Made with SynthMaker


ADSR Sample Manager

ADSR Sample Manager free file-manager by ADSR

ADSR Sample Manager is a free file manager Stand Alone, VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by ADSR. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

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A Smart Sample Management Tool For Your DAW.

ADSR Sample Manager makes your entire sample library searchable and audible directly in your DAW with smart and custom tags. Preview any sample in your library in the context of your track using MIDI or drag audio directly to your project. Standalone and plug-in now included.

The optimal starting point for every production session, ADSR Sample Manager makes organizing, finding and auditioning samples refreshingly simple.

The most effective way to access all your samples at once, ADSR Sample Manager keeps your project in the flow work in standalone or keep all the action right in your DAW:

  • Automatically tags all your samples in a flash.
  • All your samples searchable in an instant.
  • Standalone or VST/AU.
  • Hear samples in the context of your music with MIDI input.
  • Drag samples directly into your project.
  • Key detection and transpose to key.
  • Use multiple instances directly in your project.
  • Loops sync to your project tempo.
  • Trim sample start and end points.
  • Play samples forward, revers or ping pong.
  • Save your favourite sounds and searches.
  • Use with services like Splice, Noiiz and Loopcloud.
  • Instant inspiration with the random button.
  • Unlock your sample library and find the perfect sound.

Ever gotten half way through a track and wished you’d tried a different sound? Do you feel like half your production time is lost to sorting through sample folders and files? Do you even really know what sounds you actually have in your current sample library?

Forget empty promises made at midnight that one day you’re going to clean up your hard drive. Download ADSR Sample Manager – it’s free and it works.