slix free sampler | slicer by de la Mancha

slix is a free sampler and slicer VST plugin developed by de la Mancha. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

slix is a multi-loop slicer that uses randomisation to switch between up to 4 different loops, each with their own randomised re-order, repeat, reverse and gating effects. All of this is in tempo-sync with your host and can be great for anything from full-on glitchy beat-mongering to subtle variations.

slix also comes with 295 original drum loops by sink, covering breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, electro, 8 bit, lofi, vintage, IDM, FSU and glitch, demonstrated in 57 presets. You can of course load your own wavs (16-, 24- or 32-bit, mono or stereo).


  • Load any 16-, 24- or 32-bit, mono or stereo wav file into the 4 loop slots.
  • 445 MB of original drum loop content (295 loops) by sink covering many electronic genres (breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, electro, 8 bit, lofi, vintage, IDM, FSU and glitch).
  • Tempo-sync each loop by setting length in beats, allowing stretching or different lengths if desired.
  • Choose any number of slices per loop.
  • Slix plays when triggered by any MIDI note, with volume envelope per loop for fades.
  • 4 effects with independent parameters per loop:
    • Reorder – plays slices out of sequence for variation per loop.
    • Repeat – stutter effect by repeating slices.
    • Reverse – play the slice backwards.
    • Gate – add silent gaps into the loop.
  • Variation range to randomise probabilities.
  • Normalise and mono options per loop.
  • Stereo-out and Multi-out versions (slix and slix 4×4).
  • Single loop version (slix one) for simpler applications or lower CPU.
  • 57 presets covering a range of sounds and styles.
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Sample Stutterer

Sample Stutterer free sampler | slicer by Glanfield Software Solutions

Sample Stutterer is a free sampler and slicer VST plugin developed by Glanfield Software Solutions. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Sample Stutterer is a VSTi sample slicer / chopper / rearranger. It loads WAV files and uses ANY MIDI note to trigger the audio playback (playback continues as long as the note is held).

It includes Chunk and Gap size controls, plus Pitch, Gain and Displacement, all which are interpolated (except Displacement). Stutterer also features a reverse option plus a randomizer.


ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Re-Psycho! is a free slicer and pitch shifter and looper VST, Audio Unit developed by mda. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Drum loop pitch changer – Roughly slices the incoming audio and changes the playback speed of the slices.


Pseudograins free glitch | granulizer | slicer by Subminimal

Pseudograins is a free glitch and granulizer and slicer VST plugin developed by Subminimal. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

General Features:

  • Loads WAV files.
  • Supports MIDI CCs.
  • Syncs to tempo.

Pseudograins is composed of 4 main components:

Main Loop:

  • Forward/Reverse main loop sample playback.
  • Slices – The number of divisions in the main loop. Each of these slices are represented in the sequencer.
  • ADSR [enable/disable] – sends each slice thru an envelope.
  • Speed Control [min/max] – controls the speed at which the main slices are played back. Negative values cause playback of main slices to reverse.

Sub Loop:

It works just as above with the exception that it processes individual slices generated in the main loop. Setting a high sub slice value will cause a pseudo granular effect, as you are dividing a single slice into an a much smaller looping sub slice. You can use it to maintain pitch, but timestretch the hell out of a sample. Larger sub slice values can be used to create stutters or general repetitions here and there.


The sequencer is HEX based (0-9,A-F) – you can arrange these slices in any order you want. You can juggle a drum loop, chop a vocal into prefuse 73 stutters. The sync mode and quantize will further effect how the sequencer steps thru the main loop slices.

There are 4 sequence lanes label A-D. You can trigger these live to switch sequences during playback.

[Sequencer Sync Modes]:

  1. None – As soon as a slice is played, it moves to the next position in the sequencer. It will return to the beginning once all steps in the text string are exhausted.
  2. FreeRun – You are synced to host tempo, but it plays thru the list, returning to the beginning once all steps are exhausted.
  3. Locked – GlitchBitch is synced to host tempo, the number of step played is based on the Quantize (below).
  4. Quantize – determines the number of steps when syncing to host using FreeRun/Locked.
    8 – will play 8 steps, synced to 1/8ths in the host.
    16 – will play 16 steps, synced to 1/16ths in the host.
    32 – will play 32 steps, synced to 1/32nds in the host.
    64 – will play 64 steps, synced to 1/64ths in the host.


Snapshots are used to recall all parameter settings instantly. This is how you begin making things a bit more musical, as you can switch parameters instantly to focus on different sounds.


Musolomo free sampler | slicer by plasq

Musolomo is a free sampler and slicer Audio Unit plugin developed by plasq. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

Musolomo is a “revolutionary” free sampler instrument designed for live use.

With Ultra streamlined sampling and playback work flow, you can sample, play and manipulate, all from your MIDI keyboard. Free yourself from the visual tie of the computer screen and mouse clicks. Look at your band members and the audience instead.

Key Features:

  • Sample, copy, and erase without the need to look at a computer screen.
  • Peripheral vision feedback design (the flashing border).
  • Record and play sync before and after play and record.
  • Revolutionary Digi Skip technology, allowing time-jumping.
  • Speedster inspired technology for timestretching to host tempo, re-pitching.
  • Legato, Bo, Scratchet, tape speed and (the cool) Freeze.
  • Autolooper allowing very easy on-the-fly loop making.
  • Play through modes great for ‘break-downs’.
  • Handy in-built help screen.
  • MIDI-assignable.

Moody Sampler

Moody Sampler free slicer by Soundslates

Moody Sampler is a free slicer VST, VST3, Audio Unit developed by Soundslates. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Moody is a versatile and easy to use sample player, integrated to the Soundslates collaboration platform.

The plugin features the ability to interact with the cloud in order to upload and download data such as instruments, presets files and various meta-data.

The Moody sampler also offers community features, such as sharing instruments with contacts or the entire community.

Being connected to the Soundslates web server, the Moody sampler is able to restore the user’s instruments library and meta data when used on multiple workstation.

Features Overview

Sample manipulation:

  • Soundfont import: sfz.
  • Audio files import: .wav; mp3, ogg, flac.
  • Import via drag and drop.
  • Adjustable Sample start & end points.
  • Sample looping (zero crossing).
  • Full-screen sample display.
  • Amp ADSR controls.
  • Audio file slicing.

Articulations & modes:

  • Polyphonic portamento.
  • Adjustable portamento attack and release time and curves.
  • Legato.

Effects & routings:

  • Per voice analog modeled filter (HP & LP).
  • Filter’s ADSR controls.
  • Filter’s cutoff routing to LFO’s.
  • Pitch & Volume LFO’s.
  • Tempo sync for LFO’s.
  • Voices spread.
  • Fx container with built-in: EQ /Delay /reverb/ compressor/ saturator/ flanger.
  • Parameter routing to modulation wheel.
  • Parameter routing to velocity.
  • MIDI learn.

Cloud-based Sound library & collaboration:

  • Offline mode: plugin can be used in offline mode, initial connection to server is not required.
  • Access to cloud-based Sound library via Soundslates MPA client.
  • Upload of personal instruments.
  • Browsing and download of instruments.
  • Instruments sharing with personal contacts or community.
  • Community ratings of instruments.
  • Tagging of instruments with meta-data.
  • 1000+ instruments accessible via the Soundslates cloud library.
  • 200 free sounds downloads included in the free plan.
  • Auto-download of missing instruments, for personal and collaborative projects.



LoopJam free sequencer | slicer | looper by codemusicians

LoopJam is a free sequencer and slicer and looper stand alone application developed by codemusicians. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

LoopJam is a free remix software that lets you spice up, recycle and remix music loops in a new and easy way. Without prior music knowledge anybody can use LoopJam to create some sweet music – 1 click on the ::: Jam ::: button allows you to jump into remixing right away. Download LoopJam and get 10 sample loops for free and start making music today. It’s fun, it’s addictive, it’s LoopJam.

::: Remix. Discover. Perform :::

Main features are:

  • The unique Slice & FX Matrix allows you to remix loops by drag & drop.
  • load audio loops (wav, 16-bit/44.1kHz, 8-16 bars long).
  • Slicing: automatic slicing of audio loops into beat synchronous segments.
  • Remixing: 1 click remixing / break generation using ::: Jam ::: (endless remixes/breaks can be generated using slice re-arrangement).
  • Flavor: add some spice by applying up to 9 audio FX to all or individual slices.
  • FX Levels: set individual FX Dry / Wet levels.
  • Save: save up to 10 remixes / scenes for export or performance.
  • Performance: recall scenes (1-10) from keyboard shortcuts (0..9).
  • Arrangement: export scenes / breaks in CD quality for arrangement in your DAW of choice (Ableton, Cubase, ProTools, Logic).
  • Continue: Save your session (original+all saved breaks) to continue with your remix whenever you like.

We’d love to hear about your remixes created with LoopJam.

Send them in through our Soundcloud Dropbox and get featured on our channel.

Get the app soundtrack: “I.M.A. – Momentum”

Breaks have been created with LoopJam.

Always stay informed about free sample- and loop libraries announced on our Facebook page: simply search Facebook for LoopJam.

Let’s get you started with a little remix tutorial: {See video at top of page}

Features for the upcoming version 2.0:

  • load any wav/mp3.
  • automatic loop detection from whole songs.
  • change playback speed.
  • load external samples for automatic beat creation (BD, SD, HH, Claps…

Please let us know about your ideas, criticism, compliments, feature wishes…



KerrStinn free sampler | slicer | stutter | glitch by Shuriken

KerrStinn is a free sampler and slicer and stutter and glitch VST plugin developed by Shuriken. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

KerrStinn is a slicer, glitcher and loop dissector. KerrStinn changes your loops randomly by moving slices of it around and/or applying effects to the slices according to rules that Shuriken call “generators”. It is sort of an automatic controllable recallable loop slicer.


  • Loads WAV files.
  • “Random” knob to control what initial value the randomizing has.
  • “Slices” knob to control how many slices you want to cut the loop in to.
  • “Bisyness” parameter to control the weight of random to be applied; low values equals a small chance of change and larger values more.
  • “Bars” parameter to set how many bars the loop originally is (up to 8).
  • “Generator” parameter – these are rules on how to dissect your loops. Take “Freaky 4” for example, its rule is simply “if a slice is the 4th in a series perhaps play it backwards and/or apply the fftish effect on the slice”.
  • On/off switch.


InstantSampler free sampler | slicer | stutter | glitch by Muxer

InstantSampler is a free sampler and slicer and stutter and glitch VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Muxer. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

InstantSampler is a simple sampler that records audio from the audio input when a MIDI note is played for the first time. Any consecutive time you play the same note, it plays back the recorded audio with the possibility to vary or trigger:

  • Velocity.
  • Attack and release.
  • The level of the input audio which is passed unaffected while no samples are played.
  • Playback speed using the pitchbend control.
  • Normal or reversed playback.
  • Looped scrolling, which enables you to use the modulation wheel to control the position in a sample at which small loops are played (e.g. “hello” becomes “h-h-e-e-l-l-o-o”).
  • Clearing of the sample memory.

This plugin is especially handy if you want to do some ‘remixing’ (like stuttering or scratch effects) on your mix without having to make a bounce-down of that mix first. You have explicit control over these effects, compared to other glitching “mess things up” plugins that often do things randomly.