Sonogram SG-1

Sonogram SG-1 free sonogram by ag-works

Sonogram SG-1 is a free sonogram VST plugin developed by ag-works. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Sonogram SG-1is a real-time sonogram allowing for fast and detailed spectral analysis.

Sonogram SG-1 Features:

  • Six scientific color palettes, each of them can highlight different dynamic ranges, from high power kick drum beats, to little spikes coming out from the noise floor.
  • Snapshots-per-second control that can be changed on the fly, to increase or decrease the time resolution.
  • At any time you can change the zoom ratio, without loosing frequency details for the signals which have already passed by.
  • The zoomed screen can be scrolled while analyzing, to easily locate the frequency range of interest.
  • Pause the visualization with the “freeze” control.
  • Both in frozen or running mode, every time you click or drag within the sonogram area, frequency and amplitude rulers highlight the values corresponding to that point.
  • Every palette can be shifted by simply dragging the dB ruler, to better contrast the right amplitude ranges.
  • A mark button is provided to highlight interesting parts of the waveform for subsequent individuation.
  • Every parameter supports host automation.


MAnalyzer free spectrum-analyzer | sonogram by MeldaProduction

MAnalyzer is a free spectrum analyzer and sonogram VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by MeldaProduction. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

MAnalyzer is an FFT-based analyzer for audio frequency content displayed as 1/3 octave bars or FFT curve. It allows comparisons, magnitude normalization, “.” averaging, etc.


  • 1/3 octave bars or FFT curve.
  • Averaging for real frequency content over time.
  • Smoothing spreads energy between ranges of frequencies for perfect optical recognition.
  • Magnitude normalization for better optical comparison.
  • Freeze mode.
  • Copy/paste to clipboard to compare in another analyzer window.
  • FFT sizes from 1024 to 16384.
  • Overlapping and adjustable windows for maximal precision.
  • Global preset management.


AudioXplorer free spectrum-analyzer | sonogram by Arizona Software

AudioXplorer is a free spectrum analyzer and sonogram plugin developed by Arizona Software. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

AudioXplorer is a powerful sound analyzer application.


  • Real-time analysis: AudioXplorer provides real-time analysis window where user can visualize the sound, spectrum and sonogram. Several real-time windows can be opened simultaneously.
  • Static analysis: AudioXplorer provides static analysis window: user can record or generate any sound and performs operation on it. Sound from the real-time window can be dragged at any time to the static window for more analysis.
  • Easy-to-use: AudioXplorer is very easy to use with it Aqua interface (several windows can be opened at a time, drag-and-drop support, view appearance can be customized).
  • Plug-ins and Audio Units Effects: AudioXplorer supports its own Cocoa plug-ins architecture as well as Audio Units Effects plug-ins.
  • Record sound directly inside AudioXplorer from any source.
  • Generate sound (sinus, triangle, sawtooth, etc.).
  • Import any QuickTime compatible sound file (MP3, MP4, WAV, SND, etc.).
  • Export file in AIFF format.
  • Fullscreen option for static and real-time window for better presentation.
  • Static window can have several predefined page layout.
  • Unlimited number of views per static window.
  • Unlimited number of static windows.
  • Unlimited number of real-time windows.
  • Export view as TIFF, PDF, EPS or raw data.
  • Print view.