WaveShaper CM

WaveShaper CM free multi-fx | oscilloscope | waveshaper by Cableguys

WaveShaper CM is a free multi fx and oscilloscope and waveshaper VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Cableguys. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Free with Computer Music magazine, WaveShaper CM is a plugin effect that lets you design your own distortion curves and analyse signals with a built-in multi-function oscilloscope.

This is an original plugin designed just for CM by Cableguys. Here’s what you get in WaveShaper CM:

  • Design your own waveshaping curves using soft, hard and sharp points.
  • Oscilloscope with Stereo, Left or Right view and Waveform zoom and freeze, syncable by tempo, frequency or MIDI note.
  • Online preset sharing system with tons of ready-to-go presets.

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sg-sineshaper free waveshaper by Synthgeek

sg-sineshaper is a free waveshaper VST plugin developed by Synthgeek. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Sine-based waveshaping distortion. A rather nasty effect, especially with lower “divisor” values. Values of 2 or higher are closer to a standard soft-clipping transfer function. Use the input level to control drive.

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Rndwave! free waveshaper by Sonic Assault

Rndwave! is a free waveshaper VST plugin developed by Sonic Assault. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Rndwave! is a Wave Shape Generator that enables you to create (and export as.wav) original wave shapes for use in wave player synths (or any other.wav supporting application/plug-in).


  • Records Mono/Stereo 16/24-bit.wav files.
  • Automatic Generation and Recording.
  • Manual/Automatic Single Loop Wave Shape Generation.
  • Built-in Mono Preview Synth with 12db LP Filter.
  • MIDI Triggered Switching Between Generator and Synth.
  • Zero-Zero Cross-Over Wave File Recording.
  • 12db / 24db / 36db / 48db Selectable LP/BP Filter.
  • 0db / -3db / -6db / -12db / -20db Selectable Record Levels.
  • Manual Wave Centering and Gain Adjustment.
  • 5 Octave Note Range.
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Reader free waveshaper by Icebreaker Audio

Reader is a free waveshaper plugin Reaktor developed by Icebreaker Audio. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

Reader is a drawable waveshaper effect.

The incoming audio is distorted according to the plot in the central graph. Additional gain and filtering controls are available to further tweak the sound.

The download includes two versions of the ensemble, one mono and the other stereo.

The effect will work on any signal, but best results seem to come from synth, bass, and drums.



MWaveShaper free waveshaper by MeldaProduction

MWaveShaper is a free waveshaper VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by MeldaProduction. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

MWaveShaper is a traditional wave-shaping plug-in. Unlike other plug-ins it has an adjustable shape instead of a few predefined shapes.


  • Continuously adjustable shape.
  • Automatable depth.
  • Global preset management.



MultiShaper free waveshapper by Phasic

MultiShaper is a free waveshapper VST plugin developed by Phasic. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Phasic MultiShaper is a WaveShaping plugin. It allows the definition of 4 Wave Shaping envelopes, and allows these 4 envelopes to be mixed together using the central 2 Dimensional mixing panel.


MGF Babyblue

MGF Babyblue free waveshaper by MGF Audio

MGF Babyblue is a free waveshaper VST plugin developed by MGF Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.



M3 free waveshaper | delay | eq | distortion by Music Unfolding

M3 is a free waveshaper and delay and eq and distortion Audio Unit plugin developed by Music Unfolding. Compatible OS(s): macOS.

M3 is a distortion effect with two wave shapers, two parametric EQs, a delay and an envelope/MIDI controlled formant wah section.

The wave shapers are defined with Bezier curves by clicking and dragging control points – it’s easy to draw your favorite curve with M3 to achieve the distortion effect you want. Each wave shaper can be contoured using a collection of available filters. Because there are two wave shapers, the first can be used to drive the second. You can use the independent contouring filters of the two wave shaper sections to precisely design the character of the distortion.

There are two parametric EQ sections. Each EQ has five filters: low shelf, high shelf and three peak/cut. The first EQ section can be used to contour the signal before the distortion stages. The second is applied after the distortion stages and can be used for emulating cabinet response or adjusting the presence of the distortion.

There is a two-second delay with adjustable depth, feedback and filtering. The delay is placed between the two stages of distortion. The formant section can be set to auto-filter or can be controlled with a MIDI expression pedal. There are 90 different formant filter morphing wahs or oscillations.


Kx WaveTracer

Kx WaveTracer free waveshaper by KX77FREE

Kx WaveTracer is a free waveshaper VST, VST3 plugin developed by KX77FREE. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

FX VST plug-in to create compatible waveforms with all KX77FREE plug-ins.


  • Easy to use and to create basic analogue waveforms.
  • Full parameters to make complex additive waveforms with no aliasing.
  • Full 32-bit float data, multi band limited lookup tables per waveform.
  • Same quality for all clock frequencies: 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.
  • 13.75 Hz to 23200 Hz or more (harmonic frequency limit).
  • Level and Phase parameters.
  • Up to 1600 harmonics for the bass frequencies (0 volts: 13.75hz).
  • Possibility to automate the level and phase of all harmonics.
  • Possibility to mix several waveforms following the frequencies (0 to 10 volts).
  • Possibility to use absolute or relative levels on the first main harmonics.
  • Frequency analyzers to compare the current waveform with the signal input.
  • Built-in oscillator to listen the waveform.
  • Independent x64 console program: KxWaveTracer.exe (DAW CPU safe).

x86: 1.00 07-2007 – KVR DC 2007 – www.kvraudio.com/developer_challenge_2007.php

x64: 3.00 03-2019.

Inside the zip, there is a folder named “WaveTracer”, copy this one on the root of your disk C. The default paths are based on the C:WaveTracer to simplify the main installation, by this way no need to set the KxWavetracer program in administrator mode to write the waveforms and also to avoid the users document folder with a specific name.

Tracks done with KX77FREE plug-ins: YouTube.com/user/KX77FREE

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HoRNet Harmonics

HoRNet Harmonics free waveshaper | exciter by HoRNet

HoRNet Harmonics is a free waveshaper and exciter VST, VST3, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX plugin developed by HoRNet. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

HoRNet Harmonics is a wave shaper based on the Chebyshev polynomials. Its non-linear processing lets you adjust the level of harmonics added to the signal, warming it up in different ways.

The plugin provides 10 harmonics generators of which you can set the amplitude and phase, increasing or decreasing the impact of the harmonic on the input signal. The resulting sine wave equivalent shape is displayed on the right side of the GUI.

HoRNet Harmonics provides great flexibility and lets you create interesting distortion, tray for instance to remove the fundamental frequency (set the first slider to zero) and create a “broken record” sound, and the best of all, Harmonics is free.