Defacer distortion and bit crusher VST plugin

Defacer (Free Trial) is a distortion and bit crusher audio plugin developed by Audio Assault. Available as VST/VST3/AU & AAX Plug-Ins for Windows & macOS.

This plugin is available in free trial!

Defacer is an all-purpose 2 channel audio mangler designed to destroy and rearrange any sound you throw at it.

Use it to make guitars sound like a broken synth or add a touch of robot-ness to vocals, when the sound calls for it, Defacer is there!

Featuring low-pass filters & distortions on each channel you are free to destroy audio to your heart’s content.

Basic 64

Basic 64 free synthesizer 8 bit emulation

Basic 64 is a 8 bit emulation software synthesizer developed by De la Mancha. Available in VST for Windows.

It is a lo-fi synthesizer based on the “SID chip” with some extras tuning, to deliver a 8-bit retro game sound, gritty noises or just plain oddness.


  • 16, 8 or 6 bit sound quality.
  • 3 oscs, each with their own ADSR envelope.
  • Oscillators can be sync’d and ring modulated by each other.
  • Pitch envelope modulation.
  • Pitch wobble option, for subtle instability.
  • 2 tempo-sync LFO’s to modulate pitch, cut-off and pulse width.
  • LFO’s have attack/release curves.
  • Tempo-sync arpegiator.
  • Flexible routing to state variable filter (LP, HP & BP).
  • Envelopes can be reset or continuous at retrigger.
  • Monophonic or polyphonic option.
  • Midi learn / midi CC support.
  • 128 presets by sinkmusic & WhiskeyPriest.

Wave changer 3

Wave changer 3 free overdrive | saturation by Bojo

Wave changer 3 is a free overdrive and saturation VST plugin developed by Bojo. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Wave changer 3 replaces your sound waves with simple waveforms. It distorts the sound in unusual ways, ranging from weird to horrible.


Vinyl free vinyl-emulator by ToneBytes

Vinyl is a free vinyl emulator VST plugin developed by ToneBytes. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Vinyl is a free effect plug-in that emulates the sounds of old vinyl players. Vinyl recreates the dust noise and frequency response of old recordings. You can adjust intensity, color and amount of dust noise in a wide range. Also you can simple select the age of vinyl discs.

Main features:

  • Adjustable dust emulation.
  • Frequency responses emulation.
  • Gentle distortion.

In addition, VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported.

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Vinyl Dreams

Vinyl Dreams free vinyl-emulator by Retro Sampling

Vinyl Dreams is a free vinyl emulator VST plugin developed by Retro Sampling. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Vinyl Dreams adds real vinyl pops and scratches.

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Vinyl free vinyl-emulator by iZotope

Vinyl is a free vinyl emulator VST, VST3, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX, DirectX plugin developed by iZotope. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

iZotope Vinyl is the ultimate lo-fi weapon, it uses 64-bit processing and advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create authentic “vinyl” simulation, as if the audio was a record being played on a record player.
You’ll get the sound of the best turntables available for cheap.

You have complete control over the following parameters:

  • Mechanical Noise: The amount of turntable motor rumble and noise.
  • Electrical Noise: Internally generated electrical noise, such as 60 Hz grounding hum.
  • Wear: Control how worn out the record is, from brand new to played a few thousand times.
  • Dust: The amount of dust on the record.
  • Scratch: The number and depth of scratches on the record.
  • Warp: The amount of warping and the warp shape for the record – from no warp to the edges totally melted and warped.
  • Record Player Year: The year of the record player – from current linear tracking turntables to 1930 phonographs.
  • Stereo/Mono: Switch between stereo and mono output.
  • Input and Output Gain: Set the gain in and out of the effect with visual level meter feedback.


ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

unstable is a free pitch shifter VST plugin developed by de la Mancha. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

unstable likes to mess around with your audio pitch, with 3 subtle pitch modulation modes to simulate the unpredictable but lovable pitch instability of an old tape machine or analogue equipment. It doesn’t only do subtle though, you can also put it in ‘insane’ mode if you’d rather just FSU.


  • 3 modes of continuously random pitch modulation:
    1. Buzz – rapid, fuzzy modulation.
    2. Wobble – medium, jerky modulation.
    3. Drift – slow, gentle modulation.
  • Adjustable frequency and level for each modulation mode.
  • Master level mode to adjust overall subtlety of effect.
  • Wet / dry mix level control.
  • Insane mode – removes all subtlety and smacks your pitch up.
  • All controls mapped to MIDI CC values.
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Unicycle free software-synthesizer by Spacedad

Unicycle is a free software synthesizer developed by Spacedad. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

By Spacedad and Mbreges.

An 8-Bit Polyphonic Sample-Based Synth with 300 four-cycle waveforms.

Inspired by Niffla‘s Fourcycle Synth.

Controls include ‘drawable’ ADSR Drawbars which are connected to:

  • Amp, Pitch, Filter and Badness.
  • Double LFOs for poly-rhythmic effects can be tempo-syncable or free running.
  • LFOs can be subtle or can achieve extreme speed taking it into self-oscillation.
  • Sample Rate/Bit Reducer.
  • Low-pass Filter.
  • Decimator.

originally entered into the KVR Developer Challenge 2009.

NEW updated version 0.14 is now tuned correctly (for old projects please tune down -9 semi-tones).


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Tiny Distort

Tiny Distort free overdrive | saturation by Tiny God

Tiny Distort is a free overdrive and saturation VST plugin developed by Tiny God. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Distortion and bitcrusher unit. Sample decimation adjustable down to 40:1, sample quantization from 24 bit to 1 bit, several different forms of waveshaping distortion, variable-hardness clipping, and a gain knob that goes to 11.


thrummaschine free overdrive | saturation by de la Mancha

thrummaschine is a free overdrive and saturation VST plugin developed by de la Mancha. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

thrummaschine is a 3-band distortion effect with independent, LFO-driven, filters. Make your bass, mid and high frequencies oscillate at different speeds, shapes and pan, with whatever flavour and level of distortion you dial in for each band.


  • 3 user-defined bands for bass, mid and high frequencies, with overlap if required.
  • 3 filters with tempo-sync LFO, for each freq band.
  • Overdrive, distortion and bitcrush effects.
  • Send level for each band to each effect.
  • Pan and volume for each band.
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