LowBitMonoSyn free software-synthesizer by D10Labo

LowBitMonoSyn is a free software synthesizer developed by D10Labo. Available format(s): VST for Windows, macOS.

this is monophonic synthesizer. the oscilator wave is low bit. and this has many modulations.

2 OSC(8bit sine wave, Pulse 3:1, pulse 1:1, pulse 1:7, 4bit tri, 4bit saw, 4bit noise, noise like family computer)
Pitch(Pitch and Fine), Env modulation, LFO modulation, osc2>osc1(fm), osc2 feedback
1 LFO(only tri wave but 4bit).

There is a portamento and volume control.

all controls are on the panel.
window is resizable.