SuperTron free sequencer by Solcito Música

SuperTron is a free sequencer VST developed by Solcito Música. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

SuperTron SuperTron is a virtual analog synthesizer that generates sounds and sequences typical of the 70s and 80s, Dance, Trance, percussion, analog strings and other retro sounds. It has functions for live performance, allowing changes in several controls with one click. It has a Step Modulator with 4 “scenes” that work as sub-presets. The filters bring a feature called “wide” that splits frequencies in the stereo field. The “age” knob generates vintage warmth to the sound.


  • 2 oscillators.
  • 2 envelope generators.
  • 2 filters with control of “Pan” (balance left/right) and “Wide” (panoramic frequency distribution).
  • 1 LFO with Synchronization pulsator and Mono-Poly trigger option.
  • “age” effect: it provides vintage warmth as specified year.
  • Standard Effects (reverb, chorus/flanger, delay, ECHO, Distortion).
  • 1 Step Modulator of 16 steps that includes:
    • 2 graphic control screens.
    • modulation of tone, pulse, volume and filters.
    • Handling of envelope trigger.
    • 4 scenes for each preset (means 4 subpresets).
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