Wolf Kits

Wolf Kits free drum-sample-pack by LoopLords

Wolf Kits is a free drum sample pack by LoopLords. Available files format(s): .wav 16b.

Wolf Kits is a collection of 5 Rhythm Wolf drum kits. Each kit contain 5 WAV files and are properly named. The samples have been edited to perfection so you can focus on making great music.

Key Features:

  • 5 Rhythm Wolf drum kits.
  • 16-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files.
  • 25 samples.
  • 100% original content not found anywhere else on the internet.


VIP Series: Kirk Degiorgio

VIP Series: Kirk Degiorgio free sample-packs | loop-packs by Computer Music

VIP Series: Kirk Degiorgio is a free sample pack and loop pack plugin developed by Computer Music. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

The VIP Series: Kirk Degiorgio sample pack is a free download with Computer Music magazine issue 182, and it’s also included on the physical edition’s DVD.

VIP Series: Kirk Degiorgio contains 810 samples in total: 130 Bass loops, 50 Chords, 1 Drum Kit, 220 Drum loops, 80 FX, 40 Key loops and 270 Synth loops.

All sounds are in 24-bit WAV format, and the sample pack also includes an Ableton Live project, with all the sounds preloaded into the session view for live jamming.

{See video at top of page}


Trance Cosmos Volume 1

Trance Cosmos Volume 1 free sample-packs | loop-packs by Myloops

Trance Cosmos Volume 1 is a free sample pack and loop pack plugin developed by Myloops. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

Trance Cosmos Volume 1 is our first full-on trance Sample CD. It contains a large amount of synths, basslines, atmospheres and melodic sequences in the .WAV format and in 137-140 BPM, all designed to fit perfectly in your new trance tune. The MIDI Data is provided for each melodic sequence, and alongside each melodic loop we have added the unlooped version for maximal usability.

This is the ultimate tool for whoever wants to boost their trance productions with powerful, energetic and driving sounds.


  • WAV 16bit 44.1 kHz seamless loops.
  • All files clearly categorized into folders.
  • BPM / Key Information written in each filename.
  • MIDI files provided with each melodic loop.


  • Format : WAV / MIDI.
  • Style : Trance.
  • Type : WAV Loops.
  • BPM (Beats Per Minute) : 137-140.
  • Number of melodic loops : 150+.
  • Size : 634 MB.
  • Archive Size : 359 MB.

MP3 Demo


The Deep Hip Hop Kit

The Deep Hip Hop Kit free drum-sample-pack by D-Funkdafied Music

The Deep Hip Hop Kit is a free drum sample pack by D-Funkdafied Music. Available files format(s): .wav, .wav 16b.

The Deep Hip Hop Kit is a sample pack featuring 12 fresh drum sounds created by D-Funkdafied. It can be used for many of you music production projects.


  • 12 Fresh Samples (Maximized and Equalized).
  • 16-bit – 48 kHz.
  • WAV Format (available for Kong, FPC, Redrum and more).
  • File Size: 968 KB (.rar).


The Bleep Drums

The Bleep Drums free drum-sample-pack by ToneBytes

The Bleep Drums is a free drum sample pack by ToneBytes. Available files format(s): sf2, .wav, aiff.

The Bleep Drums is a free drumkit sample pack based on sounds from Bleep’ synthesizer.

This sample pack contains the set of original one-shot percussive samples (kicks, snares, claps, hats, bleeps etc.) and available in several audio formats: SF2, GIG, WAV and AIFF. So you can use any sampler or DAW with it.

A good choice for chiptune music or to add some vintage 8bit sounds in your tracks.

Sample format: 16-bit / 44.1 kHz.


Sound Sampler

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Sound Sampler is a free sample pack and loop pack plugin developed by DNR Collaborative. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

Sound Sampler 01 is a free sample library featuring samples and loops from the Sound Repository.

DNR Collaborative explain that the Sound Sampler is aimed at providing users with a free package of sounds to demonstrate what their Sound Repository is about. The package contains everything from female vocal clips to drum loops to voice hits and long, drawn out textures. The entire package is 1.02GB uncompressed and contains 1,840 individual samples and loops. The package can either be downloaded all at once as a ZIP file, or individually per folder.

Content License

The Sound Sampler is also licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, meaning that you can remix and sell sounds created with the contents of the Sound Sampler.


Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds free fx-sample-pack by Orange Free Sounds

Rain Sounds is a free fx sample pack plugin developed by Orange Free Sounds. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

Rain sound has positive effects on human mind. Soothing sounds of rain are very relaxing and helps you to calm down when nervous or stressed in any way.

Rain sounds for sleeping – one of the best ways to quickly enter deep, relaxing sleep.

It can be used in movies industry, gaming industry, for therapeutic purposes (sound therapy), …

Technical details:

  • Author: Orange Free Sounds.
  • Inside “Rain Sounds”pack: 12 sounds.
  • Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16-bit samples.
  • Length: 24:31 minutes.
  • Size: 205 MB.

Licensing Terms: Free for Commercial Use.


Potato Crisp Canister Drumkit SFZ

Potato Crisp Canister Drumkit SFZ free drum-sample-pack by Mildon

Potato Crisp Canister Drumkit SFZ is a free drum sample pack by Mildon. Available files format(s): sfz.

The Potato Crisp Canister Drumkit (a.k.a. Pringles Drumkit) is a tiny free sample pack that features pops, taps, rattles, shakes, slaps, crackles, and other sounds from a half-empty can of Pringles.


Porn Percs

Porn Percs free fx-sample-pack by Ocean Swift Synthesis

Porn Percs is a free fx sample pack plugin developed by Ocean Swift Synthesis. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.


A collection of short percy hits, stabs and shall we say “effects” sampled from random porn flicks. Jokes aside, these are actually great as percussions and with some crazy delay effects – try it out! its Free.

“Sexy” quirky and percussive tones and effects.

Natural percussive sounds ready to be arranged and manipulated.



Influential Kit LITE

Influential Kit LITE free drum-sample-pack by THEPHONOLOOP

Influential Kit LITE is a free drum sample pack by THEPHONOLOOP. Available files format(s): .wav, .wav 16b, .wav 24b.

From the description of the full version (which you can find here):

Creating drum samples from scratch can be very time consuming and it’s surely not for everyone but luckily for me it turned out that designing sounds, finding new effect chains and just experimenting with sound is something that I dig nearly as much as producing music. The idea of this kit was born in early 2015 when I decided to create some really dope drum samples for myself. I wanted to have something good enough so I don’t have to shift thru tons of drums, mess with advanced layering or have to put effects on my samples right after loading them into sampler just to make it sound good every time I want to lay down some drums. To be honest, there’s a lot of drum samples which sound excellent right out of the box, but most of them are focused more on modern sound which is great (and I’m often in need of those kind of sounds) but for me, there’s nothing better than good quality, juicy, old school sounding drums with a (little) modern twist. And that’s how I began creating my own library of hip hop drums.

So here it is, Influential Kit – it’s a mixture of samples which I’ve created for myself and samples created strictly for this library – it’s a quite big collection (500 drum samples) of dark, warm and noisy / dirty samples aimed for hip-hop producers. It’s all original material (all source material for this pack was recorded or synthesized by me), you won’t find here any reused samples from other kits available on the internet.

I think it’s a dope product and I hope that you’ll think the same, but enough with the words – feel free to listen to some demos that I’ve created for this drum kit and don’t forget to check out the free version Influential Kit LITE – it contains 50 samples from the full version.


  • 10% of Influential Kit (50 samples).
  • 7 kicks.
  • 11 snares (5 stacked snares, 1 snare roll, 5 acoustic snares).
  • 2 claps.
  • 9 hats.
  • 3 cymbals.
  • 18 percs (1 bongos, 3 FXs, 3 ethnic samples, 5 misc samples, 2 shakers, 2 tambs, 2 udu samples).
  • all original material.
  • 100% royalty free.
  • two formats: WAV 24-bit (23 MB), WAV 16-bit (15 MB).
  • 50 samples per format.