vvvv free other-utility by vvvv group

vvvv is a free audio and studio utility plugin developed by vvvv group. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

vvvv uses a visual programming interface. Therefore it provides a graphical programming language for easy prototyping and development.

vvvv is real time. where many other languages have distinct modes for building and running programs, vvvv only has one mode – runtime.

vvvv is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a license.

Main feature summary:

  • Effortless handling of multiple Objects with Spreads.
  • Seamless Multi-Projection Setups with Boygrouping.
  • DirectX based 3d Rendering.
  • Loading 3d Models.
  • Texturing 3d Models with Motion Graphics and Video.
  • Real-time Shader Programming.
  • Real-time Physics Simulations.
  • Real-time Video Analysis.
  • Audio capabilities.
  • Interfacing with a wide variety of external devices and protocols.


VSTplug governor

VSTplug governor free utility by King Oz Records

VSTplug governor is a free audio and studio utility VST plugin developed by King Oz Records. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The VSTplug governor is a basic solution for mastering to meet -6 dbfs standards. It’s a new release and though there is no known issues, it should meet your expectations in regards to being able to mix down to a certain level.

Though it’s not entirely accurate in the way of knobs, without adding lufs c-weighting and such it’s hard to do. But it works. I hope that’s good enough. I plan to attempt to add c-weighting for the dB level, My fear is that it will not be real time, and there will be 20, 30 ms latency.

Perhaps as an option it would be best.

Please keep in mind this a prototype that was made to test a theory. And I think that’s important for a developer to do. I stick My head out once in a while to make something cutting edge and I’m glad that this product for the most part came out fairly well. I think there’s a big room for change in this product but it is an interesting idea.


Version 1
+ initial release.

Version 1.1
+ fixed 64-bit gain, oversampling bug.

Version 1.2
+ changed algorithm to set min & max more effectively.

planned changes

+ pumping mode (gentle, soft reduction)
+ LUFS detection option (using c-weight and double precision).

Made with FlowStone



VSTNotepad free other-utility by CodeFN42

VSTNotepad is a free audio and studio utility VST plugin developed by CodeFN42. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

VSTNotepad is a VST2 (effect) plugin that you can use to store comments, lyrics, or any text for each track.

Freeware for Windows, both 32 and 64-bit.


VST Plugin Preset Match

VST Plugin Preset Match free other-utility by Christian Budde

VST Plugin Preset Match is a free audio and studio utility Stand Alone plugin developed by Christian Budde. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

With VST Plug-in Preset Match it is possible to match the settings of a VST 2.x plug-in to a given reference VST plug-in preset for a certain piece of music. By using a metaheuristics DE algorithm, the matching result will improve continuously over time (if matching is possible at all). With the included ASIO VST plug-in it is also possible to match a VST plug-in to an external hardware device.

This tool can be especially useful if you have older tracks, which use particular effects, which are not maintained anymore (e.g. did not yet make the step to 64-bit). Instead of recreating the plug-in’s settings by hand, the tool can match the plug-in settings to the reference as good as possible. Not seldom, the same results can also be achieved with much less effort. For example, a graphic EQ setting can be replaced with a set of parametric peak EQ filters.

With the latest version 1.0.4, the example VST Plug-ins that were shipped to demonstrate the program are also available separately. However, please note, that these were not intended to be used outside this program (although it is likely that they work fine). This is due to the fact, that each plugin could not be tested with every host. Also there is no support beyond this tool.

The VST Plug-in Preset Match as contribution for the KVR Developer Contest will not be developed further, but – if popular enough – will be integrated in the VST Plugin Analyser 2.0. The development of version 2.0 will be partially crowd founded. Further information can be found here.



Virtual Glass

Virtual Glass free other by eSession.com

Virtual Glass is a free other VST, Audio Unit, RTAS, DirectX plugin developed by eSession.com. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Virtual Glass is a “zero configuration” networking plug-in for RTAS, AU and VST host applications that enables peer-to-peer audio and video streaming, discrete talkback, and Rewire sync over the Internet in real-time.

In a commercial studio the engineer operates the equipment in a control room while the musicians, separated by a glass partition, perform their parts. Virtual Glass uses the Internet as the high-tech equivalent to the glass partition between engineer and musician. Its 3D design depicts a recording console and a “virtual glass” partition that functions as a video screen, so even the least tech-savvy user feels right at home using the plug-in for real time sessions.

To use Virtual Glass, you need a recording program, a high-speed Internet connection, a Web camera, and an eSession user account. Installation is simple, and there’s no copy protection. The software works with any Mac-compatible Built-in, USB or FireWire camera for real-time video; the camera mic enables voice communication with the talent.

You can connect to other users and stream audio in real time from your RTAS, AU or VST host application to any other RTAS, AU or VST host over the Internet. You can use any Core Audio input device as a discrete talkback channel (for example web cam mic or your Mac’s built-in mic). You can sync the connected machines via Rewire sync. This enables everyone around the world to collaborate in real time.



VidRenderVST free other-utility by VidPlayVST.com

VidRenderVST is a free audio and studio utility VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by VidPlayVST.com. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

VidRenderVST is a video encoder plug-in which works in cooperation with VidPlayVST.

Using the two plug-ins, producers can compose in sync with video and then render out a new version of the video dubbed with the new soundtrack.


Time Tracker

Time Tracker free other-utility by DigitalSteam

Time Tracker is a free audio and studio utility VST3 plugin developed by DigitalSteam. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Digital Steam Time Tracker helps you to measure time spend on a project.

Add it as a last effect on main bus track and forget till you need to check how long you are working. Tracking can be auto or manually paused. You can assign a MIDI event to a pause button.

You can of course add as many instances on any track you want.

For more detail description please check product page: Digital Steam Time Tracker.

Installer contains also standalone version if you want to quickly check how this behave.

You are welcome to contact me via email to report bugs, future requests or send my any opinions about my plugins.
Please use my contact page, email contact[at]digitalsteam.pl or leave a comment here.

The contact form was fixed on 10.09.2019 about 14:30. I am very sorry if you tried to use it when it was broken.

Time Tracker 1.2:

  • VST3 for macOS 64-bit.
  • Mouse detecting feature was removed.
  • Auto resume after manual pause.
  • Settings window was redesign.
  • Export log icon was changed.
  • Export window was redesign to not use additional dialog for choosing export folder.
  • Export file name is changed automatically if log type is changed.

Time Tracker 1.1:

  • Track project start date and time.
  • Track session start date and time.
  • Two formats of time display (hours:minutes:seconds and weeks:days:hours:minutes:seconds).

  • Manual pause (mouse or MIDI).

  • Silence detecting.

  • Scalable GUI.

  • Time correcting.

  • Log file export.

  • If your DAW allows that, Time Tracker adopts colours to track colour.



ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

TestTone is a free audio and studio utility VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by mda. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Signal generator with pink and white noise, impulses and swept sines.



Tackybrowser free other-utility by Subminimal

Tackybrowser is a free audio and studio utility VST plugin developed by Subminimal. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

Tackybrowser is a simple VST based file browser. It has sample preview functionality, single and multiple file drag ‘n drop, and provides six slots for storing your favorite directories – multiple configurations are possible via separate ini files.


ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

SupaTrigga is a free audio and studio utility VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Smart Electronix. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

By Bram @ Smart Electronix

When synchronized to tempo SupaTrigga will take the incoming audio and re-arrange it in a musically sensible way.

Think of it as a realtime ReCycle with fun options.