Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds free fx-sample-pack by Orange Free Sounds

Rain Sounds is a free fx sample pack plugin developed by Orange Free Sounds. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

Rain sound has positive effects on human mind. Soothing sounds of rain are very relaxing and helps you to calm down when nervous or stressed in any way.

Rain sounds for sleeping – one of the best ways to quickly enter deep, relaxing sleep.

It can be used in movies industry, gaming industry, for therapeutic purposes (sound therapy), …

Technical details:

  • Author: Orange Free Sounds.
  • Inside “Rain Sounds”pack: 12 sounds.
  • Quality: WAV 41,000 hertz, 16-bit samples.
  • Length: 24:31 minutes.
  • Size: 205 MB.

Licensing Terms: Free for Commercial Use.


Porn Percs

Porn Percs free fx-sample-pack by Ocean Swift Synthesis

Porn Percs is a free fx sample pack plugin developed by Ocean Swift Synthesis. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.


A collection of short percy hits, stabs and shall we say “effects” sampled from random porn flicks. Jokes aside, these are actually great as percussions and with some crazy delay effects – try it out! its Free.

“Sexy” quirky and percussive tones and effects.

Natural percussive sounds ready to be arranged and manipulated.



Happy Holidays Collection

Happy Holidays Collection free fx-sample-pack | instrument-loop-pack | drum-loop-pack | drum-sample-pack by Orange Free Sounds

Happy Holidays Collection is a free fx sample pack and instrument loop pack and drum loop pack and drum sample pack plugin developed by Orange Free Sounds. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

We don’t have dwarfs to make and pack toys, we don’t have beard either (and we are not old and fat as Santa Claus) but did our best to make special gift:

And as every gift – it is completely free.

Technical Details:

  • 27 Sound Effects (various sound effects).
  • 42 Funky Drum Loops.
  • 12 Synth Pad Sounds.
  • Total: 81 files.
  • Length: over 35 min.
  • Size: 324 MB (whole collection).
  • Quality: WAV – 41,000 Hertz, 16-bit samples.

So – no candies, Teddy bears … but we hope you will find it useful.

Download is completely free from Orange Free Sounds – no need for additional registration and similar. Collection is in .zip format, so you will need software like WinZip, WinRar or free 7-Zip to unpack it.

License: Free for commercial use.


Free Sound Effects, Free Fx Sounds Pack

Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects, Free Fx Sounds Pack is a free fx sample pack plugin developed by Lucidsamples. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

This promo pack includes over 100 fx sounds from our sample collections – all in wav format. We dedicate these sound effects for any music producers and djs.

Suitable for any Electronic Dance Music, Techno, House, Trance, Dubstep, Hardcore, Electronic, Ambient, Industrial and more…

Some of these sounds are useful for Cinematic Productions, Commercial Productions, Jingles etc.

DJ Samples come from:

– 1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 1
– 1000 Sfx Production Tools Vol. 2
– Dope House EFX
– Hardstyle Fx
– Large FX Collection
– Psygate FX.


Free Analog Modular FX samples Vol.1

Free Analog Modular FX samples Vol.1 free fx-sample-pack by Eplex7 DSP

Free Analog Modular FX samples Vol.1 is a free fx sample pack plugin developed by Eplex7 DSP. Compatible OS(s): Any OS.

Free Analog Modular FX samples Vol.1 Eplex7 & Twisted Kala

The collection consists of 39 FX samples made with Analog Modular synthesizer, that are available for free download at product page.

All the package is based on the study how to make drones sounds. It means long fade In or fade Out moving on a really slow rate (or faster rate when the drone becomes a fade In or Fade Out).

These samples are made for producers of any kind of electronic music. They’re also adapted for Trance Music, Psychedelic Music, DarkPsy, Underground Music, Dance Music, Psycore, Hardcore, Dark proggresive …. As there is many different types of FX, drones, fade out and fade In in this package. Some can be used also in video games….

The sounds provide strong emotions to the tracks and work well in initial or final section of a track. Some samples can also feat in slow Fade In, slow Fade out during 4 or 8 beats of a part of the track.

The basis for the creation of sounds is modular synthesizer, that is from a big part made on DIY basis (do it by yourself) from customizable modules with using kits.

For this sample pack have been used:

– 2 even VCOs from Befaco (DIY modules).

– Rampage in LFO mode from Befaco (DIY module).

– BF22 filter from Befaco (DIY module).

– Peaks from Mutable Instruments in LFO mode.

– Eloquencer from Winter Modular for the clock.

Then were the sounds processed in the DAW and the effects like delay, reverb or pan were added.


– File format: *.WAV
– Compatibility: MAC & WIN
– Size: 141 MB.

List of samples

– Appear
– bells in space
– Confused spacy walk
– Crawdy fade out
– crazy frogs
– crosig spirals
– Dark drone pan
– Dark fad in delay
– dark jump long delay
– dark underground long fade in
– Deseapear
– Double In
– Down FX
– down the stairs
– Drone appear
– Drone down
– Drone fade out
– drone In
– Drop down
– electric feild
– fade out drone resonance
– Fade out gate 186 bpm
– fade out
– fast clean
– Fast Spiral fade out
– fast weird gate 186 Bpm
– frog
– Gated slow fade in
– Ha ha ha
– High spiral
– laugh fade out
– Lead 186 BPM pan
– Left or Right
– Long and twisted
– long evolutive drone
– long jump
– Long Spiral fad in delay
– Low and twisted
– metallic frog

Free for download at product page.