Synodeia 2

Synodeia 2 free audio-to-midi by KlangLabs

Synodeia 2 is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by KlangLabs. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Synodeia is a real-time audio to MIDI triggering plugin. It recognizes pitch from a monophonic source and sends MIDI out messages, so you can control any VST or MIDI device using your voice for example.


  • Octave shift.
  • Sine tone for testing, measuring purposes (Sine tone and tone decay time).
  • Input volume, Accuracy control and incoming signal monitoring (bypass).
  • MIDI output messages monitor.
  • The zip package contains an “Fmin chords” soundfont for you to test singing while synodeia does the accompaniment.
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replacer free drum-sampler | audio-to-midi by Boxsounds

replacer is a free drum sampler and audio to midi VST plugin developed by Boxsounds. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

replacer is designed to replace drum and percussive sounds with other samples. Basically, it is comprised of a band-pass filter which selects the relevant frequency of the sound required to be replaced; the peak amplitudes at this frequency then trigger chosen sample/s. The samples can be 16 or 24-bit PCM Wave files recorded at any sample rate.


  • 24dB band-pass filter.
  • Simple gate.
  • Visual and audio monitoring section.
  • 4 sample layers (full version).
  • Sample start and end adjustment.
  • Accent amount and smooth (attempts to replicate the dynamics of the original trigger sound).
  • Sample ADR envelope with amount control.
  • Sample pitch control.
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Noisebud MidiVU

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

Noisebud MidiVU is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by Noisebud. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Noisebud MidiVU converts audio signals into MIDI CCs so that you can monitor your audio visually on MIDI controllers with LED feedback while playing live.

Noisebud say: “We made MidiVU since similar plugins sent huge amount of MIDI data that made our host crash when we wanted to monitor more than 8 channels. In Noisebud MidiVU you can set the amount of data it sends, higher rates gives more accurate monitoring, lower rates saves MIDI headroom and the plugin doesn’t send any data at all if there’s no audio present.”

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MV’s MIDI Choir

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

MIDI Choir is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by MVs Plugins. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

This Application will take a single-pitched audio source and transpose it in real time according to the supplied MIDI notes. The main motivation to create MIDI Choir was to be able to sing harmonies live, however the product may also be used for studio work. Below are some of its key features:

  • Reliable ASDF pitch tracker with voiced/unvoiced recognition.
  • Pitch tracking indicator.
  • Separate processing of voiced vs. unvoiced input, thereby preserving a natural, intelligible sound.
  • Voiced input will be re-pitched according to the keys pressed.
  • Polyphony with unlimited number of voices.
  • Octave, semitone and fine tunig controls.
  • Built-in noise gate with indicator.
  • Built-in soft knee limiter with color-coded LED indicator.
  • Built-in stereo reverb with controls for room size, damping, stereo width and dry/wet mix.
  • Master volume control with output clipping indicator.
  • Effects may also be used without MIDI input.
  • Option of VST plugin or stand-alone executable.

New features and improvements in v2.0:

  • Completely new rendering engine.
  • Improved quality for extreme pitch modification.
  • Improved sibilant processing.
  • Stereo output with adjustable width.
  • Limiter with natural frequency response.
  • MIDI input indicator for easier trouble shooting.
  • Version info.
  • Minor bugfixes.

New features and improvements in v3.0:

  • Completely new rendering engine (again).
  • Improved quality for extreme pitch modification.
  • Improved sibilant processing.
  • New soft-knee lookahead compressor replaces limiter.
  • New reverb.
  • Minor bugfixes.
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KTDrumTrigger free audio-to-midi by Smart Electronix

KTDrumTrigger is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by Smart Electronix. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

By Koen Tanghe @ Smart Electronix.

KTDrumTrigger is a VST plugin with a custom editor that triggers MIDI notes based on the sound level of the incoming audio stream in different frequency bands. It allows you to “detect” occurrences of percussive sounds in an audio stream and send out a MIDI event whenever that happens.

Incoming (mono) audio is split up into different frequency bands using three tweakable filters. The signal in each of these bands is sent through an envelope follower. When the envelope reaches a specified threshold level, a MIDI note on message is generated. The trigger module has some built-in hysteresis and minimum inter onset time settings to avoid fast successive triggers due to noise on the envelope curves. Visual feedback of the filter and trigger settings is available.


Gatefish free audio-to-midi by Mokafix Audio

Gatefish is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by Mokafix Audio. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Gatefish is an envelope follower that outputs MIDI CC.

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E-Kit Trigger

E-Kit Trigger free audio-to-midi by TbT

E-Kit Trigger is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by TbT. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

E-Kit Trigger is designed to work with trigger mic’s such as the Redshot trigger from Clavia(Ddrum) or any Piezzo based drum pad.

It will work with pre-recorded tracks but the performance depends on the recording (the plug only analyze the amplitude,not the content).

You’ll need a soundcard that can go down to ca 3-6 ms latency if you want to get “realtime” action. The more inputs you got on your soundcard the more drums you can connect to your PC.

DSP Trigger FREE

DSP Trigger FREE free audio-to-midi by AudioFront

DSP Trigger FREE is a free audio to midi VST plugin developed by AudioFront. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

DSP Trigger FREE is an Audio to MIDI plug-in specifically designed to work with drum pads, offering extremely fast and accurate triggering. This feature reduced version only supports single zone pads and can only output up to two separate articulations. For full support for dual zone pads and positional sensing watch out for the soon to be released full version.


  • Easy to use.
  • Both sensitive and dynamic.
  • Fast and accurate triggering.
  • Designed specifically for drum pads.
  • Multiple articulations from a single zone pad.
  • Low CPU usage.


BEAT to MIDI free drum-sampler | audio-to-midi by Forge Audio Designs

BEAT to MIDI is a free drum sampler and audio to midi VST plugin developed by Forge Audio Designs. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

BEAT to MIDI is a fast acting, low overhead Beat Detection and Drum Replacement tool which producers and musicians can implement to extract MIDI data from Drum loops.

BEAT to MIDI allows for the correction of poorly captured or performed drum recordings after the recording session has taken place.

BEAT to MIDI uses sophisticated algorithms to identify each drum hit (or transient) in the time domain. Once this point is detected, MIDI data can be used to trigger replacement drum samples to alleviate poor quality recordings and/or timing errors.

BEAT to MIDI offers the following features:

  • Detection of drum strikes and output of detections to a (defined) single MIDI note.
  • Supervised Pattern Matching system to identify drum instruments.
  • Detection of drum strikes and drum instruments with output of detections to appropriate (General MIDI defined) MIDI notes.
  • Automatic ratio settings to allow easy settings of thresholds.

Beat Replacer

Beat Replacer free drum-sampler | audio-to-midi by CGM Prods

Beat Replacer is a free drum sampler and audio to midi VST plugin developed by CGM Prods. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Beat Replacer is a free VST plug-in designed to “translate” any source track’s beat into a custom MIDI note or a drum sound via an integrated SF2 compatible synth. It can use any MIDI port on your system as a destination too.

Similar to Drumagog’s philosophy, it’s not really intended to replace mixed drum kit performances, you need a multitrack independent drum recording to use, for example, a snare or bassdrum isolated track as a trigger sound to “on the fly” get another clean and already mastered percussion sound or sample.

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