SONIC STT free stutter | pitch-shifter | glitch by SONIC EMBLEM

SONIC STT is a free stutter and pitch shifter and glitch VST, Audio Unit, RTAS plugin developed by SONIC EMBLEM. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.


  • Variable Stutter for Buffer.
  • 1Bar~127Beat Repeat (Synchronize with BPM).
  • Infinity Pitch Shift.
  • Reverse Repeat.
  • Click Noise Reduction.
  • Support Automation.
  • UI for Touch Device.

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Made with Max/MSP for Pluggo

Slicer Box

Slicer Box free stutter by Synthescience

Slicer Box is a free stutter VST plugin developed by Synthescience. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The Slicer Box is a straightforward tremolo/stutter/autopanner plugin designed to slice up your audio material into choppy pulsating beats.

The Slicer Box is fully automatable and has the ability to store 32 presets.

It ships with a few already pre programmed ones that will show what its all about and may be the starting point to your individual creations.

Installation procedure: Unzip the file, then copy the DLLs into your VstPlugins folder.

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Simple Stutter

Simple Stutter free stutter by JC Productionz

Simple Stutter is a free stutter VST plugin developed by JC Productionz. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Simple Stutter is a real time stuttering/freeze effect VST plugin, it samples stereo and mono audio and outputs looped samples. Speed and pitch of the samples can be manipulated via a slider which allows 20 octaves of pitch control.

The plugin is small and compact and works on single and multi-core CPUs. All controls except “initial speed” can be automated and controlled via MIDI.


  • Full automation.
  • 20 octaves of pitch control.
  • Real-time stuttering.
  • Stereo or mono audio input.
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mREPTR free stutter by WOK

mREPTR is a free stutter VST plugin developed by WOK. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

An easy to use stutter-effect. Select REC/ARM and after any of the four buttons on the right is pressed, max. 10 seconds of incoming audio are recorded and the audio is looped immediately from the start point according to the length selection above the buttons (so it’s an instant live slice-looper).
STOP bypasses the effect, playing the original audio input – recorded material is kept and can be played again with the four buttons (until REC/ARM is used again and another portion is recorded).
Controllable by MIDI CC and notes.

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KerrStinn free sampler | slicer | stutter | glitch by Shuriken

KerrStinn is a free sampler and slicer and stutter and glitch VST plugin developed by Shuriken. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

KerrStinn is a slicer, glitcher and loop dissector. KerrStinn changes your loops randomly by moving slices of it around and/or applying effects to the slices according to rules that Shuriken call “generators”. It is sort of an automatic controllable recallable loop slicer.


  • Loads WAV files.
  • “Random” knob to control what initial value the randomizing has.
  • “Slices” knob to control how many slices you want to cut the loop in to.
  • “Bisyness” parameter to control the weight of random to be applied; low values equals a small chance of change and larger values more.
  • “Bars” parameter to set how many bars the loop originally is (up to 8).
  • “Generator” parameter – these are rules on how to dissect your loops. Take “Freaky 4” for example, its rule is simply “if a slice is the 4th in a series perhaps play it backwards and/or apply the fftish effect on the slice”.
  • On/off switch.


InstantSampler free sampler | slicer | stutter | glitch by Muxer

InstantSampler is a free sampler and slicer and stutter and glitch VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Muxer. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

InstantSampler is a simple sampler that records audio from the audio input when a MIDI note is played for the first time. Any consecutive time you play the same note, it plays back the recorded audio with the possibility to vary or trigger:

  • Velocity.
  • Attack and release.
  • The level of the input audio which is passed unaffected while no samples are played.
  • Playback speed using the pitchbend control.
  • Normal or reversed playback.
  • Looped scrolling, which enables you to use the modulation wheel to control the position in a sample at which small loops are played (e.g. “hello” becomes “h-h-e-e-l-l-o-o”).
  • Clearing of the sample memory.

This plugin is especially handy if you want to do some ‘remixing’ (like stuttering or scratch effects) on your mix without having to make a bounce-down of that mix first. You have explicit control over these effects, compared to other glitching “mess things up” plugins that often do things randomly.

FX Sample – Grain

FX Sample - Grain free sampler | slicer | stutter | glitch by

FX Sample – Grain is a free sampler and slicer and stutter and glitch plugin for HALion developed by Compatible OS(s): .

FX Sample – Grain is sampler primarily created to create and edit FX sounds, but works also as classic sampler.


  • Sample – Grain Interface.
  • Voice Management.
  • Filter Section.
  • Envelopes (Amp, Filter, Pitch, User).
  • LFOs (LFO 1, LFO, 2, LFO A, LFO B).
  • Modulation Matrix.
  • StepModulator.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • 30 + FX Sounds (presets).

{See video at top of page}


Booty free sampler | slicer | stutter | glitch by Glitchtek

Booty is a free sampler and slicer and stutter and glitch VST plugin developed by Glitchtek. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Booty is a real-time beat slicer for dodgy lo-fi electronic goodness.


Blittr free glitch | stutter | buffer-synth | lfo by ArcDev Noise Industries

Blittr is a free glitch and stutter and buffer synth and lfo VST plugin developed by ArcDev Noise Industries. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Blittr is a buffer-sampling, stuttering glitchbox in the tradition of DFX’s Buffer override. It features integrated modulation LFOs, XY pad and a useless-but-cool-looking wave scope.

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