Xhip Effects

Xhip Effects is a free stereo imaging VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by aciddose. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

These effect plugins were originally created for use with Xhip Synthesizer.

Instead of a downloadable manual: detailed documentation is maintained for each effect on the Xhip Effects page.

What are Xhip Effects?

The Xhip Effects bundle are simple, general purpose effects designed to be flexible, easy to use and most importantly fun. They are intended to be used in a more plug-and-play, old school, “analog” or “by ear” way. Each effect includes only the essential parameters in a format expected from a rack-mount or pedal.

Other effect plug-ins have more specialized designs that attempt to do what some might consider “too much”. This can overcomplicate their application as simple effects like a stereo delay.

The Xhip Effects provide every parameter via the plug-in interface for parameter automation and do not include presets, menus or other complicated UI features.

The effects include:

  • Fully resizable and partially skinnable GUIs (by editing configuration file).
  • Reverb – Designed to avoid an ultra-smooth fade-to-noise decay.
  • Compressor – Insert based upon a minimal electronic circuit.
  • Gate – Standard with additional features including side-chain input.
  • Limiter – Counterpart to the compressor for limiting with a simple design.
  • Vocal – A phoneme filter made from formant filters.
  • Follower – The Xhip synthesizer filter controlled by a HAR envelope follower.
  • mDelay – A modulated stereo delay with a feedback filter.
  • Phaser – Standard with a variable number of stages.
  • Tremolo – Standard with the bonus of a continuously variable LFO shape.
  • Clipper – Generic hard clipper with oversampling.
  • Multiplier – Unique type of fold-back distortion.
  • Quantizer – Time (sample and hold) and amplitude (bit reduction) axis quantization.
  • RC Filter – The most basic analog filter configurable as low-pass or high-pass.
  • Rectifier – Simple diode-like effect capable of half or full rectification.
  • Ringmod – Simple with a timbre control.

Xhip has an account at soundcloud with some example audio clips available.




The Xhip account on soundcloud includes demos of the effects as well as the tracks included there use almost exclusively Xhip Effects.



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