Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series

Kjaerhus free vst bundle

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series is a collection of free VST audio plugins made by Kjaerhus Audio.

The Audio Classic Serie is a bundle of Kjaerhus 9 Classic Serie mixing and mastering audio plugins. Including the classic auto-filter, chorus, compressor, delay, EQ, flanger, limiter, phaser and reverb. The classic serie goal is to emulate the warm and rich sound of vintage high end analog gear from the 70’s and 80’s eras. Kjaerhus unique “Warmth & Saturation” algorithms will give your sound a sweet and lively analog color. And it’s totally free !


  • Chorus
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Delay
  • EQ
  • Phaser, flanger
  • Reverb
  • Auto-Filter


X-Flanger free flanger by JC Productionz

X-Flanger is a free flanger VST plugin developed by JC Productionz. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

X-Flanger is designed to take an ordinary monophonic or stereo audio input and transform it into a wide pseudo stereo field. It also incorporates a 4 pole low pass filter and an LFO.

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ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

ThruZero is a free flanger VST plugin developed by mda. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Classic tape-flanging simulation – the sound disappears as playback positions of the two “tape machines” cross each other.


T-RackS CS

T-RackS CS free multi-fx | overdrive | saturation | bit-crusher | crunch | panner | pitch-shifter | phaser | flanger | eq | compressor | limiter | amp-simulator | filter by IK Multimedia

T-RackS CS is a free multi fx and overdrive and saturation and bit crusher and crunch and panner and pitch shifter and phaser and flanger and eq and compressor and limiter and amp simulator and filter VST, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX plugin developed by IK Multimedia. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Close your eyes and picture a store full of cool, powerful processing gear including compressors, limiters, reverbs, de-essers, multiband processors, and a shelf full of vintage, legendary gear emulations. In short, a dream store for recording musicians, engineers and producers.

It is not just a fantasy. This store is real and it’s available to you 24/7. In the T-RackS 5 Custom Shop you can browse a huge collection of IK’s high-quality processing plug-ins for mixing and mastering and purchase only the ones you want, when you want them. And the best part is, you can get started for free.


  • Free version of T-RackS including the Custom Shop, the Classic EQ and basic Metering functionality.
  • Standalone workstation, plugin suite and single plugins for Audio Units, VST2, VST3 and AAX formats.
  • Custom Shop functionality lets you purchase additional modules from inside the program.
  • T-RackS shell allows for chaining of up to 16 processors.
  • Standalone integration with ARC System 2.5 processing.
  • All processors available as individual plug-ins.
  • 64-bit native support.
  • High-fidelity oversampling for high-quality audio processing through the entire signal path.
  • SCC technology coupled with IK’s unique DSM technology provides the most realistic software emulation of vintage gear to date.
  • Extremely easy to use, with style-based presets, full chain visualization, one-click single module or chain bypass, “compare” function and more.

What’s new

  • 4 new processors available for separate purchase: Master Match, Dyna-Mu, ONE, EQual.
  • Resizable*, redesigned interface and plugin GUIs.
  • Expandable broadcast-ready metering suite*.
  • Floating meters option*.
  • Chains of up to 16 processors.
  • Album Assembly section with waveform editing and metadata*.
  • Enhanced audio engine.
  • Up to 192 kHz/32-bit floating point*.
  • 4 dithering algorithms.
  • Equal gain option*.
  • Signature presets from the industry’s top engineers*.

* Features available by upgrading to T-RackS 5, T-RackS 5 Deluxe or T-RackS 5 MAX. T-RackS 5 CS supports projects up to 48kHz and features basic metering functions. Presets require specific modules which might not be part of this version of T-RackS 5. You can however download any processor for free and test them for 14 days before purchase.



Svep free multi-fx | flanger | chorus | phaser by Klevgränd Produktion

Svep is a free multi fx and flanger and chorus and phaser VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by Klevgränd Produktion. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Svep is a stereo modulation filter effect suitable for any sound. All parameters are easily editable in one screen and the clean and responsive user interface encourages creativity. Tweak it to produce anything from old-school phasers to subtle choruses.


  • Low CPU usage.
  • Simple but yet powerful user interface.

Features iOS:

  • Inter App Audio (IAA) compatible. Works fine with Garageband and other IAA compatible hosts.
  • Supports Audiobus 2 including state saving.
  • Load / Save presets.
  • Remembers IAA hosts (will automatically load last used settings when a host connects).

Svep is developed by musicians for musicians.



Speculumfree free multi-fx | delay | echo | chorus | flanger | phaser | filter by Decade Bridge

Speculumfree is a free multi fx and delay and echo and chorus and flanger and phaser and filter VST, VST3, Audio Unit plugin developed by Decade Bridge. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Speculumfree is a delay/comb filter effect plugin.

Speculum’s state can be switched between delay and comb filter. The resulting sound is fed through a resonant low pass filter.

The delay rate can be finely adjusted through the divide function. This gives speculum the ability to produce flanging, chorus and phasing effects when automated.


Snap Heap

Snap Heap free multi-fx | distortion | flanger | phaser | eq | compressor | filter | lfo by kiloHearts

Snap Heap is a free multi fx and distortion and flanger and phaser and eq and compressor and filter and lfo VST, Audio Unit, AAX plugin developed by kiloHearts. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Snap Heap is a routable multi effect which allows for both serial and parallel processing. Effects are added in a modular fashion where you can use all of Kilohearts other effects in any combination you want.

Snap Heap offers a very flexible modulation interface with macros, LFOs, Envelopes and MIDI control support.

{See video at top of page}

Bundled with Snap Heap are 5 basic effects that all work as stand-alone plugins as well:



ReverbR free multi-fx | reverb | chorus | flanger | lfo by Midi Mobiles

ReverbR is a free multi fx and reverb and chorus and flanger and lfo VST plugin developed by Midi Mobiles. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

ReverbR is an FX generator based in multi modules FX. Delay, Flanger, Gain, Reverb and compressor with LFO associated in some control for creative psychedelic FX. All module FX can be measured with a slider mix…

2 version of ReverbR exist :

ReverbR (without LFO Panel)

ReverbR_lfo (with LFO Panel for activate these in some ReverbR controls)

Update 1.1n:

  • Improved time module. Less cracking when you move the knobs. Its smoother…



Pedals free multi-fx | overdrive | saturation | amp-simulator | delay | echo | flanger | phaser | pitch-shifter | reverb | eq | filter by ToneBytes

Pedals is a free multi fx and overdrive and saturation and amp simulator and delay and echo and flanger and phaser and pitch shifter and reverb and eq and filter VST plugin developed by ToneBytes. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Pedals is a VST effect plug-in designed for processing electric guitar and bass. It is also possible to process other audio sources for a variety of artistic techniques.

The Pedals GUI simulates real devices for sound processing: guitar pedals, amplifiers, speakers, etc. There are a total of 20 models of pedals, 2 amps, 7 speakers models and 3 rack units. These devices are not a copy of the real-life models, each with their own sound, but their working principles are identical.

The user can select a combination of effects and can even create extra mood by choosing floor material under the pedals: house parquet, metal garage floor or studio carpet.

There is a built-in preset manager to save the settings and access them or share them with other users. VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported.

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OwlSim free multi-fx | delay | distortion | flanger | phaser by Rebel Technology

OwlSim is a free multi fx and delay and distortion and flanger and phaser VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Rebel Technology. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

The OwlSim is a VST simulation of the OWL programmable effects pedal.

We’ve just released a VST/AU plugin binary of the OWLSim in its current state featuring a bunch of different plugin effects that you can switch between.

We see VST generation as a pleasant side-effect of the OWL project that allows people to easily test and debug their code in a familiar environment – the main purpose of the OWLSim framework is developing patches for the hardware, so don’t expect a super-neat GUI and bear in mind that the only controllable parameters represent the physical knobs on the OWL pedal.

You can of course change all of this within the framework, so if you want to try making your own binaries, you can download the OWLSim from here:


You’ll be able to look at the code from the current set of effects and then edit or build your own patches which will compile as your own VST binaries.

N.B. we also have an AU binary available at: