Unicycle is a free software synthesizer developed by Spacedad. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

By Spacedad and Mbreges.

An 8-Bit Polyphonic Sample-Based Synth with 300 four-cycle waveforms.

Inspired by Niffla‘s Fourcycle Synth.

Controls include ‘drawable’ ADSR Drawbars which are connected to:

  • Amp, Pitch, Filter and Badness.
  • Double LFOs for poly-rhythmic effects can be tempo-syncable or free running.
  • LFOs can be subtle or can achieve extreme speed taking it into self-oscillation.
  • Sample Rate/Bit Reducer.
  • Low-pass Filter.
  • Decimator.

originally entered into the KVR Developer Challenge 2009.

NEW updated version 0.14 is now tuned correctly (for old projects please tune down -9 semi-tones).


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