Pattern Arp Plus

Pattern Arp Plus is a free arpeggiator VST plugin developed by CK_Modules. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Pattern Arp Plus is an enhanced version of Pattern Arp with new features: Groove Timing, Humanise and GUI Transpose options.

Main Features:

  • Interactive Pattern based arpeggiator.
  • 64 Steps with up to 8 Note chord Patterns.
  • 16 Patterns per Patch.
  • Groove (delay) timing on every step.
  • Humanise control.
  • Pattern Sequencer (50 step + repeat).
  • Interactive transpose option.
  • GUI Transpose buttons.
  • MIDI Learn on controls.
  • Activation Keycode can be found on the CK_Modules&VST Forum page.
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