Sonicism Vintage Vocoder

Sonicism Vintage Vocoder free vocoder by Sonicism Digital Audio Solutions

Sonicism Vintage Vocoder is a free vocoder DirectX plugin developed by Sonicism Digital Audio Solutions. Compatible OS(s): Windows.


  • Screaming analogue style filtering:
    • Cutoff frequencies from 0 to 11kHz.
    • Variable resonance (Q factor).
    • Low-pass, hi-pass & band-pass modes.
    • Pre-post filtering options.
  • Versatile and powerful Filterbank for analyzing the modulator signal:
    • Choose between 1 and 256 frequency analysis bands.
    • Configurable analysis range from 0-11kHz.
    • Configurable modulation factor.
  • Onboard tone generator for use as the carrier signal:
    • Useful in its own right as a signal generator.
    • Up to 8 oscillators.
    • Triangle, square, sawtooth and sine wave shapes.
    • Individual pitch, fine tune, volume, wave shape and mute controls for each oscillator.
  • Modulate anything with anything. As an alternative to using the onboard tone generator, the Vocoder has a secondary mode which allows it to use the left audio input as the modulator and the right audio input as the carrier (or vice versa).
  • 32-bit IEEE Floating Point internal signal path.
  • Code optimization for realtime performance.
  • All parameters Fully automatable in supported host applications.
  • Import/Export parameter settings to a spreadsheet file.

Robo voice

Robo voice free vocoder by Wallofsound

Robo voice is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by Wallofsound. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Robo voice is a VST plug-in for Windows that simulates the work of classic vocoder.

Made with SynthEdit

Mini Voctopus

Mini Voctopus free vocoder by Boxsounds

Mini Voctopus is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by Boxsounds. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Mini Voctopus is an 8 Band real-time Vocoder.


  • Use any audio as the modulator and any audio as the carrier.
  • 8 Band filter bank with attack, decay and extra carrier gain.
  • Separate modulator and carrier volume controls.
  • Pan.
  • Dry/wet control.
Made with SynthEdit

La Voz Cantante

La Voz Cantante free vocoder by MV's Plugins

La Voz Cantante is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by MVs Plugins. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

An FFT-based 1024-channel vocoder. The modulator input – usually a sung or simpjy spoken voice – is analyzed with respect to its spectral content, which is then applied to the other sound source. The latter may be any externally supplied signal ranging from pink noise, synth pads, guitar or even drums. Alternatively, there is an internal, MIDI driven synth which is optimized for best speech reproduction fidelity. You can blend the high frequencies with noise for natural-sounding sibilants. There is also a noise gate, a compressor and a stereo reverb on board.

Here is a summary of La Voz Cantante’s features:

  • FFT based 1024-channel vocoder.
  • Stereo inputs for carrier and modulator, respectively.
  • Optional MIDI input to drive internal synth as carrier.
  • Polyphony with unlimited number of voices.
  • Up to three voices per note with adjustable relative detuning and stereo width.
  • Octave, semitone and fine tuning controls.
  • Option of noise blending for improved sibilant formation.
  • Built-in modulator noise gate with indicator.
  • Built-in soft knee limiter with color-coded LED indicator.
  • Built-in stereo reverb.
  • Master volume control with output clipping indicator.
  • LED indicators for inputs and outputs for quick check of signal routing.

New in Version 6B:

  • Increased resolution to 1024 channels.
  • Full stereo processing.
  • Reduced latency.
  • Report latency to host.
  • GUI rework.
  • Reworked sibilant management (much improved!).
  • Internal synth dynamic response.
  • Hide ADSR controls.
  • Added portamento.
  • Added delayed vibrato option.
  • New reverb powered by MVerb 7B engine (much improved!).
  • Optimizations and bug fixes.
Made with FlowStone

Hot Robot Vocoder

Hot Robot Vocoder free vocoder by Design-S

Hot Robot Vocoder is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by Design-S. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Design-S Hot Robot Vocoder is a vocoder VST effect. It is written in C# and requires .NET 4.0.

What differs this vocoder among others are its bands. You can drag them and resize them as you wish to affect the output sound. You can change number of bands from 4 to 40 by turning the bands knob.

It has a setup package to simplify installation.


Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC

Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC free vocoder by Full Bucket Music

Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC is a free vocoder VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Full Bucket Music. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

The Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC is a software plug-in for Microsoft Windows (VST) and Apple macOS (VST/AU) simulating the classic KORG VC-10 Vocoder from 1978. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and extremely low CPU consumption. The main features are:

  • 20 band full stereo vocoder.
  • 64 voice polyphonic built-in Tone Generator section.
  • Accent Bending and Vibrato effects.
  • Optional WAV file playback.
  • Fully tweakable Analysis/Synthesis section.
  • Tweakable Ensemble effect.
  • Double precision audio processing.
  • All parameters can be controlled by MIDI controllers.
  • Plug-in supports Windows and macOS (32-bit and 64-bit).

{See video at top of page}


DtBlkFx free multi-fx | eq | filter | vocoder | pitch-shifter | delay | distortion | flanger | phaser by Darrell Tam

DtBlkFx is a free multi fx and eq and filter and vocoder and pitch shifter and delay and distortion and flanger and phaser VST plugin developed by Darrell Tam. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

DtBlkFx is a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) spectral processing plug-in.


Precision parametric equalizing with sharp-roll off:

  • Set the frequencies so accurately that you can adjust individual harmonics of a sound.
  • Frequency resolutions of up to 0.7 Hz.

Harmonic based (or comb) filtering:

  • Set a fundamental frequency and adjust the level of it and its harmonics – you can even remove the pitched component of a voice.
  • Active harmonic tracking – let DtBlkFx automatically track a sound and adjust the level of its harmonics.

Various types of noise control:

  • Change the “contrast” between loud and soft frequency components.
  • Adjust only those frequencies below or above a particular threshold.
  • Clip frequencies above a particular threshold.
  • Sound smearing (phase randomizing).

Frequency shifting:

  • Harmonic shifting by a fixed number of notes.
  • Non-harmonic shifting by a fixed frequency.
  • Active harmonic repitch – the content of your sound is monitored and re-pitched to a destination note.


  • Standard (frequency enveloping) – make your trumpet rap, string section sing or synthesizer talk.
  • Harmonic based – harmonics in one channel are power-matched to those in the other (or some predefined waveforms) for a new vocoding sound.

Frequency masking:

  • A harmonic or threshold mask may be set for any effect (apart from vocoding) – for example only shift frequencies that are below the threshold.

Realtime spectrogram (waterfall) display of input and output sounds:

  • See what frequency components are in your sound and exactly what you’ve done.
  • Use your mouse to see the note & frequency under the pointer.

You can select up to 4 of the above effects to be run in series – combining the effects in this way allows you to make completely new and surprising sounds.

DtBlkFx is freely distributable and is covered by the terms of the GNU licensing agreement. Source code is included.

Cube Breath

Cube Breath free vocoder by xoxos

Cube Breath is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by xoxos. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Cube Breath is a standalone application for Windows created with SynthEdit and SAVIhost, but will also run as a VST effect. It is a realtime, fully automatic pop music generator. Audio input is vocoded in tune with the music, allowing the user to “instantly transform their shopping list, answering machine messages or office memos into floor-filling number one hit singles”.

Made with SynthEdit

Cannabis Vocoder

Cannabis Vocoder free vocoder by Bitsonic

Cannabis Vocoder is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by Bitsonic. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b.

Cannabis vocoder is a funny plugin which can completely change the sound of your vocal track. The mono version is an effect plugin, meaning it’s not a VST instruments. Using the effect on the vocal track the software automatically tracks the tune of the vocal track, and calculates the pitch of the changed sound as well.

The poly version is a VST instruments application, where you can load the vocal track into the software and using the MIDI channel you can create a polyphonic vocoder.


  • Octave/Semitone: You can change the pitch here. If you change the value of the octave you can create various, interesting sounds – even within the same vocoder tone.
  • Attack: Changes the reaction time of the vocoder.
  • Original: Dashes the altered sound with the original sounding.
  • Vocoder: Changes the volume of the vocoder, but the original sound stays the same.
  • File: Saves or loads your personal settings.
  • Voice/Groove: If you use the mono version, you can use the specific sound of the vocoder for grooves, drums. In this case I suggest changing the switch button to groove mode, so the pitch extraction works on fix pitch.
  • Load: Loads a new wav file.
  • Menu: You can choose from 25 different tones.

Breath Cube

Breath Cube free vocoder by xoxos

Breath Cube is a free vocoder VST plugin developed by xoxos. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Breath Cube employs the ‘pop music generating’ engine of Cube Breath and adds a 3-band synthetic voice to “challenge your listening skills”.

Breath Cube was created using SynthEdit and runs as a standalone with the included SAVIHost application or as a VST plug-in.

The Breath Cube GUI features artwork by Shane Sanders.

Made with SynthEdit