sg-corruptor free glitch by Synthgeek

sg-corruptor is a free glitch VST plugin developed by Synthgeek. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The idea for this effect came from the data corruption effect used in the noisebot synths. However, that effect depends on several other parts of the synth to function, so this is a modified version that uses an odd sort of resynthesis effect and a ring modulator as input, with a filter and two LFOs (one for the ring mod, one for the filter). Another crucial feature for the function of that effect is the combiner, which here is fed by the two LFOs. A few tweaks were made to make it work better outside of its original home. The results will always be somewhat unpredictable, and will probably only slightly resemble the input material, but that’s the idea.

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S2VOL free glitch | lfo by SONIC EMBLEM

S2VOL is a free glitch and lfo VST, Audio Unit, RTAS plugin developed by SONIC EMBLEM. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

< Sequencer Control >

Step Number > 1Step ~ 4Step.

Step Direction > Up, Down, Updn, Rndm.

Trigger Mode > Manual ~ Auto.

Quantize Cycle > 1Bar ~ 128Beat.

Step Length > x1Rate ~ x48Rate *-value=accelerate action.

Step Speed > x1Rate ~ x48Rate *-value=invert action.

< Waveform Control >

SAW > Saw-100% ~ Tri ~ Saw+100%.

SQU > S&H+100% ~ Square+100%.

SIN > Sine-100% ~ Sine+100%.

SCH > Sidechain -100% ~ 100%.

SPD > LFO Speed 1Bar ~ 48Beat.

EXT > Extension Value -100% ~ 100%.

LVL > Level Value 0% ~ ∞%.

SCL > Scale Value 0% ~ 100% *-value=with delay action.

*Mouse Right Click=Reset Value.

{See video at top of page}

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Reversinator free glitch by ndc Plugs

Reversinator is a free glitch VST plugin developed by ndc Plugs. Compatible OS(s): Windows, macOS.

Reversinator, a “simplistic realtime audio-reversing plugin”.

The input audio is read into a 88200-sample buffer, which has two read pointers (going in the opposite direction of the write pointer), half the buffer apart. The sound from each pointer is mixed according to a raised cosine type envelope, to ensure the volume is constant, and that you never hear the discontinuity between the previous data and the new data being written in.


R_Mem free glitch | granulizer by Inear Display

R_Mem is a free glitch and granulizer VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Inear Display. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

R_Mem is a granulator effect plug-in with additional ring-modulator, multimode filter and delay. What makes it special is the addition of a modulation matrix driven by 4 LFOs and of a morphing system that lets you store two states and crossfade between them. For more sound mangling possibilities, both state slots can be filled with random values.

The full version also comes with 50 royalty-free samples (24-bit / 44.1 kHz) : a selection of dark soundscapes and sound effects crafted from a mix of field recordings and digital experiments.

Features :

  • From 16 to 64 grains (10 ms to 200 ms).
  • Ring-modulator.
  • Stereo delay up to 1 second.
  • Multimode filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch).
  • Grain freeze.
  • 4 LFOs.
  • Modulation matrix.
  • Morphing between 2 states.
  • State randomizers.
  • MIDI learn.
  • MIDI program change support.
  • 50 royalty-free samples.
  • Lifetime free updates for registered users.


Pseudograins free glitch | granulizer | slicer by Subminimal

Pseudograins is a free glitch and granulizer and slicer VST plugin developed by Subminimal. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

General Features:

  • Loads WAV files.
  • Supports MIDI CCs.
  • Syncs to tempo.

Pseudograins is composed of 4 main components:

Main Loop:

  • Forward/Reverse main loop sample playback.
  • Slices – The number of divisions in the main loop. Each of these slices are represented in the sequencer.
  • ADSR [enable/disable] – sends each slice thru an envelope.
  • Speed Control [min/max] – controls the speed at which the main slices are played back. Negative values cause playback of main slices to reverse.

Sub Loop:

It works just as above with the exception that it processes individual slices generated in the main loop. Setting a high sub slice value will cause a pseudo granular effect, as you are dividing a single slice into an a much smaller looping sub slice. You can use it to maintain pitch, but timestretch the hell out of a sample. Larger sub slice values can be used to create stutters or general repetitions here and there.


The sequencer is HEX based (0-9,A-F) – you can arrange these slices in any order you want. You can juggle a drum loop, chop a vocal into prefuse 73 stutters. The sync mode and quantize will further effect how the sequencer steps thru the main loop slices.

There are 4 sequence lanes label A-D. You can trigger these live to switch sequences during playback.

[Sequencer Sync Modes]:

  1. None – As soon as a slice is played, it moves to the next position in the sequencer. It will return to the beginning once all steps in the text string are exhausted.
  2. FreeRun – You are synced to host tempo, but it plays thru the list, returning to the beginning once all steps are exhausted.
  3. Locked – GlitchBitch is synced to host tempo, the number of step played is based on the Quantize (below).
  4. Quantize – determines the number of steps when syncing to host using FreeRun/Locked.
    8 – will play 8 steps, synced to 1/8ths in the host.
    16 – will play 16 steps, synced to 1/16ths in the host.
    32 – will play 32 steps, synced to 1/32nds in the host.
    64 – will play 64 steps, synced to 1/64ths in the host.


Snapshots are used to recall all parameter settings instantly. This is how you begin making things a bit more musical, as you can switch parameters instantly to focus on different sounds.


Phutboyslim free glitch by Scuzzphut

Phutboyslim is a free glitch VST plugin developed by Scuzzphut. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Phutboyslim is an inline sampler VST plugin which samples its audio input and plays back tempo-synced chunks – an effect which is sometimes referred to as the CD-skip effect or stutter-edit.

It is designed to be inserted in the master output fx rack and functions by constantly sampling the last “x” beats of the input signal (your whole mix, usually). When it receives a MIDI note, it constantly plays back that buffer until the MIDI note is released, at which point the source material is allowed through again.

Think of the stuttering samples in a typical Fatboy Slim tune and you’ll have a good idea of what phutboyslim can do for you.


  • Select any number of beats from 1-16.
  • Sub-divisions down to 1/64th.
  • “quick-select” keys on the turntable.
  • MIDI support – trigger playback and change beat count via midi note.
  • Forward, reverse and toggle playback modes.
  • Automatic synchronization of the GUI trigger (to the nearest 1/4 or 1/16th of a bar).


PHInterfereVST free distortion | glitch by Phasic

PHInterfereVST is a free distortion and glitch VST plugin developed by Phasic. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

PHInterfereVST is a unique sounding lo-fi/interference effect that modulates and mixes pink noise with the incoming signal, giving a grainy/interference style of distortion. Subtle effects can be achieved by using slow LFO rates with low depths, or you can go to the extremes.


Necroloop free glitch by Pluggotic

Necroloop is a free glitch VST plugin developed by Pluggotic. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Necroloop is a pseudo real-time stereo slicing effect for buffer-freaks. Incoming audio gets sliced and then manipulated via 8 step-sequences controlling start/end points of the slices, pitch, one of the three effects available and randomizations.

Many transformations can be achieved, subtle/occasional fills, glitches and bleeps, variations, drills/rolls/repeats/stutters, turntable-style modulations, rudimental time-stretching and noises, re-tuning melodies, random events/jams, etc.


  • 32 patterns per sequencer.
  • Pattern “copy” function.
  • Buffer/slices reverse.
  • Fully host-synchronized & performance oriented.
  • Parameters jittering and patterns chaos.
  • Gliding with separated rise and fall controls.
  • Additional fx: multimode filter, multimode modulator and bitcrusher.
  • Variable rates & slicing resolutions.
  • Optional quantization for loop points and pitch.
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Motile free multi-fx | distortion | flanger | phaser | chorus | reverb | delay | glitch by NOVUZEIT

Motile is a free multi fx and distortion and flanger and phaser and chorus and reverb and delay and glitch VST plugin developed by NOVUZEIT. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

Motile is designed to aid in the creation of extreme experimental music and idiosyncratic sound design.

Motile consists of many different FX types primarily designed towards “FSU”, including Glitch, Psycho-modulation, Metallicize, Granulation, and more. All of these FX types are controlled from within Motile’s interface by direct mouse control of each effect via an XY grid that allows “dynamic transvolving sounds for each”. The XY movement of each FX unit can also be automated fully using various waveform selections and throttle controls. A combination of human mouse movement and computer aided automation for each effect is possible as well.

Also included is the FX Cycle system, allowing each FX type to be randomly turned on and off in realtime. MIDI CC support for all pertinent parameters is included. Motile’s entire control scheme is fully tool-tipped for ease of use.

The full version of Motile includes over 60 presets, a HTML user reference manual, and a printable MIDI CC control listing.

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machin free multi-fx | fsu | gate by de la Mancha

machin is a free multi fx and fsu and gate VST plugin developed by de la Mancha. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

machin is a random, probability-based, step-sequenced multi-fx device created by de la Mancha in partnership with sink.

  • The step sequencer defines the probability that any single random effect will be triggered on that step.
  • Weighting defines the probability for each effect that it will be the one that is triggered.


  • 6 effects (gate, crusher, filter, flanger, delay, reverb).
  • 2-32 step probability sequencer over a cycle of 2-32 beats.
  • Seeded randomisation with loop repeat over cycle of 2-100 beats.
  • Swing control for step sequencer.
  • Any effects can be turned off to save CPU.
  • Each effect has an attack/decay on triggering and pulse length to determine duration effect is on.
  • Master wet/dry mix control.
  • All controls have MIDI learn.
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