Wav Tab Synth

Wav Tab Synth is a free software synthesizer developed by Ph D(J) Music. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Wav Tab Synth is a wavetable VSTi plug-in synthesizer created with SynthMaker.


  • Two wave table oscillators with a variety of pre-loaded wave tables.
  • Ability to load your own wave tables into both the oscillators and the LFOs.
  • Each oscillator has its own LFO with selectable waveform and capable of loading your own.
  • wave table.
  • LFOs route-able to filter Cutoff, Resonance, Pitch, and oscillator frequency and phase.
  • Ability to add multiple oscillators and adjust “fatness” (detune) with Fattener Knob.
  • Oscillator detuners with octave and fine adjustments.
  • Individual oscillator amplifiers and mix adjustments.
  • A noise oscillator with detune and bypass.
  • Filter with low, high, bandpass, band reject and peaking filters.
  • Filter envelope.
  • Oscillator envelope.
  • Chords and chorus effects.
  • Waveform display with selectable range, sample size, and phosphor effect.
  • Several presets and ability to save presets.
  • “Vibrating” title during sounds.
Made with SynthMaker


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