Tramp Model A

Tramp Model A is a free software synthesizer developed by Deztex Limited Productions. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Tramp Model A is an FM Synth with 3 Operators that can be configured into 4 different algorithms.


  • Each Oscillator has Sine, Ramp, Saw, Triangle & Square Wave. Frequency is set by keyboard pitch with ratio adjustments up to +- 5 octaves. A control also can be used to tune up or down 1 octave in semi-tones (notes).
  • Each Operator has a separate 4 stage envelope generator; the rate settings can be multiplied for attack and decay rates that can run into minutes.
  • Each Operator has a separate control for setting the sensitivity for Velocity, Amplitude Modulation or Pitch Modulation.
  • An output level controls the output level for each OSC; each OSC can also be switched off.
  • Two LFOs: each is gated and has an Attack and Release Envelope; each produces Sine, Ramp, Saw, Triangle and Square Waves.
  • A 4-stage pitch envelope generator.
  • Operator 3 includes an adjustable feedback path.
  • A Biquad sweepable filter: Low Pass, Hi Pass, Band Pass or Notch; the Fc (critical / center frequency) and Q (bandwidth) is adjustable. The filter includes a built in gated LFO with Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle and Square Waves; the LFO is gated and can be delayed; LFO Speed and Depth controls are also included; the LFO modulates the FC of the filter.
  • Portamento and a Master Volume.
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