Tracktion Daw Essentials effect Racks

Tracktion Daw Essentials effect Racks virtual instrument is a free sound bank for Tracktion, by Lay-It Productions.

Tracktion Essentials eFx Racks.

In this Rack Pack you get 5 well put together rack plugins for your Tracktion DAW. Some are remakes of some of the First Tracktion effect Racks introduced in Tracktion 2.

Your 5 effect Racks are:

  1. TDE Auto flag Phase.
  2. TDE Delay (phaser).
  3. TDE delay rack.
  4. TDE gate duck crush.
  5. TDE reverb chorus delay.

Note: You must own Tracktion Daw Essential to use this Download (Read under Tracktion Essentials Mixing Racks)

Download Tracktion Daw Essentials Here

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