Triqtraq LE

Triqtraq LE free sequencer | sampler by Zaplin Music

Triqtraq LE is a free sequencer and sampler stand alone application developed by Zaplin Music. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

Create music on the go with Triqtraq LE. Compose original beats in the smooth one-window interface, record sound tweaks in realtime and use the advanced automation and rhythmic features to create musical patterns that never sound the same.

Triqtraq LE is a free limited edition of the critically acclaimed music app Triqtraq – Jam Sequencer.

For a direct comparison of features in both versions, please visit

Key Features Of Triqtraq LE:

  • Sequencer:
    • Four Channels, each with 8 playable Sample Pads.
    • 6 Patterns per Session.
    • Step Editor.
    • Recordable Automation.
    • Pitch, Filter, Delay, Pan, Level and Decay per Channel.
    • Loop Range: individual track and automation lengths.
    • Loop Speed: individual speed per track or automation.
    • Multi-selection and recording.
    • Real-time switching between patterns.
    • Automation option for BPM and Swing.
  • Sounds:
    • 16 Sound Kits included.
  • Support for:
    • Ableton Link.
    • Audiobus.
    • Inter-App Audio.
    • Background Audio.
  • Export to:
    • SoundCloud, E-mail or iTunes.
    • Open In… (Dropbox, Airdrop etc.).
  • Extra:
    • User Guide.

The Orb – Ear Trainer

The Orb - Ear Trainer free education by Purple Magic

The Orb – Ear Trainer is a free education plugin developed by Purple Magic. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

The Orb – Ear Trainer has been designed to streamline cumbersome and cluttered interfaces of existing ear training software to bring forth an app that not only takes the best out of what exists today but goes way beyond. It includes a pioneering interactive voice pitch recognition system that takes ear training process to the next level. The purpose of the app is to remove any distraction and mental effort and concentrate solely on hearing different intervals, and eventually singing them in as well.

On top of that, a multifunctional ear training assistant has been provided to help instantly transcribe your favourite melodies and much more.

Three Game Modes:

Touch Mode:

  • interval test interface where the user taps on the correct answer.
  • ascending, descending, simultaneous, and mixed modes.

Sing Mode:

  • interval test interface where the user Sings the correct answer.
  • ascending, descending ad mixed modes.
  • user friendly pitch detection algorithm.

Link Mode:

  • links Sing Mode and Touch Mode.

wo Ear Training Assistant Modes:

Pitch Recognition Live:

  • feedback of current note/interval on mic input.
  • set key.
  • select between interval and note display.

Customisable Ear Training Treadmill:

  • select intervals you would like to practice.
  • no time constraints.

Other features:

  • HD graphics.
  • particle animations, explosions and more.
  • user friendly level structure to incrementally increase your ability.
  • configurable pitch range settings.
  • two configurable difficulty settings.

Tech Tom Free

Tech Tom Free free drum-machine by Kajiya Music

Tech Tom Free is a free drum machine plugin developed by Kajiya Music. Compatible OS(s): Android.

Tech Tom Free is analog synth drum, similar to ULT-SOUND DS-4.

Tech Tom Free has 9 sliders, 5 buttons and 2 pads.

You can get Tech Tom Free on Google Play.

Tech Tom Movie (Japanese): {See video at top of page}

notice:Tech Tom Free has no delay function.

StompBox Lite

StompBox Lite free multi-fx | delay | reverb | chorus by 4PocketsAudio

StompBox Lite is a free multi fx and delay and reverb and chorus plugin developed by 4PocketsAudio. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

StompBox Lite turns your iPad into a flexible Multi FX Processor which comes with 3 free effects; Delay, Reverb, Chorus and a further 16 Effects to choose from in the Online store.

StompBox Lite supports AudioBus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio making an excellent general purpose audio processing tool for all musicians, not just guitarists.

With StompBox you get the best of both worlds, a rack of professional sounding stereo effects (with far more control than simple foot pedals) and a foot controller to access a tuner and all your patches.

Simply listen through a pair of headphones, or attach to an external amplifier or hifi to truly experience the program in all its glory.

Once you have built up a library of patches, you can use the virtual foot controller to quickly and easily move between patches. The Virtual Foot controller gives instant access to all patch parameters and amp settings, with the ability to enable and disable individual effects at the touch of a button. If you want to modify an effect parameter, simply scroll the effect rack into view and make your changes.

In-App options include:

  • Media Player – Load your favorite MP3s and play along, you can even slow down the music without effecting pitch so you can play along at your own pace.
  • 4 Track Recorder – Record your own backing track.
  • Loop Station – Record your own loops.


  • Guitar and Bass Multi FX Processor.
  • 16 Unique Effects available in In-App Store.
  • 7 Types of Distortion via Distortion In-App.
  • Chain up to 12 Simultaneous Effects.
  • Media Player with Time Stretching (In-App Purchase).
  • 4 Track Loop Recorder (In-App Purchase).
  • Metronome/Chromatic Tuner.
  • Stereo Routing.
  • Save 12 banks of 6 patches.
  • Virtual Foot Controller.
  • Virtual Whammy Pedal.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Compatible with range of hardware interfaces.
  • 3 Unique Skins.

Many guitar apps use a form of Amp Modelling which in most cases is just fancy form of EQ. This is great for electric guitars, but not so good for acoustic. StompBox allows various amp EQs both via the PreAmp and additional effects, but the important thing for acoustic guitar users is that these EQs can be completely bypassed. This is where StompBox really shines, giving a faithful reproduction of acoustic instruments. This also means StompBox can be used on keyboards too.

{See video at top of page}

Stem Player

Stem Player free audio-player by x1101 Studio

Stem Player is a free audio player plugin developed by x1101 Studio. Compatible OS(s): Android.

An android player for Stem audio files.

About the Stem format:

As an open multi-track audio format, Stems enhances creative possibilities for DJs, producers, and live performers. A Stem file contains a track split into four musical elements: a drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem and a vocal stem for example.

The Stem format provides the ability to freely interact with a track’s different musical elements. Each stem can be controlled independently to create instant new mixes, mashups, instrumentals, acappellas and more.

For more information about the Stem format, visit

Spectral Eye

Spectral Eye free oscilloscope by Secret Base Design

Spectral Eye is a free oscilloscope plugin developed by Secret Base Design. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

Spectral Eye analyzes incoming audio signals to extract the underlying frequencies. Most sounds are built up from a variety of sine waves; a simple whistle might be a single wave, while a guitar, piano, or the human voice have many waves added together.

By using a Fast Fourier Transform, sound can be decomposed into each frequency. Normally, this information is displayed on a chart, and there are number of excellent apps that do exactly this. Spectral Eye rearranges the FFT into a spiral, so that frequencies that are an octave apart are lined up as rays from the center of the display. The strength of each frequency is represented by the size of a red circle.

Play music, and Spectral Eye will reveal the frequencies. For a guitar, it’s easy to see that in addition to the root frequency of a note, there are also a number of harmonic frequencies — and these change based on the strings used, the pickups, and the amplification system. It’s the frequencies present in the notes that make a Telecaster sound different from a Les Paul, and a piano different from a trumpet. Play an instrument, music from your iTunes library, or have it listen to whatever sounds are nearby — the display is fun to watch.

If you’re interested in understanding the nature of sound, use Spectral Eye to get a better view. The app was created as a utility used in the development in other Secret Base Design apps; we’re making it freely available, because we found it to be useful, and thought others might like it too.

The app will remain free, and will not have ads. If you find it useful, we would very much appreciate a review in the app store, and you can get in touch with us through our support site, our Facebook page, or Twitter.

Have fun with the app, and we hope you enjoy opening your Spectral Eye!

ReBirth RB-338

ReBirth RB-338 free software-synthesizer by Reason Studios

ReBirth RB-338 is a free software synthesizer developed by Reason Studios. Available format(s): for Windows .

ReBirth RB-338 pioneered a new era of music instrumentation that merged the principles of “virtual reality” with historic synthesizers and drum machines.

Introduced in 1997, ReBirth is a software emulation of classic Roland devices: the TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer and the TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composers.

Officially discontinued in 2005, Propellerhead Software created the ReBirth Museum where you can download the final version of ReBirth for free (as a CD-ROM image).


QmidiCtl free midi-controller by rncbc

QmidiCtl is a free midi controller plugin developed by rncbc. Compatible OS(s): Linux.

QmidiCtl is a MIDI remote controller application that sends MIDI data over the network, using UDP/IP multicast. Inspired by multimidicast ( and designed to be compatible with ipMIDI for Windows (

QmidiCtl was long ago designed for the Maemo enabled handheld devices, namely the late Nokia N900 and also being promoted to the Maemo Package repositories. Nevertheless, QmidiCtl may still be found effective as a regular desktop application and recently as an Android application as well.


Project page:


QmidiCtl is free, open-source Linux Audio software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

See also: QmidiNet – A MIDI network gateway via UDP/IP multicast.

Pocket Beats Drum Machine

Pocket Beats Drum Machine free sequencer | drum-sampler by Dream Engine Interactive

Pocket Beats Drum Machine is a free sequencer and drum sampler stand alone application developed by Dream Engine Interactive. Compatible OS(s): iOS.

Pocket Beats Drum Machine is drum sequencer for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It was designed to overcome some of the problems of programming complex polyphonic drum patterns. Pocket Beats makes it a breeze to create precision drum loops with rapid retriggering and drumrolls. It takes just seconds to create complex rhythms using the touch-based grid interface.

Pocket Beats is made by Dream Engine Interactive and powered by our mobile-optimized Dream Audio Engine featuring custom DSP code. With Pocket Beats Drum Machine, you’ll be able to tweak sounds with distortion effects pads. You can also experiment with a range of speeds, anywhere from 10-999 BPM, while still preserving sound quality.

Pocket Beats was created by MIT and MIT Media Lab grads to create precision drum beats on the go. Our drum kits were designed by a Berklee grad to help get you started and inspire you to create your own loops. It’s easy enough for the beginner to use, but robust enough to satisfy a serious musician.

New drum kits and feature upgrades will be added regularly.


  • Pocket Beats now works with Audiobus
  • Polyphonic drum loops with up to seven instruments.
  • Multi-touch grid interface to easily visualize the relationship between each instrument.
  • Mute/solo individual instruments.
  • Two touch-controlled effects pads.
  • 10-999 BPM tempo control.
  • Drumrolls and retriggering: instantly glitch any beat.
  • Five free drum kits with more available for purchase in several genres.
  • Export your loops as .wav files or ringtones.
  • Upgrade to the Pro version to import your own samples, mix and match instruments, and get more control over effects.

Pocket Beats Drum Machine is available for free on the app store. Try it now.

Pocket Beats Drum Machine Pro is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99.

For more information, visit or the Pocket Beats Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter @pocketbeatsapp.