Font! free software-synthesizer by Sonic Assault

Font! is a free software synthesizer developed by Sonic Assault. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

  • SoundFont synthesizer.
  • 24 Note polyphony.
  • ADSR Envelope Generator.
  • Coarse and Fine Tuning.
  • Level Control with Output Overload Indicators.
  • Pan Control.
  • Full Automation.
  • User Assignable Automation Capability.
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DrSid free software-synthesizer by Odo Synths

DrSid is a free software synthesizer developed by Odo Synths. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

DrSid is a simple sample based lo-fi/c64 synth with its sounds coming from an included collection of 320 samples. It has 6 sound/sample slots offering decay, tune and octave controls.

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Drop-CRE8 free software-synthesizer by Sample Fuel

Drop-CRE8 is a free software synthesizer for HALion, developed by Sample Fuel. Available format(s): for .

Intuitive and flexible with the focus on quick and easy workflow is the concept behind our CRE8 Engine.

Drop has a simple drag n drop synth engine that contains a sample layer and a granular layer. Presets have up to 2 Layers and you can load patches in up to 16 slots that can be used multi-timbral or layered by assigning patches to the same MIDI channel.

The main concept behind its design is to provide you with a “Main Page” that provides all the functionality you would reach for during composing or performing. Of course there is an incredible amount of functionality and sound design capabilities contained in the additional pages we provide all with the same concept of being simple and intuitive.

*Requires HALion Sonic SE 3.1.10 free, HALion Sonic 3.1.10 or HALion 6.1.10 or higher.

dirty harry

dirty harry free software-synthesizer by de la Mancha

dirty harry is a free software synthesizer developed by de la Mancha. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

dirty harry is an unashamedly DIY lofi synth based on samples of dlM’s two home-made, lo-fi noise-makers, the Atari Punk Console and the BugBrand WOM.

dirty harry offers 20 unique waveforms in all their mono/monophonic glory. For extra grit the oscillators can be sync’d or ring modulated. Fidelity can be lowered further still with reduction in sample quality, distortion and a unique ‘bad contact’ emulation. 2 tempo-sync LFOs allow modulation of filter, pitch and contact, with one LFO modulating the depth and frequency of the other. There are envelopes for volume, pitch and filter, with different contours and pitch options. Throw in an arpeggiator, pitch drift and portamento and you can see that, whilst it may be lofi in sound, it doesn’t lack for sound design features.


  • 20 unique waveforms sampled from dlM’s home-made lofi synths, the Atari Punk Console and the BugBrand WOM.
  • 3 oscillators, syncable to osc1 and ring modulatable with each other.
  • Each osc can be routed to the filter independently.
  • 2 tempo sync LFOs with many waveforms, can modulate filter cutoff, each osc pitch and the contact depth and wet level.
  • LFO 2 can modulate the depth and speed of LFO 1.
  • 2 envelopes for volume, filter or pitch, with various contours and options to modulate up/down.
  • Tempo sync arpeggiator.
  • Dodgy contact emulation.
  • Pitch instability.
  • Low quality, dirty, lo-fi options.
  • 89 presets covering Lead, Bass, Arp, Drone, Fx and Basic styles.
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Cycle-Lite free software-synthesizer by Sample Fuel

Cycle-Lite is a free software synthesizer for HALion, developed by Sample Fuel. Available format(s): for .

Cycle-Lite is a sample based synth engine that houses 4 different sample layers with 24 different sample sources each. The engine cycles through each layer in order in tempo with the host/DAW. When the cycling is disabled, this instrument is capable to create thick and powerful 4 layer pads. The factory library includes over 35 professionally curate program presets.

This is a lite version of Sample Fuel’s full version instrument, Cycle-CRE8.

This is not a demo or timed-out version. Cycle-CRE8 is hosted in Steinberg’s HALion Sonic SE (free multi-timbral host).


Cumulus free software-synthesizer by Loomer

Cumulus is a free software synthesizer developed by Loomer. Available format(s): VST, Audio Unit, RTAS for Windows, macOS.

Cumulus is a granular sampler which radically transforms sample content by breaking it into tiny slithers of audio called grains and reorganizing them to form new sounds. Cumulus is capable of a wide ranges of timbres: from evolving atmospheric soundscapes; to organic physical textures.

Up to eight Scenes can be created; a Scene corresponding to a particular sample position and set of synthesis parameters. Scenes can be played in realtime via MIDI, or arranged internally using the built-in sequencer.

Cumulus is available free on the cover-mounted DVD of Computer Music magazine.


Boids free eq by ToneCarver

Boids is a free equalizer VST plugin developed by ToneCarver. Compatible OS(s): Windows.

The Boids plugin is a hybrid Granular + Delay plugin that features a 2D “Boid” swarm as a set of modulators for the grain and delay parameters. This plugin grew out of an interest to accomplish two different goals:

  1. Finding a way to manage grain swarms visually.
  2. Creating delay-based ambiance that has subtle, not quite random, variations.

The Boid Swarm represents a set of flocking boids (a boid is a “Bird Android” – see Craig Reynolds work: There are a few simple rules that each boid uses to determine where it will fly to on the next swarm advance. These include rules for how fast to fly, how near to fly to other boids, how strongly to move to the center of the flock, how strongly to follow a leader boid, and how strongly to match the position and direction of nearby boids.

The swarm space that the boids fly in is treated as a 2D coordinate system where the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) position of each boid can be used to modulate controls. A swarm may contain up to 200 boids.

The plugin supports multiple grain streams and multiple delay taps (up to 200 each). Each grain stream and delay tap is associated with one of the boids in the swarm. The X position, Y position, Radius position and ID number of that boid associated with the grain stream or tap can be assigned to modulate the controls that define how that specific grain or tap will be produced.

For example, the X position of a boid can be assigned to control the pan value for the delay taps. For each delay tap, the X position of the boid associated with that delay tap will determine its pan position in the output stereo field. Different taps will have different pan values depending on the location of the boid associated with the tap. In this configuration delay tap signals will move through stereo positions as the boids move through the swarm space.

Each of the parameters for the grain streams and delay taps can be modulated using the position of the boid associated with the grain/tap (and/or traditional LFO modulators).



Betabass free software-synthesizer by BetabugsAudio

Betabass is a free software synthesizer developed by BetabugsAudio. Available format(s): VST for Windows, macOS.

Betabass is a vintage e-bass VST instrument by Betabugs Audio. It is available exclusively with KEYS magazine.


  • Vintage e-bass sound.
  • 140 MB sample-library.
  • Eleven layers per key.
  • Simple interface.

AudioTexture Free

ZynAddSubFX free software-synthesizer by paulnasca 2

AudioTexture Free is a free software synthesizer developed by Le Sound. Available format(s): VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX for Windows 64b, macOS.

AudioTexture Free is the free version of AudioTexture plugin which loads and processes contents from Freesound. A dedicated browser interface has been designed for an integrated workflow to use Freesound content with AudioTexture. You can search with filter/sorting criteria and preview right in the browser. The browser displays the most essential information about the sounds and allows double-click to directly load into AudioTexture synthesizer.

Freesound License Notice

Sounds on Freesound are free to use, however few exceptions exist depending on what license criteria the sound creator chose, or if you want to use the sounds commercially. You should check the legal text for each license to understand the terms, however generally you can do the following depending on each license:

  • CC0: You can use the sound without restriction.
  • Attribution: As above but you must provide a credit to the sound creator.
  • Attribution Non-Commerical: As above but you can not use the sound in commercial works.


Argotlunar free multi-fx | echo | delay | filter | pitch-shifter | time-stretcher | granulizer by Michael Ourednik

Argotlunar is a free multi fx and echo and delay and filter and pitch shifter and time stretcher and granulizer VST, Audio Unit plugin developed by Michael Ourednik. Compatible OS(s): Windows 64b, macOS.

Argotlunar is a real-time delay-line granulator. It breaks up an incoming audio stream into short samples (Grains). Each grain can have random settings of amplitude, panning, duration, delay, pitch, glissando, filter and envelope. The output of all grains is mixed and sent to the main output. The main output can be fed back into the main input.

Most of the parameters can be correlated. Examples: Higher filter cutoff for grains with higher pitch, and vice versa. Grains with shorter duration can be panned to the center, and conversely the grains with longer duration can be panned wide in the stereo field.


  • Time-related parameters can be synced to the host tempo.
  • Pitch-related parameters can be quantized to various chords/scales.
  • Up to three pairs of parameters can be correlated.
  • Raised-cosine-bell, parabolic, and triangle grain envelopes, with adjustable shape.
  • Transposition is spline-interpolated to reduce aliasing.
  • 12dB state variable filter (HP/BP/LP/Notch).
  • Comb filter.