Sinthecyza!1 free software-synthesizer by Sonic Assault

Sinthecyza!1 is a free software synthesizer developed by Sonic Assault. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

  • Single FM operator synthesizer.
  • 4 patchable host synced LFOs.
  • 4 patchable HAHDSR envelope generators with LFO timed triggering and output level control.
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Shimmerbox free software-synthesizer by Boxwarp

Shimmerbox is a free software synthesizer developed by Boxwarp. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Shimmerbox is a simple FM synth with a stereo sound. Knobs respond to MIDI controllers 20-27.

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Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch free software-synthesizer by Hello Robot

Rocket Punch is a free software synthesizer developed by Hello Robot. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Rocket Punch features a fast response oscillator with extended harmonics and hyper-speed mod envelope for deep punchy basslines and leads. Also good for FM FX and circuit bent sounds, with adjustable bit-rate for classic video game chip sounds.

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Rainbow free software-synthesizer by BigTick

Rainbow is a free software synthesizer developed by BigTick. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

  • VSTi & Standalone versions.
  • FM, AM, additive and subtractive synthesis.
  • 1 to 4 oscillators per voice.
  • Up to 24 voices (CPU dependant).
  • Selectable shape (sine, saw, square, triangle, noise).
  • Coarse / Fine tuning knobs, with selectable keyboard tracking mode.
  • LFO mode.
  • Distortion (Waveshaping knob).
  • APDSR (Attack/Peak/ Decay/ Sustain/ Release) level envelope.
  • Control of the level by MIDI velocity and/or key position.
  • 4×4 Frequency and Amplitude modulation matrix.
  • Selectable Low, High, or Band pass double mode filter, with cutoff and resonance controls.
  • APDSR envelope and env mod knob.
  • Resonance controllable by MIDI velocity.
  • APDSR pitch envelope.
  • Portamento.
  • High-quality oversampling mode with antialias filter.
  • Fully midi-controlled, all controllers can be customised.
  • Supports Doepfer Pocket Dial controller.
  • 16 step sequencer.
  • Microtuning support.


Purple free software-synthesizer by Odo Synths

Purple is a free software synthesizer developed by Odo Synths. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Purple is a 4 operator FM synth.


  • 4 Operators with 8 routings. Each Operator has:
    • An envelope with hold, attack, hold2, decay, sustain, release, level, time.
    • Negative / Positive option.
    • Octave from -6 to 3.
    • 1 note tune.
    • Fine tune.
    • Waveforms: saw/sine/pulse/triangle/ramp.
  • One curve option for all Operators.
  • Two filters with the same envelopes, negative / positive option, curves, cutoff and resonance. Filter types: lowpass, hipass, bandpass (and bypass option).
  • 1 Volume envelope.
  • 1 Modulation envelope with BPM retrigger option for cutoff and pitch.
  • 2 small BPM LFO parts for phase modulation of Operator 2/3/4 and cutoff 1 and 2.
  • Effects: Simple panner, Chorus, Flanger, BPM stereo delay.
  • Extra Phase modulation depth control.
  • Master volume.
  • Glide.
  • Retrigger.
  • Mono Mode.
  • 128 presets.
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Photon free software-synthesizer by Psychic Modulation

Photon is a free software synthesizer developed by Psychic Modulation. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Photon is a hybrid synth with an with an experimental ‘warp’ engine for creating evolving rhythmic sequences, random arpeggios and classic Sample&Hold style arcade weirdness.


  • 2 oscillators with sync and FM.
  • Warp section for S&H arpeggiation.
  • Warp can be set to NoteSync for pitch.
  • 5 envelopes: Amp, Filter, Mod 1&2, Audio Input.
  • Each envelope can be triggered by the Warp.
  • 3 assignable LFOs with high/low limit controls.
  • Dual Stereo Delay section.
  • Assignable modwheel and pitchbend.
  • External Audio Processor.
  • 64 presets.
  • Includes MIDI CC Chart.
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Oxe FM Synth

Oxe FM Synth free software-synthesizer by Oxe Software

Oxe FM Synth is a free software synthesizer developed by Oxe Software. Available format(s): VST for Windows 64b, macOS, Linux.


  • multitimbral (16 MIDI channels);
  • 8 operators (6 oscillators, 1 noise generator/limiter, 1 filter), all with envelope;
  • 1 LFO per channel;
  • frequency modulation half-matrix with self-modulation;
  • global reverb and delay;
  • great general performance in low resources systems;
  • a lot of good quality patches included (thanks to Annabelle, Summa and Teksonic);
  • external skin support.

Mothman 2000

Mothman 2000 free software-synthesizer by Demonic Sweaters

Mothman 2000 is a free software synthesizer developed by Demonic Sweaters. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Mothman 2000 is the commercial version of Justin Robert’s Mothman 1000.

Mothman 2000 combines 3 forms of synthesis to create a unique sounding and easy-to-use software synthesizer. There are two main oscillators, the first is a standard waveform generator that has sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise, and pink noise. The other is a phase distortion oscillator, a technology pioneered by Casio in the 1980s for their unique CZ series of synthesizers that contains two separate waveform generators that each produce saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse and three resonant waveforms. There are VCFs on each oscillator and VCF1 features a dedicated ADSR section.

The LFOs are actually LFO/HFOs, low and high frequency. The first is connected to the Amp section of OSC1 and the second to the pitch of OSC2. At low oscillation settings they can be use for traditional LFO FX, yet at HFO settings they function as FM operators that can totally change the sound. Using this combination of FM synthesis over top of PD and Analog-style subtractive synthesis makes for some truly unique yet still musical and usable sounds.

Justin says that the logical and intuitive design make it very simple to program even if you don’t know a lot about synthesis. There are also ASDR envelope generator sections for each oscillators output that can allow you to create everything from huge warm pads to more staccato brass and piano sounds.

Upgrades from Mothman 1000 include a stereo digital delay, velocity sensitivity, slick brushed metal skin, improved performance, 64 patch memory slots with 32 added user memory slots, as well as new presets.

Mothman 2000 features 32 built-in presets with 32 user slots for creating your own patches.

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Mothman 1000

Mothman 1000 free software-synthesizer by Demonic Sweaters

Mothman 1000 is a free software synthesizer developed by Demonic Sweaters. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Mothman 1000 is a 2 oscillator, 2 LFO, software synth that features a subtractive analog oscillator and a phase distortion oscillator. Both oscillators feature modulating LFO / HFOs (low and high frequency) as well as VCFs for each oscillator; VCF 1 includes an ADSR input section.

The high frequency modulation creates FM synthesis type sounds. Mixing this with the phase distortion and subtractive sounds makes for a lot of possibilities. You can also use the L(H)FOs for standard LFO fx. The L(H)FO on OSC 1 is routed to the amp section of OSC 1 and the L(H)FO of OSC 2 is routed to the modulation depth of OSC 2, playing with this can create very interesting ring modulation and FM type sounds.

There are 32 built in presets that range from warm pads, Casio emulation, metallic craziness, warm analog basses and drums. It also features an oscilloscope, just for fun.

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ModMod free software-synthesizer by whitebox

ModMod is a free software synthesizer developed by whitebox. Available format(s): Stand Alone, VST for Windows.

A very simple Frequency Modulation synth based on a carrier oscillator with two modulators, hence “ModMod”. An added attraction is the inclusion of a rich and lovely stereo reverb by David Haupt & Unkargherth.

The 8 re-writeable presets are inspired by distorted guitar and piano sounds. Think Fripp then think Eno.

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