SS Sampler Mod:Rack for Tracktion

SS Sampler Mod:Rack for Tracktion virtual instrument is a free sound bank for Tracktion, by Lay-It Productions.

SS Sampler Mod:Rack for the Tracktion Software by Lay-it Productions.

If you ever thought of sound design, well stop thinking get working with your new SS SAMPLER MOD:RACK by Lay-it Productions witch come with 40 presets. It is a power house of all Tracktion native plugins accept one and this plugin is also free. 20 plus plugins in this rack routed in a way to give you full control over any sample you load into the sampler. Load 1 load 20 samples, its up to you your the creator. Don’t be scared to try anything and I mean anything with this sampler rack. You can really make a whole song with just a single sample, one kick drum can become the whole band with the sliding of a few faders here and there a little EQ and you got it. Be sure to look out for the tutorials on the SS SAMPLER MOD:RACK at

If you don’t own Tracktion download the Tracktion 7 demo and also download Tracktion 4 witch is a complete DAW for free and you can use this sampler rack in any version of Tracktion.

An also don’t forget to download Blue Cat Audio (STEREO FREQUENCY ANALYST 2) witch is the only 3 party plugin in this rack but its free. Download here

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