Lay-It Sampler Template

Lay-It Sampler Template virtual instrument is a free sound bank for Tracktion, by Lay-It Productions.

Lay-It Sampler Template

This Sampler Rack has 8 Text Plugs (to name each sampler), 8 MIDI Patch Bay Plugs (so you can route each Sampler to your liking of MIDI channels) and 8 Sampler Plugins (here you can place you samples). Each Sampler plug have their own outputs from (SP1) to (SP8) left (L) and right (R) channels this rack is also a Pass Thru rack (outputs 1 and 2 (L) + (R)), witch mean you can also record or place audio or MIDI on any track that has this Rack on it an pass threw:

  1. Name each sampler, replace (1. Name) on the Text Plugin to a name of you liking.
  2. Note that each Sampler can hold many samples.
  3. You can put each sample on different notes .
  4. Use the Step Clip to route each note to different MIDI channels.
  5. Use MIDI Clips on on any track with sampler present while routing it to any MIDI channel.
  6. You can layer each sample in the same range and on the same MIDI notes.

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