Fuzziest Organ Evar

Fuzziest Organ Evar is a free software synthesizer developed by Fsynthz. Available format(s): VST for Windows.

Fuzziest Organ Evar is intended for playing heavy riffs, solos and chords at maximum distortion. Digital distortion systems are notorious for sounding dirty and too harsh – mating the distortion unit with tonegen’s control voltages makes it possible to produce a totally distorted, yet clean and sharp sound.

This is NOT a drawbar organ. The synthesis method is Wave Draw.

This synth introduces “interactive detune”, so you can play detuned powerchords/solos next to normal chords (where no unison/detonation allowed, for the deepest distortion to be clean), in one patch.

Key features:

  • Direct Wave Draw.
  • Special heavy distortion system.
  • Interactive detune (“Xtravoice”).
  • 4 stereo tools (used simultaneously).
  • Double oscilloscope.
  • Compact GUI with balloon tooltips on controls.
  • Very CPU-friendly for the sound.
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